Baselworld 2017 – Introducing the Greubel Forsey Balancier (Hands-On with Price)

Baselworld 2017 – Introducing the Greubel Forsey Balancier (Hands-On with Price)

Art in its most perfect structure… Although Greubel Forsey additionally uncovered at the SIHH, where they presented the inventive Grand Sonnerie , they likewise present another watch during Baselworld 2017. That’s a great deal for a little and too top of the line company like Greubel Forsey! With their freshest creation, the Greubel Forsey Balancier, they hoist the fundamentals to watchmaking at its most flawless frame and apply madly staggering wrapping up. This time no twofold or fourfold tourbillon, no extravagant complications, simply the unadulterated articulation of a traditional development, designed in the most ideal way you can envision (literally).

Unlike different manifestations from the brand, the Greubel Forsey Balancier (balance wheel in French) includes no complication – aside from a force hold pointer. All things being equal, it centers around the basics, reevaluated utilizing Greubel Forsey’s extremist and innovative methodology. The outcomes is craftsmanship in its most flawless structure. As its names recommends, the Balancier commends the pulsating heart of the watch. An enormous, great equilibrium wheel is in full view on the dial side under a sublime scaffold. The exhibition of its motions over the switch and departure wheel is hypnotizing to behold.

This balance was completely evolved and made at the Greubel Forsey Atelier. 12.60mm in distance across, it has 6 gold directing screws and it’s intended to offer extraordinary streamlined characteristics. It runs at 21’600 vibrations each hour and highlights a Philips terminal bend and Geneva-style stud. The stop balance considers exact adjustment.

Uncompromising craftsmanship

Although it might appear to be moderately straightforward in appearance, the one thing of which we can be sure investigating on the new ‘Balancier’ is that we are managing devotees at Greubel Forsey whose watchmakers and experts have brilliant hands. The completing of the development is without a doubt breathtaking, created to a level that is only from time to time seen.

The stunning brightness of the equilibrium connect is the product of careful, master handwork. The various surfaces (regardless of whether adjusted or level), just as the screws, are cleaned to get a uniform radiance without even the smallest defect. Each point is chamfered flawlessly. The breaks are dealt with the equivalent way.

In the trademark Greubel Forsey style, the enormous nickel-silver scaffolds are iced and spotted. They are nickel-palladium wrapped up. The manner in which their shape is inclined is exquisite.

The bolt formed hands are carefully cleaned and thermally blued. On the gold hour ring outlining the development, the logo is off-set at 2 o’clock by balance with the equilibrium wheel. The force save sign (72 hours) is appeared by a gold applied area formed counter while the little seconds is shown on account of a gold applied counter ring.

At the rear of the watch, the mainplate is engraved with words in bas help text – this is another Greubel Forsey signature include and is for sure a pleasant touch! The chatons holding the two gems are magnificent.

As is regularly seen with Greubel-Forsey, the case is hilter kilter which gives additional room to house the huge equilibrium. A window is coordinated into the case band to permit extra light onto the equilibrium wheel. It is silk gotten done with a cleaned bezel and drags. The case profile and the bends of the drags are truly harmonious.

The Greubel Forsey Balancier is worn on a dark, hand-sewn gator tie, fitted with a white gold pin clasp. It is a restricted release of 33 pieces (for the white gold variant), valued at CHF 205,000.

Technical particulars – Greubel Forsey Balancier

  • Case: 43.5 mm x 13.94 mm – white gold case – sapphire gems – sidelong window with molded sapphire gem – gold security screws –  30m water resistant
  • Movement: manual winding – 36.40 mm x 8.35 mm – 72h force save – 21,600 vibrations/h – 37 gems – hours, minutes, little seconds and force save sign – stop seconds – 269 parts.
  • Strap : hand-sewn gator cowhide with pin buckle
  • Limited release of 33 pieces