Baselworld 2017 – The Eagerly Awaited Seiko 62Mas Reedition SLA017 Prospex

Baselworld 2017 – The Eagerly Awaited Seiko 62Mas Reedition SLA017 Prospex

Seiko’s reputation as a pioneer in dive watches makes essentially no discussion. Wether we talk reasonable pieces or expert devices , the Japanese brand aces watches for divers since now more than 50 years. As a matter of fact, the entire anecdote about the Seiko divers began in 1965, with a watch that currently turned into a symbol of watchmaking, the 62Mas (ref. 6217). Also, it is with a solid fervor that we are going to present you the piece that gatherers were hanging tight for such countless years: the Seiko 62Mas Reedition Ref. SLA017, an ideal reinterpretation of Seiko’s first at any point dive watch, modernized to fulfill Prospex guidelines. Furthermore, it doesn’t come alone, as a couple of contemporary re-interpretations will likewise be essential for the bundle (ref. SPB051, SPB053) – but this will come in a second article.

Seiko, the Dive Watch Concept and Seiko’s first dive watch, the 62Mas

Seiko’s reputation regarding dive watches is in reality u . The brand profits by an incredible quality and respect among gatherers first, yet essentially among proficient divers, who think about the effectiveness and reliability of these watches. Also, this reputation is no mishap of destiny. It is the result of more than 50 years of advancement, a period during which Seiko exhibited its predominance, being responsible for creating a large number of the features that are presently broadly acknowledged as the business standards. In fact, The ISO 6425 norms have been based, partially, on parts of Seiko’s diver’s watches. Seiko innovations like the accordion-style lash, the utilization of titanium as a case material and the extra wide hands have assisted with characterizing the world’s assumptions for what a diver’s watch ought to be.

The watch that really created this entire reputation is currently consistently recognized as a symbol. This watch is the Seiko 6217-8000/1, nicknamed the “62Mas”. This watch came at a time Swiss already presented numerous watches made for divers. However, the 1965 Seiko 62Mas had strong arguments: an programmed movement (calibre 6217A), a 150m water resistance, a huge (around then) 37mm case with a mono-alliance shape (rather gigantic incorporated drags, which ensure the robustness of the case) for most extreme insurance and a dull dark dial with enormous records and hands, obviously all brilliant. The bezel was already including an entirely readable hour long supplement, with all the required markings, yet was as yet bi-directional.

The Seiko 62Mas was dependable to the point that it was utilized by the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition from 1966 to 1969. The impact of this watch on later models of the brand is evident – take a gander at the hands, the markers, the state of the case. All are totally real and even recent watches from the brand actually have some plan signs of Seiko’s first expert dive watch.

The Seiko 62Mas Reedition SLA017

No more suspens… here it is. For Baselworld 2017, Seiko in reality reedits the 62Mas in an extremely dedicated manner – in any event outwardly – with the ref. SLA017. Also, let’s come to the heart of the matter: this new watch is basically great. First of all, it features a relatively little case (39.9mm measurement x 14.1mm stature), which changes from the typical 44mm or in addition to of Seiko’s proficient dive watches. Unmistakably, the vintage goal is well present. At that point, the actual case is an ideal reinterpretation of the old 62Mas, with the specific (and really identical) shape and finish: coordinated and precise drags, huge unprotected crown, roundabout brushing on every level surface. Everything is there.

Then, the dial and the bezel of this Seiko 62Mas Reedition SLA017 are additionally extremely dedicated to the 1965 form: same 3D embellished rectangular files (made similarly as the old rendition), with huge measurements and a great deal of glowing paint for night readability, same straight hands, same date window circumnavigated by a metallic ring (to coordinate with the indexes… Seiko already had the feeling of plan, by incorporating the date in a smart way), similar sort of engravings on the dial. Indeed, even the “Diashock” notice is here. The tight bezel, presently unidirectional obviously, retains similar thin profile and indistinguishable markers, numerals and spots. Outwardly, the resemblance between this new Seiko 62Mas Reedition SLA017 and its precursor is basically baffling.

Yet, this Seiko 62Mas Reedition SLA017 makes a few concessions to advancement, however just where it’s essential. First of all, it currently satisfies with the Prospex guidelines. At that point, current development obliges, it can now withstand a pressure of 20 bars (identical to a 200m water resistance). Along these lines, the Plexiglas gem has been replaced by a cutting edge and scratch-resistant sapphire, yet with a vintage box-formed profile (recalling the domed-state of the vintage Plexiglas).

Finally, the watch is outfitted with a top of the line Seiko development, calibre 8L35, which was uniquely intended for dive watches and is made by Seiko’s gifted experts and ladies in the Shizuku-ishi Watch Studio in Morioka in the north of Japan – we’re not discussing a section level development here, not at all. This development depends on the architecture of the Grand Seiko 9S55, is done in an extremely lovely way, brags 50h force reserve, beats quicker than standard Seiko developments (28,800 vibrations each hour) and is hand-amassed and hand-changed (evaluated to – 10/+15 sec/day).

It is delivered on a likewise unwavering elastic lash, with a similar precious stone like example as certain versions of the old Seiko 62Mas. A treated steel arm band is additionally remembered for the box.

Now come the awful news… Two of them really. First thing to know is that you’ll should be quick to get your hands on one, as just 2,000 bits of this Seiko 62Mas Reedition SLA017 will be created (accessible from July 2017). At that point, the cost is somewhat resulting, at EUR 3,800yet supported by the nature of the development, of the case and of the dial.

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