BYOW (Build-Your-Own-Watch) – The Revolo Concept, An Affordable Way To Design A Unique Watch

BYOW (Build-Your-Own-Watch) – The Revolo Concept, An Affordable Way To Design A Unique Watch

Admit it, the vast majority of us (if not ALL of us) have envisioned about it at a certain point; assembling your own watch. Regardless of whether it’s our own special watch brand, or a Pièce Unique. Regularly, in the event that you call it ordinary, this will cost you thousands if not many thousands, particularly when you need to transform your idea into a genuine brand. There is an answer however, and it passes by the name of Revolo. We investigate what it is, and how it can help you through our own “Monochrome Pièce Unique”.

The “Assemble your-own-Watch” idea isn’t new, nor is it as unique as you would might suspect (however everything relies upon the execution of said idea, regardless of whether you ought to think about it!) Revolo comprehend this really well and offer a tremendous scope of choices to look over, all accessible in a basic yet successful online configurator . You can truly get insane and assemble something that is an impression of your own thoughts (or that may be out and out strange to others). Try not to consider that one second however, fabricate what YOU need, not what any other person ought to build!

Let’s return to business and clarify you everything about the idea of Revolo Watches and give you the overview of what we’ve worked for ourselves. Revolo as a brand is generally new yet upheld by experienced individuals in the watch business. The name is gotten from the word Revolution, for very clear reasons, and the old Latin word “Volo” which signifies “I need”. Along the lines of this way of thinking, Revolo attempts to furnish their clients with something not a great deal of brands will offer: opportunity of decision to plan your own watch. Presently this is limited by the contribution in plain view in the online configurator , however given the way that they no under 156 alternatives to browse, you would battle to make precisely the same watch as the customer before you or the one after you.


Revolo offers apparently boundless choices for your watch. As referenced previously, 156 alternatives to browse is a great deal. Presumably more than the choice of brews or wines on proposal at your nearby watering opening, most likely a greater number of choices than your #1 supply route stopping up cheap food joint and even they even outperform the quantity of flavors the London based M&M’s Store offers to give you an (strange) thought of how far you can go.

You may think this will come at a genuinely steep cost, considering they would require stock for the entirety of this to dispatch out watches rapidly yet you’d not be right. Costs range from 250 euros for the quartz form as much as 795 euros for a full PVD-rose gold variant with programmed Swiss development. Really awesome deal. We’ve researched pretty much all the alternatives to give you the most ideal thought, so here goes!

Overall Appearance & Features

The watch we thought of is fundamentally enlivened by a portion of the more natural Pilot’s watches on offer. We have a dark dial with white markings for the most ideal differentiation, a straight, knurled crown in steel, the 43mm wide jumpers case with formed drags, a transparent caseback and a vintage styled calfskin strap.

In terms of highlights, there isn’t actually a lot to browse, other than the contrasts between the developments. All developments furnish you with hours, minutes, focal seconds and a one or three characters wide date window. Other than that you can likewise decide on a unidirectional rotatable bezel on each of the 3 kinds of case. Of course, the arrangement is for the most part about plan, which is now rather fascinating. The style of the watch is truly up to you.

Dial and Hands

Number of choices: 31 dials – 15 hours and moment hands – 10 seconds hands. This implies effectively 4,650 potential setups, simply regarding dial and hands.

The dial we’ve picked is a dark Pilot’s style with customary triangle at 12 o’clock and white, profoundly differentiating applied hour markers and printed digits and moment markers. The dial is somewhat level, somewhat dull however it remains consistent with the idea of a pilots watch where readability is critical. The applied markers include radiant material, which lessen rapidly unfortunately. The hands on our unique piece are the bolt style hands with coordinating brilliant gleam and a straight focal seconds hand with radiant pip toward the end and an adjusted stabilizer on the furthest edge. The dial likewise shows the date through a square, 1-date wide window at three o’clock so nothing strange really.

When it comes down to the dial and hands, you can make a wide scope of styles. No under 31 unique dials, with a couple of tones for each fundamental plan, can be chosen. Going from a solitary level strong shaded dial to a full rose gold hued one, or a multi-layered dial with a three-date wide date window or dials with markers just, digits just or a combination of the two. The hands for the hours and minutes are spread more than three unique sorts (bolt hands, leaf molded hands or straight hands) and five distinct completions for every style. While choosing the focal seconds hand, you get two unique styles (bolt tipped or round-tipped) in once more 5 adaptations for every style.

Case and Strap

Number of choices: 3 case styles with 3 unique completions – 9 bezel styles (with 18 bezel decorates on the off chance that you picked a rotatable bezel) – 4 casebacks – 5 distinct crowns with up to 3 completions for each style – 7 arm bands – 27 cowhide lashes – 3 clasps with 3 distinct completions. Presently we’re discussing a great many prospects…

Revolo offers three cases for you to browse. A traditionally styled 41mm wide case, a 43mm wide exemplary jumper or a 43mm pad formed case. Every one of the three cases come in three sorts of completions: steel, dark PVD or rose gold PVD. The entirety of the cases offer 10ATM water obstruction and come with sapphire crystals.

We’ve chosen the traditionally molded, 43mm wide steel case and keeping in mind that it very well may be offered as a jumpers styled case, it functions admirably as a case for pretty much any sort of watch you come up with. You can likewise decide to add a unidirectional bezel as well, yet we chose not to and stay consistent with actually a for us pilot’s watch. The case is all around made, with different lines and points and a blend of brushed and cleaned surfaces. The shape and point of the drags is additionally very decent, which is something that a few brands in this value section can take in some things from, and make this Revolo a comfortable watch on pretty much any wrist. The case can be done with no under 9 distinct crowns spread across 5 styles altogether. Going from a straight knurled crown to a jewel molded one like you see on an IWC Big Pilot for example, most crowns are accessible in 2 kinds of completing (steel or dark PVD), while some come in three (adding rose gold PVD to the mix)

We fitted our own with an essential crown, with a straight cut knurl for better footing while working it and a Revolo “V” logo engraved on the top. The bezel and caseback are fitted to the case impeccably, with no obvious arrangement issues or holes between the middle caseband, caseback and bezel. The level precious stone on top is made of sapphire, so scratch obstruction is acceptable. The caseback comes in 4 adaptations, two of which consider a perspective on the development under. It is fitted with mineral glass in the two alternatives and you can pick between a Revolo engraved one, or one with your own custom etching. We unequivocally ask you to pick the last mentioned, since having “Monochrome Unique Piece” like our own engraved into the caseback feels simply that tad cooler! The other two casebacks are encased and again with Revolo etching or a custom book or image.

The customization doesn’t end with simply the case or the development, good gracious! As we as a whole without a doubt have our inclination for a particular kind of watch, we additionally have our own inclinations to the extent the lash or arm band is thought of. Revolo have you shrouded here as well, regardless of whether you are a wristband sort of fellow or rather wear your watch on a cowhide lash. All cowhide lashes come with snappy delivery pushpins and on one of three kinds of pin locks in three distinct completions. The lone thing missing is an elastic lash to go with your jumpers watch you very conceivable made. The option is a rubber treated cowhide lash however, yet ledge, it ought to be conceivable to choose a full elastic one really.


Number of choices: 1 quartz, 2 programmed movements.

It’s not regularly you can fit a watch with one out of three developments. Revolo truly permits the purchaser to choose what the individual in question truly needs, and furthermore at what last value the person needs to purchase a watch. In the event that it was up to us, at any rate go for a mechanical one obviously however on the off chance that you go for the quartz development by Ronda who are we to truly complain right? Whatever floats their boat of course!

The mechanical developments Revolo offers are either a Miyota or a Swiss development. The Miyota development 821A highlights 21 gems and a limit of 32 hours of force and comes with a skeletonized rotor. This development highlights fundamental completes yet additionally brings about a somewhat more reasonable custom Revolo. To provide you some insight about the value distinction between the Miyota and the Swiss programmed development; Our watch would cost you 645 euros as it is furnished with the Swiss development where a Miyota controlled adaptation would cost your 200 euros less.

The Swiss fueled Revolo highlights a date, much the same as the other development choices, that much is self-evident. It highlights 26 gems and can accumulate to 42 hours of force and is furnished with hacking seconds. The rotor is done with Côtes de Genève, the Revolo “V” logo and the content “Revolo Custom Made Watches” engraved into it.


As I expressed toward the start of this survey, the accomplishment of an idea like this relies altogether upon its execution. Pick the correct choices for your customers to play with, enough decisions to make genuinely unique watches regarding plan, and show this is a simple and smoothly working on the web configurator. Revolo offer simply that and of the different ‘BYOW’ marks out there this is just about the best. It offers you uniqueness, without breaking your ledger. It offers you variety to stand apart from the group on the off chance that you need, or go for an under-the-radar watch that you just couldn’t discover at any of the current brands.

Revolo themselves guarantee the thought is to give the opportunity of plan to the client where customary brands stick to plans following a specific way of thinking. Also, that thought not too far off, is the reason you should mess with the configurator and should get one for yourself on the off chance that you have a plan that you burrow! Furthermore, don’t be bashful on the off chance that you do as such; share your creation, show us what you concocted! Not persuaded? You can likewise visit one of the Revolo vendors in the event that you are nearby and mess with tests. The seller will manage you through all the alternatives accessible and request the watch straightforwardly at Revolo. You can get it at your seller, or have it conveyed to your home. Similarly as with everything Revolo; your decision! All the subtleties on .


  • The simplest “form your-own-watch” configurator available
  • Wide scope of choices to choose from, 156 altogether to be mixed
  • Well thought out plan choices to take into consideration really unique designs
  • Overall magnificent worth for-money
  • Customizable down to the box


  • The dial we settled on is somewhat “level” in looks notwithstanding applied markers
  • No channel for outright evil entities of watches… But of course, Revolo can’t be blaimed here
  • No full elastic tie accessible while making a jumpers watch

Prices for the Revolo “BYOW” idea range from € 250 for the quartz fueled form with as little as custom inscriptions as conceivable to simply under € 800 for the Swiss made programmed development with full customization choices (uniquely engraved caseback and box come at an additional premium). To be reasonable, the cost is great considering the tremendous scope of choices you have. Similarly as some other brand the watches come with documentation and 2-year warranty.

Specifications of the Revolo “Monochrome Unique Piece”

  • Case: 43mm – hardened steel, cleaned and brushed surfaces – sapphire precious stone on the front, mineral gem on the back – 10ATM water resistant
  • Movement: Automatic Swiss Made development – 4Hz recurrence or 28,000 bph – 26 gems – custom Revolo rotor – focal hours, minutes, second – date at 3 – 42 hours of force reserve
  • Strap: vintage style dark cowhide tie with light earthy colored lines – speedy delivery pushpins – pin clasp with Revolo “V” Logo