Customizable to the Max, Yet Affordable – The Revolo Watches Concept

Customizable to the Max, Yet Affordable – The Revolo Watches Concept

Having a watch that mirrors your character, that has been created to your cravings, planned by your own thoughts and to your own taste… Sounds like a fantasy held for the glad few? It was the situation until Revolo, a Dutch company established in 2015, had the splendid plan to allow you to plan your own watch. Presently every watch enthusiast has the opportunity to make something interesting. You can look over three case types, in three finishings, nine bezels, 32 dials, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, substantially more. You can even pick between three developments, and make the watch that really reflects what your identity is… and this for an entirely available price!

The thought isn’t new. Customization and specially made watches have been generally commonplace in the business for quite a long time. Anyway that was in days a distant memory by, and requiring spending plans that were not accessible for the simple human. Practically every watch you can purchase is a normalized item, including the many restricted releases that are presented each year, and for the individuals who are looking for eliteness, this is perhaps not actually the thing they are looking for.

Revolo gives you opportunity , and it offers the opportunity to utilize your own innovativeness to make your own watch. Selectiveness is at all important focal point, and they offer such a BYOW (Build-Your-Own-Watch) idea. Furthermore, it improves as these watches range from €250 (for a basic case with quartz development) to under €800 (in the event that you go for the Swiss-made programmed type and a more complex case/dial combination). Let it be known, restrictiveness isn’t that selective any longer, and that’s just great!

Revolo was established in 2015 by Ron Weststrate along with Geert Tibosch and upheld by a gathering of private financial backers from The Netherlands and Belgium. A youthful yet experienced group contemplated the condition of the market and client’s practices, at long last inferring that normalization in items was a withering pattern. This is the place where Revolo stands apart of the crowd.

Using a comprehensive online configurator, you’ll approach numerous alternatives to make your interesting watch. The choices include:

  • 3 sorts of case, each with 3 potential colours
  • 6 fixed bezels or 3 pivoting bezels
  • 18 bezel inlays
  • 3 developments (Ronda quartz, programmed Japanese Miyota 821A or programmed Swiss ETA-like)
  • 6 various dials, each with different shadings accessible (dark, dark and green, blue, green, red, orange, gold… ) for a sum of 32 potential models
  • 3 kinds of hands, with 5 distinctive colours
  • 2 sorts of second hands, with 5 diverse colours
  • 5 various shapes for the bezel
  • A decision between wristband or tie
    • 7 diverse bracelets
    • 26 choices for the calfskin straps
  • 3 various clasps, with 3 tones possible
  • Plain or sapphire back
  • Possibility to have a customized etching on the caseback and on the watch box

The most great viewpoint is that nothing is really restricted. You can blend and-match everything, with no different limitations than your preferences (which, honestly, can prompt some very special plans). From an exquisite and straightforward dress watch for men to a gold-plated and stone-set ladies’ variant, or a huge and lively plunge enlivened instrument, you can really make various pieces, all, obviously, being special to your desires.

Revolo additionally gets a great deal of requests from customers who need to give a watch as present. For example for a wedding, or school graduation. You can have a custom etching in the watch’s case-back and on the crate! After a request comes in, the parts will be gathered from their stockroom, and collected and controlled by a watchmaker in Revolo’s Amsterdam based atelier. Etchings are likewise done in-house, and it very well may be in words, or even a logo can be engraved.

As said, costs range from an entirely affordable €250 to roughly €400 with a programmed Miyota to wind up at €600 to greatest €800 Euro with a Swiss development (contingent upon the alternatives) and custom etchings. On the off chance that you need to see precisely how these watches look like in the metal, you can check our survey, with a watch made particularly for us. Also, obviously, the best thing is to go over the Revolo Watches site and play with the online configurator .

For the time of August 2017, Revolo offers 25% markdown on all orders, by utilizing the Coupon Code “MonochromeExclusive” and by requesting straightforwardly on their site .