First Look – Bulgari Octo Roma, When The Iconic Octagonal Watch Becomes Softer

First Look – Bulgari Octo Roma, When The Iconic Octagonal Watch Becomes Softer

For longer than 10 years at this point (planned by Bulgari’s Roman plan office in 2004), the Octo has become the notable watch assortment of the brand, known for its sensitive and valuable adornments manifestations yet in addition now for some particular watchmaking items (see the Finissimo assortment and you’ll understand…) Yet, as alluring this watch is, it is a well honed plan, with no less than 110 aspects and a shape that can’t go unnoticed. This year, the brand offers a response to those for whom the Octo is essentially excessively striking, with a more sensitive and milder creation, still impregnated with the Octagonal DNA, the Bulgari Octo Roma.

About the Bulgari Octo

Our proofreader Xavier drew a speedy history of the model, explaining a misconception point. Surely “The Octo has frequently been ascribed to Gerald Genta be that as it may, as Bvlgari calls attention to, it was really considered in the brand’s Roman plan office in 2004. Commercialized under the Gerald Genta name with the Bi-retrograde and Quadri-retro, the model is normally sound with the creator’s works. Yet, in the event that Genta made octagonal watches during the 1970s, these are without a doubt extraordinary and at the time the Octo was dispatched, he was not, at this point engaged with the brand (…) In 2000 Bulgari procured the Gerald Genta name/brand (…) The redoing of this watchmaking exemplary (2012) was elegantly done and is encapsulated by both the style and the watchmaking qualifications of the ‘Finissimi’ models introduced in 2014. The Octo Finissimo Tourbillon and the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater – super slender record breakers in their individual classes – were features of Baselworld 2014 and 2016 separately. (…) Avant-garde design, striking shapes and the affection for linearity are altogether signs of the Bulgari style. In this regard, the Octo is indisputably Bulgari. It is without question perhaps the most famous plans of the Italian gem dealer/watchmaker which transformed one model into a whole men’s watch assortment complete with make movements.” (see Xavier’s article about the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Collection )

The Octo can be seen, as portrayed by Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari, in our new meeting , as the quintessence of the Roman plan. This shape can be found in different compositional plans and enlivening themes of the Antique Rome, concerning case the octagonal themes embellishing the Basilica di Massenzio. Octo is a striking plan, quickly recognizable as out of Bulgari’s minds. It is about the association of octagonal and round shapes. Without a doubt, on all Octo watches, the case is octagonal, the bezel is round and the eight-sided dial reviews the case. A circle inside an octagon. That’s not all. What made these watches so unmistakable are largely the boundless aspects and points that compose the cases. No less than 110 features, well honed points and straight lines. The lone adjusted piece of an Octo is its bezel. All the rest is mathematical, perfect and sharp. However, regardless of whether this basically is quite possibly the most intriguing new watch plans in quite a while, we can envision it to be unquestionably excessively expressive for when a touch of prudence is required. The response to this is the Bulgari Octo Roma.

The Bulgari Octo Roma

Without denaturing the huge air of the Octo assortment, Bulgari presents here an intriguing milder, less sensational variant of their circle inside an octagon. More elegant, more stylish and more urban, this is the thing that the Bulgari Octo Roma needs to be. More downplayed and somewhat more formal, more every day utilize arranged surely. To get that, the Italian brand (with a Swiss creation) has tuned-down the case, by only having 58 aspects (rather than 110), less front lines and a width of 41mm. It stays as before by and large extents as an Octo Solotempo for example, still, the case feels more customary, milder and more adjusted than previously. However, we actually have the octagonal focal compartment, on top of which a round and brushed bezel is fixed. Indeed, the dial is as yet showing 8 sides. All things considered, there’s a genuine difference.

On the wrist, the Bulgari Octo Roma doesn’t lose its notorious shape, fortunately. Then again, when seen temporarily, it becomes substantially more inconspicuous, more customary and less showy than previously. While an ordinary Octo causes you to feel that is extremely glad for its beginnings, the Roma whispers it, with no ostentation. While the octagonal shape was the main issue of the first Octo, the bezel of Roma takes the authority on the remainder of the case from the start. However, a more critical look will uncover the excellence and complexity of the case. This is the thing that we adored here, at Monochrome: this additional nuance offers more wearability on an everyday schedule except will in any case satisfy the individuals who love a touch of strong Italian design.

The Bulgari Octo Roma will be accessible in multiple versions with three dial varieties – white, dark or earthy colored – and a few case completes – steel, two-tone pink gold and steel, or pink gold alone. Concerning the steel forms, a metallic wristband will be accessible, by and by with a more unobtrusive style, compared to the typically enormous and sharp forms of other Octo watches. Worn on a cowhide lash, which is presently consistently formed and not incorporated to the case (something that partakes to the more rich and traditional plan), the Octo Roma stays a watch to be worn effectively, comfortably and with no danger of being provocative. However, it doesn’t mean it isn’t solitary anymore.

Powering the Bulgari Octo Roma is simply the in-house created and delivered winding development, Caliber BVL 191 Solotempo (which can likewise be found in the Solotempo assortment). This is a somewhat old style development in its plan, engineering and enhancement. It includes a bidirectional focal rotor, 26 gems and 42 hours of force hold. The completing is wonderful, with dainty Geneva stripes on the extensions and the rotor, just as chamfered points. The presentation is old style, with hours, minutes and seconds on the focal pivot, just as a date at 3 o’clock.

The Bulgari Octo Roma additionally comes with moderately intriguing costs, as the steel/cowhide forms will retail for 5,600 Swiss Francs (6,050 Swiss Francs on steel arm band), the gold-and-steel variants on calfskin for 6,700 Swiss Francs and the 18k pink gold adaptation on calfskin for 17,500 Swiss Francs. More subtleties on .

Specifications of the Bulgari Octo Roma

  • Case: 41mm width – 58 features – steel, steel-and-gold or 18k pink gold – sapphire gem on the two sides – 100m water safe, screw-lock crown
  • Movement: type BVL 191 Solotempo, in-house – programmed – 4Hz recurrence – 42h force save – hours, minutes, seconds, date
  • Strap: calfskin lash on pin-clasp or steel arm band with collapsing clasp