FOUND: Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.012-65 Blue Dial For Sale

Last week I got an email from Bob about his Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.012-65 blue dial rolex daytona audits An extraordinariness, as we wrote back in December 2014 when we examined the blue dial Speedmaster Pro 145.012 from the Omega Museum. During our Speedmaster GTG in Düsseldorf a year ago ( click here for the report ), we’ve seen another blue dial Speedmaster from one of the guests.

Bob is offering his Speedmaster Professional 105.012-65 blue dial on eBay and the current offer is as of now on $7,400.- USD. For what reason is this rolex daytona surveys so exceptional? There isn’t a lot to clarify about these rolex daytona surveys to be honest. These blue dial Omega Speedmaster rolex daytona audits were conveyed from the factory thusly, not in view of a hard life in the consuming sun or something. They were produced in this pleasant blue color that also appear to have a hint of dark in there. The production numbers are unknown (likewise with most Speedmaster rolex daytona audits however it is uncommon. From what I’ve understood, there was also (a lot more uncommon) original dark dial Speedmaster Pro from that time, yet I’ve never seen one in the flesh.



Omega Speedmaster Pro with blue dial from one of our Speedmaster GTG visitors in Düsseldorf last year.

The certainty that these rolex daytona surveys are undocumented by Omega (supposedly) makes it somewhat hard to say something regarding its extraordinariness or production numbers. However, from a collector’s market viewpoint, you only come across these Speedmaster Professional 105.012-65 blue dial rolex daytona audits (or later reference) once in a while.

According to the vender the rolex daytona surveys is from 1965, yet that is only an indicator/version of the case reference. The chronic number is 24,013,183 which is in the later production scope of the 105.012-65 and is probably more close to 1967.

As you can see below, on the image of his Speedmaster Professional 105.012-65 blue dial, the bezel is also somewhat blurred. The blue dial has a gloss finish and you can plainly see the ‘step’.

Bob’s Speedmaster Pro 105.012-65 with blue dial

The rolex daytona audits gives off an impression of being somewhat grimy, yet that’s personally how I like them best. It shows the rolex daytona surveys has not been polished, cleaned or tempered with.

Now for the concerns, which is important for the collectors of these sort of rolex daytona audits there are a couple you need to manage (or not). The hands, particularly the chronograph hands, look like they have been supplanted at some point, as they vary a considerable amount from the hour and moment hands. Nothing to worry about it my book, as it was probably done in a beginning phase as they are tritium hands and have a touch of wear and harm too. These are not the Super LumiNova substitutions or even 1980’s substitution hands I think. The blue glossy dial has no T’s before and after the ‘Swiss Made’ printing. As you can find in the principal picture we showed you, of the 145.012 rolex daytona surveys from the exhibition hall, there are plainly T’s on there. For a standard 105.012-65 dial, there should be T’s, some 105.012-63’s came without T’s. Although this may have been an assistance dial (no T’s most of the time), it would strike me as odd that Omega conveyed this uncommon blue gloss dial as a help dial for a 1967 rolex daytona audits This is the reason it is very hard to do any proper assumptions here, as there is no official documentation on this sort of dial. The only thing known is that they left the factory like this, it’s anything but a dial like the chocolate brown ones on the 145.022 for instance. So whether they left the factory with both T’s on and off the dial, is unknown. In the event that may be astute for the purchaser to ask this at Omega in Bienne.

The reference 1039 wristband with 516 end-joins is correct for this reference, although the fasten is checked ’71’. 1971 was the latest year that Omega produced and conveyed rolex daytona audits with these 1039 reference arm bands. Either the catch has been supplanted, or the whole rolex daytona audits was overhauled in those days (getting another arrangement of chronograph hands?) and got this – at that point – new wristband. Who knows.

The 105.012-65’s type 321 movement with 24mio sequential number.

You probably won’t find all the solutions on these questions and concerns, yet that – to me – is also important for the fun in collecting Speedmaster rolex daytona audits Some pieces will consistently stay to be somewhat mysterious, yet that probably won’t influence the worth and conviction that this is really an uncommon piece.

You can discover the Speedmaster Professional 105.012-65 blue dial for auction .