From Hate to Love – A Personal Take on The 2017 Rolex Daytona Gold / Ceramic / Oysterflex

From Hate to Love – A Personal Take on The 2017 Rolex Daytona Gold / Ceramic / Oysterflex

Let’s come to the heart of the matter: I never felt truly pulled in to the Rolex Daytona. Since the introduction of the programmed variant in 1989 (around then fueled by a Zenith-based development), and until the 2016 Steel/Ceramic 116500LN adaptation , my advantage in the Daytona was near nothing. To me it addressed sort of a meaningful watch that, on an individual level, never engaged me. In this way, what can be the motivation behind why I’ve exchanged so rapidly from hate to adore, when seeing the new 2017 Rolex Daytona Gold/Ceramic/Oysterflex (the new references 116515LN, 116518LN and 116519LN)?

Why such awful emotions about a watch that is, all things considered, perhaps the most notable and generally sought-after watches of the whole business, whatever the period? To respond to you (and I’m sure some of you will perceive yourself in these words), there are numerous watches that I for one won’t purchase, however in the event of the Rolex Daytona, we are numerous means further. It is a combination of various viewpoints, a large portion of them being a long way from objective. Most importantly, there’s the look. Since 1989 and the programmed renditions, the Daytona has, as far as I might be concerned, lost its instrument angle. It is glossy, rather cumbersome, severely proportioned (that fat sparkly bezel), excessively cleaned and generally, very blingy. At that point, there’s the unequal case, with a slim left side and a bulky right side. Furthermore, I’m not in any event, discussing the screwed pushers that I find pointless and strange consistently. Furthermore, in the event that I generally found the steel forms too monochromatic and consequently missing some differentiation, the gold adaptations were even less engaging, particularly on account of the public portrayal they had – such an explanation watch, telling “look, I made it.”

This drives us to the next and appropriately close to home reasons why I didn’t like the Rolex Daytona: its atmosphere, its picture, what it says as an article when worn. I’ve consistently disdained that phony restrictiveness driven by low conveyances to retailers. I don’t like how this watch can be so pursued, regardless of whether it stays, all things considered, a straightforward lively chronograph from a standard brand (with all due regard to Rolex , which I consider perhaps the best assembling around). I additionally don’t like how a few group utilize this watch to show to the world how they succeed. Where’s the energy in that? After all these awful sentiments, you may think I’m extreme, in any case, think about a certain something: I have a ton of regard for the brand and the model, and without the picture that is connected to this watch, I would absolutely not be that cruel on the Rolex Daytona.

So what could well the reasons why I have altered my perspective so rapidly about the Rolex Daytona, to at long last arrive at where I can say “I love the new 2017 Rolex Daytona Gold/Ceramic/Oysterflex.” First of all, it isn’t promoting cash from Rolex that drives me to this point – as a matter of first importance, there is none, and furthermore that’s not how we work at Monochrome! On account of the 2017 Gold Daytonas, it’s about the look, the equilibrium, the subtleties and the correct codes, which at last converse with me. However, before that, we need to glance back at the 2016 Steel/Ceramic form to understand.

In actuality, I began to definitely alter my perspective on the Rolex Daytona in 2016, when “the Crown” presented the variant that we were all expecting, a steel watch, with a (sort of) panda dial and, principle fascination, a dark ceramic bezel. Indeed, I realize that it actually sparkles, yes it actually has the screwed pushers, yet, I was essential for the handfuls (hundreds? thousands?) of gatherers who altered their perspectives on the Dayto. That dark ceramic bezel adds some delicacy, some innovation, a marginally more instrument ish and sportier style, and in general the correct differentiation that you anticipate from such a chronograph. However, regardless of whether I might have pushed the “buy it now button”, I would communicate a couple of doubts about this 116500LN. The first being about the steel wristband, which actually includes cleaned focal connections – and by and large, I think there’s a lot metal/steel in this watch… The subsequent reservation is about the promotion that encompasses this watch, and that by itself was making me dubious. I realize it is exceptionally abstract and has nothing to do with the general nature of the watch, yet, it was a strong deterrent. Be that as it may, Rolex was en route to persuade me to change my mind…

This drives us to Baselworld 2017 and the new gold/ceramic/rubber forms of the Rolex Daytona, specifically the references 116515LN (Everose gold), 116518LN (yellow gold) and 116519LN (white gold). What is it about with these 3 references that is so very much done that I could alter my perspective? Most importantly, as I said, a gold Rolex isn’t “my thing”, for a straightforward explanation that isn’t about the look however about the picture. Once more, the sort of articulation watch that is (truth be told, was) unappealing. These 3 new Rolex Daytona are supplanting the variants on cowhide ties, which were clearly somewhat obsolete and not going like hot cakes over the counter any longer. With the new Oysterflex/Ceramic combination on the gold Daytos, we have conceivably the best models in the inventory (in any event, as far as I might be concerned, and I realize our organizer Frank concurs with me…) – (edit Frank Geelen: yes I do!)

In short, the development is – as common for Rolex – very restricted. It’s about little updates, notwithstanding, these subtleties change the visual impression of the watch definitely, and offer a cutting edge style and, significantly, not so much sparkle but rather more difference. The Ceramic bezel, presented first on the Everose Daytona, was at that point known to be a significant development. Presently, its dark cleaned surface is combined with the 3 distinctive gold amalgams that Rolex offers, which means white (the generally careful of them all), Everose (on rubber rather than the marginally too exemplary cowhide strap) and yellow (surprisingly the most accomplished and adjusted version). This dark Cerachrom bezel is likewise combined to genuine Panda dials, implying that even the focal point of the sub-counters (and not just the external ring, as on the steel version) are painted in dark. Once more, less gold, more difference, more visual balance. My top pick here is the yellow gold adaptation, due to the dark records and hands, which impeccably coordinate with the rich shade of the 18k yellow gold.

Finally, there’s this Oysterflex wristband, presumably the most exceptional and most comfortable rubber lash at any point conveyed with a watch (really, it is!). Since its presentation on the Yacht-Master , we expected (and wanted) to see it on other Rolex watches. Its expansion to the Daytona is unquestionably an extraordinary move. As of now clarified, its quality and its construction are essentially wonderful – a superelastic metal edge over-formed with elite dark elastomer, offering the strength, adaptability and opposition – combined with an astonishing tough inside design – two delicate rubber groups on the inward piece of the tie that settle the watch on the wrist. Also, there’s the look. Obviously, this rubber Oysterflex arm band makes the Rolex Daytona considerably more current and sportier, despite the fact that it is made out of valuable metals.

Are these updates enough to make somebody completely adjust his perspective? For my situation, yes they do. Will I purchase a Rolex Daytona Gold/Ceramic/Oysterflex? Indeed, and I can even tell that I’d go for the 116518LN (yellow gold). My lone concern is about the cost, advocated without a doubt, yet at 25,250 Euro, it’s anything but a choice now (maybe later, after I saved enough money). The best combination, thinking about my spending plan and my preferences, would be the steel 116500LN on an Oysterflex wristband – in any case, Rolex doesn’t sell this rubber band separately… With the 2016 Steel form and the 2017 Gold/Ceramic models, we can say that Rolex is going the correct way to make the Daytona more alluring than ever.

Technical Specifications – 2017 Rolex Daytona Gold/Ceramic/Oysterflex

  • Case: 40mm measurement – cleaned 18K Everose, yellow or white gold – sapphire precious stone on the dial side – screwed caseback – screwed pushers – ceramic bezel – 100m water resistant
  • Movement: Caliber 4130, in-house, standout chronometer guaranteed, 5-year guarantee – programmed coordinated chronograph – 4Hz recurrence – 72h force hold – hours, minutes, little seconds, chronograph
  • Strap: Oysterflex rubber arm band, Osyterclap collapsing lock in gold, coordinating the case
  • References: 116515LN (Everose gold), 116518LN (yellow gold) and 116519LN (white gold)
  • Availability: In stores now
  • Price: 25,250 Euro (yellow gold) – 26,350 Euro (Everose and white gold)