Glashütte Original Sixties – Comparing the Old and the New

Glashütte Original Sixties – Comparing the Old and the New

For this story we need to head out back so as to 2007, when the German watch fabricate Glashütte-Original presented another model that was heavily inspired on a vintage model. It was all the more an advanced form of a vintage watch that was made during the GDR time frame (from 1949 to 1990 the eastern piece of Germany was involved Soviet powers), and it shared basically the entirety of its looks directly down to the littlest subtleties; with the exception of now the materials utilized are of current principles. We put them side by side… a vintage Glashütte Uhren Betrieb (GUB) hand-wound watch and a cutting edge Glashütte-Original Sixties.

As a side note – that is positively of some significance – I need to say that the vintage model is mine. I can’t remember the specific date of procurement, anyway it was mid 2007, around when Glashütte-Original presented the Senator Sixties at the 2007 Baselworld reasonable. At the point when I got it, I had no clue about that the top of the line watchmaker from Glashütte in Saxony, Germany, was going to dispatch a model that isn’t simply motivated on, yet right around an ideal present day cycle of the old watch. Today we’re going to audit that new watch, and for history’s purpose, we keep my vintage GUB close to it.


Leaving my old GUB out of the condition, the Glashütte-Original Sixties (in the past known as Senator Sixties) is an enchanting, enjoyably valued, comfortably wearing, dress watch with a more than normal gesture to days gone by. The Sixties demonstrates, as one may anticipate from an appropriate dress watch, hours, minutes and seconds. Time just subsequently. What’s more, with a width of just 39mm and a generally slim profile of 9.4mm it likewise qualifies as pure breed dress watch. With these measurements the Sixties likewise wears comfortably and keeping in mind that it’s not the greatest watch, it has very some wrist presence. Possibly that’s because of the fairly huge, open and clean silver face with insignificant composition on the dial. All that matters, is that the GO Sixties is an extremely beguiling dress watch, with an exceptionally quite solid in-house development, and a portion of fascinating feats… let’s have a nearer look!

Case and strap

The round 39mm 18K rose gold case estimates 9.4mm thick, and a piece of its thickness is debted to the domed sapphire gem. Albeit the domed gem makes this watch thicker, it likewise looks like the domed plexi gem of the old GUB. The drags are more molded than on the old GUB, anyway both the old and the new component a very dainty bezel, leaving a huge opening for the dial. The watch is water impervious to 30 meters, so not for swimming, showering or jumping, anyway downpour and washing hands ought not mischief the watch.

While 99% of all extravagance watches with a crocodile lash come on a gator tie with enormous scopes, GO picked a croc tie with little scopes. Or maybe irregular, anyway I think that its a vastly improved fit on such a vintage propelled watch! The lash is shut by a tang clasp with the brand’s twofold G logo engraved.

Dial and hands

The dial and hands are really the pieces of this watch that looks like the old GUB the most. Similitudes go farther than simply the numbers 3, 6, 9 and 12. The dial is domed like on the old GUB, and the hands are rod style hands, and on both the old and new loaded up with radiant material. The hour markers are applied stick markers and close to every hour marker is a little iridescent spot, for better readability at night.

Several years prior, Glashütte-Original purchased a dial making plant and now they can make their own dials. The outcome, other than more command over conveyance times and quality, is that they can likewise play more with ‘funky’ colors and even examples on the dial, as they accomplished for the Sixties Iconic Collection ( see here. )


Glashütte-Original’s in-house development, type 39-52, is obvious through an exquisite ‘box’ sapphire gem. This implies that you can glance through the side of the gem too, to notice the development from different points. On the drawback, the development is significantly more modest than the case, and the development holder (metal ring around the development) is likewise plainly obvious. Glashütte-Original utilized the ring not exclusively to hold the development set up, yet additionally engraved with the word “automatic”. Inside and out I figure GO accomplished something overall quite novel, with the container sapphire and I figure it would not have functioned admirably with a bigger movement.

The development completing is truly decent and includes purported Glashütte ribbing (what might be compared to Côte de Genève) on the three-quarter plate, balance rooster and skeletonized rotor. The last highlights a 21k gold oscillator weight, for improved latency, and is embellished with the Glashütte-Original twofold G logo. The watch is directed by a swan-neck fine adjustment.

The edges are slanted and all steel parts are cleaned (by hand obviously); even the edge of the equilibrium is cleaned, and in this way looks far superior to the normal equilibrium. The completing is surely comparable to, if not above, the greater part of its immediate competitors in a similar value reach, and conveys exceptional incentive for money.

swan-neck fine change cleaned balance edge the case sapphire precious stone

Calibre 39-52 just demonstrates time, by three focal hands (hours, minutes and seconds), and has a force save of approx. 40 hours. This development, part of the type 39 family, is a strong and dependable development, which has been underway for a couple decades.


In terms of styling, the Glashütte-Original Sixties is extremely near my old GUB, and all the more significantly, it looks astonishing. Size-wise its more current, with a 39mm measurement, and I’m glad that it’s not 40mm or more. In this rose gold execution the watch is a legitimate dress watch, in spite of the fact that its ‘sixties style’ dial adds some pizazz to what exactly could be a standard exemplary dress watch. The domed sapphire precious stone in front, and the container sapphire as case-back likewise add a great deal of energy, and that’s absolutely something that will satisfy the individuals who like vintage dress watches, and need to appreciate it in a contemporary quality. It’s more water safe than my old GUB, and likely more qualified for every day wearing.

The Sixties likewise comes in 18K rose gold with a dark dial, and in treated steel with silver, dark or blue dial. The cost is truly sensible and begins at € 6.300 euro for the hardened steel models, and € 12.600 for both rose gold adaptations. Through and through an enchanting watch, with extraordinary highlights that will surely bring joy, and a lovely cost point.

More data at the Glashütte-Original site here .

Technical Specifications – Glashütte-Original Sixties

  • Case: 39mm breadth – 18k rose gold – domed sapphire precious stone in front, confine sapphire gem case-back – 30m water resistant
  • Movement: Caliber 39-52 in-house development – self-winding – 40h force save – 25 gems – 28,800vph – three centrals hands for quite a long time, minutes and seconds – three-quarter plate with Glashütte ribbing – swan-neck fine change – 18k gold wavering weight
  • Strap: gator cowhide tie with 18k rose gold pin buckle
  • Variations: 18k rose gold with dark dial, and in hardened steel with silver, dark or blue dial.
  • Price: € 6.300 EUR for the hardened steel rendition, and € 12.600 EUR for the 18k rose gold versions