Hands-On – The Colorful 40mm Piaget Altiplano Automatic “Back To Basics” Collection

Hands-On – The Colorful 40mm Piaget Altiplano Automatic “Back To Basics” Collection

For now 60 years, the Piaget Altiplano has been truly outstanding (if not the most exceptional) meanings of what a thin, exquisite and smooth dress watch ought to be. It has everything: the family, the mechanical content, the design… Yet, in the new days, the Altiplano may have lost a touch of intensity to become a spotless and current watch, yet with the typical credits of the assortment. For the SIHH 2017 and to stamp the 60th commemoration of the model, Piaget brings back some capriciousness to the Altiplano and generally relevant features, with the new colorful 40mm Piaget Altiplano Automatic.

Back in 1957, Valentin Piaget presented two future symbols of watchmaking: the Altiplano (yet not named thusly) and the super flimsy type 9P. Being only 2 mm thick, the 9P was a specialized accomplishment, particularly when no computer-helped production was conceivable. Indeed, even today, such measurements are a test for watchmaker. Envision in 1957, when everything was finished by hand and with not-so-exact machines. Great. after 3 years, Piaget launched the 12P, a super slender self-winding development estimating simply 2.3 mm. This beforehand incomprehensible level of slenderness was made conceivable by the utilization of the 24K gold unbalanced miniature rotor, guaranteeing ideal barrel-spring winding productivity. This around then absolutely that Piaget acquired its status of “master of ultra-thin”.

For the SIHH 2017, the brand is honoring this now 60 years of age assortment, with a whole line-up of watches, which incorporates the blue renditions (38mm and 43mm) we previously appeared to you here , and now some brilliant, intense and attractive 40mm automatic models. This move is both astounding and intriguing, as though you take a gander at current assortments by Piaget, there are pretty much just watches with monochromatic styles and present day appraoch. For example, the Piaget Altiplano Automatic ( see here ) shows a smooth white dial with dark hands and painted files. Rich without a doubt, yet a long way from “funky”. With the new assortment, in light of a similar development, Piaget adds some authentic references and some more tones to the catalogue.

The new 40mm Piaget Altiplano Automatic introduces 3 splendid dials, what the brand names “patinated dials”. 12 PM blue, record dark (which turns out to be warm and changing to brown in specific conditions) and pine green. This is a long way from the standard white opaline or dark that we see at Piaget. The dials are altogether including a sunburst design, which enormously plays with the light and gives pleasant subtleties. The blue changes from a splendid sky blue to a nearly 12 PM blue, with a wonderful angle look, the green can be very circumspect or distinctive and the dark, in normal light, will bring decent earthy colored reflections. These dials are vivacious and do change radically the impression of the normally rather somber Altiplano.

Linked to these tones are verifiably applicable showcases and textual styles. To be sure, the 40mm Piaget Altiplano Automatic for the 60th commemoration are moving back to the extended and applied gold files, to the date set at 3 and to a 2-hand show, without little second counter. Same, the logo and the “automatic” notice returns to a cursive and vintage style. This may sound exemplary yet indeed, the entirety of this adds some appeal to the Altiplano.

3 forms of this 40mm Piaget Altiplano Automatic will be accessible; all with various tone, materials and lashes, for 3 unmistakable looks

  • Midnight blue, 18k Pink gold case, blue tie – 25,700 Euro
  • Pine Green, 18k yellow gold case, green tie – 25,700 Euro
  • Slate dark, 18k white gold case, earthy colored lash – 26,800 Euro

Inside the case is a known and sublime development, the super flimsy calibre 1203, which regardless of whether modernized, stays the loyal replacement of the notorious 12P development. This motor, noticeable through the sapphire caseback, is pleasantly enriched and actually progressed. It estimates 30mm, subsequently decent filling the case, shows round Geneva stripes, blued screws, cleaned angles and a darkened miniature rotor. With its solitary 3mm thickness, it permits the 40mm Piaget Altiplano Automatic to stay under 7mm in general and to be entirely wearable with a mixed drink clothing or a suit. All are coming with a pin-lock in gold (coordinating the case), substantially more adjusted to the setting of a dress watch that a collapsing buckle.

This new 40mm Piaget Altiplano Automatic assortment isn’t the insurgency of the year… yet, it adds a bonus, some appeal and some intensity to an assortment that some could discover excessively inflexible. The utilization of chronicled references is even, not contrivance like, and the 3 tones, regardless of whether rather splendid, are simply cool. piaget.com .