Hands-On – The New Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori Watches

Hands-On – The New Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori Watches

Long known for its notable Serpenti watch, Bulgari keeps on advancing the assortment, consistently mixing it with advancement and tastefulness. This week in Venice, the Italian place of Bulgari disclosed its shocking new high-jewelry and watch assortments. Among them: the Serpenti Seduttori watch. Enlivened by the brand’s incredible Serpenti watch, the new pieces are jewel set ponders that raise the assortment in a large group of ways.

History of the Bulgari Serpenti

Since Bulgari’s initiation over 130 years prior, the Roman-conceived brand’s top fashioners have been enlivened by Mediterranean excellence and have imbued blossoms, nature and shading into its show-stoppers. With an end goal to encapsulate Bulgari’s Mediterranean Eden, the brand’s gifted expert skilled workers built up the highly pined for Serpenti assortment of jewelry, and later, during the 1900’s, the watches.

Serpenti pieces are tempting understandings of the snake, enlivened by Greek and Roman folklore and furthermore by the Garden of Eden. The animal, which addresses extraordinary appeal, intelligence and mesmerizing allure, has been reproduced by the brand in a large group of sexy versions that loop around the wrist. The open-colored watches show their actual capacity, while secret watches with heads that lift or move to uncover the dial underneath, give another importance to Serpenti.

Easily perhaps the most notorious interpretations of Serpenti is the Serpenti Tubogas: the Serpenti head on an adaptable wristband that folds over the wrist anyplace from once to multiple times relying upon the rendition. The arm band was first evolved by Bulgari in 1932 and is highly specialized and tedious to make. Every one is made utilizing two 15-foot (contingent upon the quantity of loops of the arm band) lengths of metal that fold over a steel sharp edge. It is intriguing to take note of that Elizabeth Taylor wore a Serpenti Tubogas watch in 1962 when shooting the film Cleopatra.

A few years prior, Bulgari uncovered the Serpenti Incantati watch, a round rendition of Serpenti with a snake-curl pearl set bezel.

This year, the brand delivers the Serpenti Twist watch, a flexible watch highlighting the noticeable dial snakehead that slides on and off of an assortment of compatible distinctive hued calfskin lashes. These Serpenti watches are intended for a more youthful crowd or for those craving a Serpenti at a more worth situated price.

Serpenti Seduttori Watches

On the extravagance side of Serpenti, as referenced, Bulgari has recently revealed the haute Joaillerie Serpenti Seduttori watches. Including jewel set bangle wristbands, the new pieces center around the marvelousness and magnificence of mathematical plans. Each watch includes the notable snakehead – luxuriously adorned with gemstones that nearly structure a crown on the head, which opens to uncover the watch dial underneath. These likely could be the most vivid versions of Serpenti the brand has at any point made. Indeed, even the Serpenti eyes are made with pear-formed stones.

According to Bulgari, this assortment addresses the primary sleeve arm band watch delivered for Serpenti. As a general rule, the tail of the snake doesn’t connect with the top of the snake, making it more a bangle than a sleeve. Since the watches are controlled by first class Swiss quartz developments, we will zero in additional on the superb plans and hand craftsmanship of this collection.

The Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori High Jewelry Secret Bangle Unique Watches

There are two unique pieces in the assortment – each with a botanical gemstone crown on the snakehead. The 18-karat pink gold form includes a bended 36mm case. The top of the secret watch, as referenced, is improved with a blossom made of five marquis-cut precious stones, one pear-molded rubellite, one pear-formed tourmaline, two pear-formed tanzanites, a solitary pear-molded violet garnet and a middle round-cut emerald. Two pear-molded emeralds structure the eyes of the snake. The top of the snake opens to uncover a dial set with 85 splendid cut precious stones. The radiant arm band is set with 163 splendid cut precious stones weighing 7.40 carats, and 35 roll cut tourmalines weighing 2.45 carats. In all, it is perhaps the most bright Serpenti watches and delightfully unites Bulgari’s adoration for nature.

The 18-karat white gold stand-out Serpenti Seduttori watch is less bright, as it uses just precious stones and rubies. Like the other rendition, the secret dial of this watch is likewise set with 85 splendid cut jewels, yet according to this model are in pear-formed rubies. The flower theme on the head is made utilizing 198 splendid and marquis-cut jewels and five pear-molded rubies. The white gold arm band is set with 375 splendid cut jewels weighing 9.45 carats and 35 loaf cut rubies weighing 3.20 carats. This likely could be the most gleaming Serpenti one will ever meet.

The Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori Cabochon Watch

In expansion to the unique pieces just referenced, the other high-jewelry Serpenti Seduttori watches utilizes an intense cabochon gemstone, like tourmaline, tanzanite or sapphire, to crown the top of the snake rather than the botanical theme. Like the unique pieces, the wristbands that structure the body of the Serpenti Seduttori watches are completely made in 18-karat pink or white gold and – in average Bulgari style – are highly adapted and wonderfully completed on both the obvious side (festooned in gems) and within divide that embraces the wrist.  Each arm band is set with gleaming columns of either clear set or roll cut jewels and shading composed gemstones that coordinate the cabochon on the Serpenti secret watch. The entirety of the dials are set with 85 splendid cut diamonds.

Easily quite possibly the most dazzling Seduttori watches is the one set with a sear cabochon cut pink tourmaline weighing 17.4 carats. This model highlights two pear-formed emerald eyes, 18-carat pink gold bended case set with 39 splendid cut jewels (2.2 carats), 18-karat pink gold wristband set with 116 splendid cut precious stones (7.75 carats) and 35 roll cut tourmalines (2.4 carats). This model, SAP 102650, retails for 176,000 CHF (151,600 EUR).

Impressions of the Serpenti Seduttori Watches

While Bulgari additionally revealed other charming high-jeweled Serpenti watches with triple-column Tubogas diamond set arm bands (remembering one model for green veneer set with pearls and pearl-crown on the head), the freshest Seduttori quartz-fueled watches take the spotlight. Like all Bulgari jewelry and high-jeweled watches, these pieces are conceived of innovativeness and energetic craftsmanship. The bangle wristbands offer a cutting edge wind to the famous Tubogas and fit the wrist elegantly.  The bended cases offer an ergonomic allure that brilliantly complements the bracelet.  In all, the new Serpenti Seduttori watches – with delegated snakeheads – are, all things considered, fit for a queen.

This article has been composed by Roberta Naas, organizer of A Timely Perspective ; and writer of six books on watches.