Hands-On – The New Ressence Type 5G, The Full Titanium Diver

Hands-On – The New Ressence Type 5G, The Full Titanium Diver

When it has been dispatched, back in December 2015, we’ve been genuinely astonished with the Ressence Type 5 … In a generally excellent way, this must be said. Without a doubt, a dive watch from Ressence was truly not expected, nonetheless, when knowing the advancement of the idea introduced with the Type 3 , it seemed like a characteristic development. Aside from the cool showcase, this watch, on account of its oil-filled dial, permitted to be the solitary mechanical dive watch with zero reflections submerged (and if you’re suspicious, see our field test here ). Just between the SIHH and the upcoming Baselworld, Ressence currently comes with a full titanium adaptation of this watch, the Type 5G, and it has a few contentions to convince. And after you saw it yesterday on all our competitors’ sites with press photographs, we, at Monochrome, go active with it.

Throwback to the Ressence Type 5 Concept

The Ressence Type 5 is, as far as we might be concerned, the common development of the Ressence Type 3, itself the characteristic advancement of the Ressence Type 1. A pleasant family representation to make it short. The Type 1 set the base for the “Beyond Hand” show, presenting the ROCS module, which takes into consideration a showcase with co-planar plates and rings of various sizes, bended to coordinate the curve of the glass that covers them. The entire dial turns to show the minutes (as a controller watch) and, inside this primary pivoting dial, a few circles additionally turns on their own hub and at their own speed to demonstrate the hours (by a series of gears that hinders the moment sign) or the seconds (by a series of gears that quickens the moment sign). The base was here: a planar dial with an extraordinary showcase, totally versatile and rather bizarre. Exceptionally planned, current, yet decipherable and very judicious in the end.

Then came the Type 3, which coordinated the idea of the oil-filled dial, to make a screen-like showcase. Indeed, the entire top module, the ROCS, is an airtight fixed chamber loaded up with oil. This makes a somewhat extraordinary showcase, were you can’t see any hole between the sapphire gem and the circles of the dial. It feels as though the hands and sign were projected onto within surface of the crystal… very mystical. However, when this watch was accomplished, individuals at Ressence discovered an startling preferred position. At the point when submerged, this oil-filled showcase really permits to have zero reflections or contortions (people who dive realize that a standard watch, in light of the air contained between the dial and the gem, is just discernible in specific points. At the point when looks askew, most dive watches change into mirrors).

Thanks to this practically inexplicable outcome, the characteristic advancement was obviously to make a dive watch, profiting by this zero-reflections/contortions show . The Ressence Type 5 was conceived. In view of the equivalent (yet rearranged) show as the Type 1 and Type 3, the Type 5 felt more horological, more “watch” on account of a genuine case and a plunging bezel around the domed sapphire gem. However, the soul of Ressence was still there, with a cutting edge, practically modern look, a no-crown design (setting is done by means of the caseback), a screen-like presentation and, new for the brand, genuine jumping limits (affirmed ISO 6425 – water impervious to 100m). After a dark dial/titanium case form , after a full dark release (the Type 5BB) , it is currently an ideal opportunity for a third iteration.

The new Ressence Type 5G Titanium

For 2017, Ressence brings the Type 5G, the all-dark, all-matte version of their dive watch. What we have here is just a visual update, so for

Technically, the Ressence Type 5G remaining parts altogether indistinguishable from the past releases, with the water-drop impact dial. The showcase module (the ROCS) is an airtight fixed chamber that contains 37.5ml of oil to make this zero-reflections show. To compensate withdrawals or dilatations of oil, the ROCS module comprises 7 cries, which retreat when the oil extends under the impact of warmth, or compensate the constriction of the oil under the impact of cooling. This is the reason on the Type 5 (and on the Type 3), you’ll discover a temperature check, just to make a point to utilize the watch in ideal conditions.

Other explicitness, on the grounds that the showcase module is airtight fixed, there is no mechanical connection between the programmed development and the ROCS module. Hence, this watch depends on a keen gadget dependent on attraction, with miniature magnets put on one or the other side of the film and driving the signs of time. At long last, as all Ressence watches, the Type 5G has no crown. Settings and winding are done through a rotatable caseback.

3 Reasons why I incline toward the Gray Type 5G to the dark version

  • The harsh look of the titanium dial, rather in accordance with the dive watch idea. It gives an instrument look to the watch, while the dark release, rather sparkly and gleaming, was very Ressence altogether habits but at the same time was feeling more rich. This Type 5G has a more energetic, more instrumental look. It supports the wish of the brand to make this Type 5 the games watch in the catalogue.
  • The rough microbilled grade 5 titanium dial has an incredible tone, hotter than standard steel or rhodium plated dials, which gives the watch a specific uniqueness. Thusly, the Ressence Type 5G separates from the horde of dark dialed divers.
  • While actually having zero reflections submerged, the Type 5G and its more brilliant dial takes into consideration less reflection on dry lands… And we as a whole realize that a watch is more worn close to the ocean than under the ocean. The dark dial, as said, welcomed bunches of reflections when worn ashore. It’s polished. The matte part of the titanium dial and its lighter tone take into consideration less reflections and an improved intelligibility, regardless of whether there’s less differentiation between the signs and the dial.


Overall, without appropriately restoring the idea of their dive watch, I feel that Ressence found the correct offset with this Gray Type 5G. Regardless of whether near the dark variant as far as look and indistinguishable in fact, it appears to be the most accomplished and pertinent form to us, just due to the tone and matte completion of the dial, more in accordance with the energetic, toolish business of the watch. I appreciated wearing the Black Type 5 for a whole summer , yet I would appreciate this titanium dim form significantly more. Retail cost: 31,500 Euro. More subtleties on  ressencewatches.com .