Historical Perspective – The Classic Vintage Submariner, The Reference 5512 and 5513

Historical Perspective – The Classic Vintage Submariner, The Reference 5512 and 5513

At a specific time throughout the entire existence of the no-date Rolex Submariner, gatherers will commonly acknowledge the change from vintage to current references. This second showed up toward the finish of the 1980s when Rolex dispatched the Submariner reference 14060. In any case, preceding this watch, two references were produced, both incredibly close in plan and details, the Reference 5512 and 5513. What’s more, since it is the Submariner with longest creation period, it must be viewed as irrefutably the Classic Vintage Submariner, as our “columnist extraordinaire” Paul Altieri (Founder and CEO of Bob’s Watches ) will clarify here.

Although Rolex’s Submariner is their best and notorious line of watches, not all Submariner references are viewed as equivalent among authorities. The fundamental plan of the Submariner has not changed since its initiation in 1953; be that as it may, it has gone through a wide assortment of unpretentious changes and updates consistently, as Rolex attempted to refine and improve its design.

The absolute first Submariner references from the mid-1950s didn’t have crown watches like their advanced partners. While these early models have become very uncommon and significant today, crown watches have become a trademark attribute of the Submariner line. To numerous Rolex gatherers and aficionados, the exemplary vintage Submariner is produced using tempered steel with an acrylic precious stone and highlights crown monitors yet no date complication. Two specific references that exemplify this definition are the 5512 and the 5513.

The reference 5512 was presented in 1958 and denoted the acquaintance of crown watches with Rolex’s Submariner line. A couple of brief a very long time after the delivery on the reference 5512, Rolex presented the reference 5513 of every 1962 and continued to all the while make the two looks for various years from that point, until they were ceased in 1978 and 1989 respectively.

At first look, the two Submariner references seem indistinguishable; and even after a nearer assessment, a prepared arrangement of eyes would be unable to distinguish any major differences.  In all reality, the solitary regions where these two Submariner references contrast are the type of development inside, and the accompanying lines of text imprinted on their dials that signify the distinction in movement.

Generally talking, the reference 5512 Submariner contained a chronometer-appraised development, affirmed by COSC, while the reference 5513 didn’t. Because of this inconspicuous contrast, the reference 5512 Submariner got two extra lines of text on its dial that read, “Superlative Chronometer/Officially Certified” to show that the development has gone through and passed the thorough principles of COSC testing.

Not all reference 5512 Submariner watches got COSC appraised developments; and early instances of the reference 5512 were fitted with a similar careful type development that Rolex utilized in the early instances of the reference 5513, having the solitary effect the reference number etching on side of the case.

A huge piece of the allure of the reference 5512 and the reference 5513 is that these watches pre-date the far reaching reception of applied, white gold hour markers and engineered sapphire gems to the Submariner line. Their thick, domed acrylic gems and a grouping of conceivable dial varieties give them an innately vintage look and feel, while the remainder of the watch is a lot of recognizable as the very Submariner that everybody has come to know and love.

Due to the more drawn out creation run and lower value purpose of the reference 5513, enduring models are more ample and by and large more affordable than comparable reference 5512 reciprocals. Costs can run significantly relying upon condition, dial type, and provenance; notwithstanding, both the reference 5512 and the reference 5513 Submariner are viewed as works of art and are exceptionally pursued by gatherers today.

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