Historical Perspective – The Very First Rolex Submariner, The Reference 6204

Historical Perspective – The Very First Rolex Submariner, The Reference 6204

Today, we proceed with our Historical Perspective arrangement, because of our “columnist extraordinaire” Paul Altieri (Founder and CEO of Bob’s Watches ). In the first part, we investigated a missing connection throughout the entire existence of jumping watches, as we took a gander at the pre-Submariner watches, known under the reference 6202 “Turn-O-Graph” . Today, be that as it may, is the genuine article, with the more-than-notable reference 6204, the mother of all Rolex Submariner watches, the very first one brought into the world in 1953.

In 1953, Rolex presented their Submariner line of jump watches as the reference 6204. At that point, scuba jumping was as yet a very new game, and the idea of a watch explicitly intended for utilize submerged was still in its very early phases. Despite the fact that Rolex had no clue about it at that point, their Submariner line of watches would proceed to become quite possibly the most notorious and fruitful watches on this planet – from any producer, from any period, from any country. In a word, a legend was born.

Upon its delivery, the Submariner was the first watch on the planet to be ensured water impervious to a profundity of 100 meters – the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms was dispatched before the Submariner, yet 50 comprehends (it’s profundity rate) relates to precisely 91.45 meters. Rolex, with the Submariner, went somewhat further with a water opposition of 100m. Rolex previously had gained notoriety for having the option to seal a watch against dampness and earth (on account of the “Clam”, which, in 1926, was the first waterproof watch); anyway up until this point ever, there was no genuine requirement for a wristwatch that could work impeccably at huge profundities beneath the outside of the ocean.

Although it was planned explicitly for scuba plunging, people from all various ways of life bought the Submariner for its strong plan, exceptionally clear presentation, predominant water-obstruction, and exemplary great looks. Throughout the span of the following 50 years, the Submariner’s acknowledgment and notoriety would develop, making it quite possibly the most notable and pursued watches in the whole world.

The reference 6204 is viewed as the very first Submariner, and numerous models can be found with the Submariner name imprinted on the dial. Be that as it may, some enduring instances of the reference 6204 can be found with different names on the dial surface, for example, “Sub-Aqua” or “Submariner Perpetual” while others have no model-explicit name imprinted on them at all.

With a 37mm case width, pencil-style hands, and a little (however relative) crown, the reference 6204 offers more in common with the early reference 6202 Turn-O-Graph watches than the later-period Submariners without crown monitors that were produced quite a long while from there on. Notwithstanding, as the very first Submariner, this is proper, since the reference 6204 imprints where Rolex’s sports watches got adjusted for life submerged, and the amazing Submariner line was born.

As the first Submariner ever, the reference 6204 holds a very uncommon spot inside Rolex history; notwithstanding, it additionally has various characteristics that make it particularly intriguing for vintage gatherers. The absence of Rolex’s notable “Mercedes” sport hands (on the early models) genuinely helps separate it from other, later-time Submariner watches, while the various dial varieties that can be found on the reference 6204 add to the variety and generally fervor that encompasses the very first illustration of Rolex’s exemplary plunge watch line.

The reference 6204 Submariner was just fabricated during 1953, and because of its age and staggeringly short creation run, enduring models in unique condition have become very uncommon and important today. The Submariner is the quintessential plunge watch and a cornerstone figure all through the whole watch industry. By far most of plunge watches in presence today were here and there impacted by Rolex’s Submariner; and as the first Submariner ever, it very well may be contended that the reference 6204 was the watch that began it all.

In the coming scene of this Historical Perspective arrangement, we’ll take a gander at a particular watch, the Rolex Submariner Reference 6538, which because of an appearance on the wrist of a specific British government operative, is essential for the legend encompassing this model.

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