In-Depth – Favre Leuba Bivouac 9000, A Watch With Mechanical Altimeter Measuring Altitudes Everywhere on Earth

In-Depth – Favre Leuba Bivouac 9000, A Watch With Mechanical Altimeter Measuring Altitudes Everywhere on Earth

Reaching limits has consistently been one of humanity’s difficulties. While the watchmaking business has just given watches to the exploration of both the highest point of the world or the most profound channel under the ocean, today we have something that goes a couple of miles further… Seeking a rough device watch for climbs and explorations? The Favre Leuba Bivouac 9000 may be the ideal wrist companion, being the main watch fit for estimating height wherever on Earth – and by that, we truly mean all over the place, even on top of the Everest. We should take an inside and out look.

The come-back of Favre Leuba

The underlying foundations of Favre-Leuba go as far back as 1737 when the watchmaking workshop of Abraham Favre is referenced in true records from Le Locle. This established a renowned horological administration that would last more than eight generations of the Favre family, making Favre-Leuba one of the most seasoned watch brands in the world.

The name Favre-Leuba really shows up in 1855, when Fritz Favre (5th generation) weds Adèle-Fanny Leuba. The brand grows internationally and its watches are routinely recognized at the Neuchatel Observatory or at international exhibitions.

During the brand’s prime during the 1950s and 1960s, Favre Leuba produced extreme and utilitarian watches. Among the notable watches delivered at the time is the Bivouac (1962), with altimeter and indicator. The accomplishment of its plunge watches, for example, the Deep Blue, waterproof up to 200m, urged Favre Leuba to apply the rule of the aneroid gauge utilized in the Bivouac to pressure estimation underwater. The 1968 Bathy features a jump time indication and a profundity gauge.

Following the quartz emergency of the 1970s, the Favre-Leuba family was compelled to sell the brand. In the wake of changing hands a few times, it was gained by Titan Company Limited in 2011 and is currently overseen by Thomas Morf.

In 2017, Favre Leuba celebrates its 280th commemoration. “Vanquishing Frontiers”, the company’s slogan mirrors the state of psyche of doing things any other way. With Morf, Favre Leuba resuscitates its custom of delivering intense expert watches. A gesture to the past, the latest Favre Leuba watches are simple propagations of past wonders, however present day creations that stand apart from the group through their unique plan and specialized qualities. Following our inclusion of their jump watch assortment, specifically, the Raider Harpoon , we go inside and out with the Favre Leuba Bivouac 9000.

Favre Leuba Bivouac 9000, Scaling heights

The Favre Leuba Raider Bivouac 9000 is an immense watch. On the off chance that this instrument watch with altimeter/indicator is absolutely an accolade for the first Bivouac, resurrecting its usefulness, its exhibitions have been brought to an exceptional level. However, past the specialized feat, the principal thing to catch your eye is its solid character and striking plan. Clad in monochrome dim, the 48mm barrel-molded case is monstrous. It is molded out of extreme, lightweight titanium. In the event that it says something on the wrist, it wears shockingly well.

The dial is profoundly intelligible, as it ought to be for an apparatus watch. It features iridescent hands and hour markers. The enormous red community hand (working with the bi-directional rotating bezel) permits showing heights of 3,000m per full rotation, considering exact estimation. The auxiliary dial is utilized to monitor elevations for up to 9,000m, with the “death zone” illuminated in red (the death zone, in mountaineering, alludes to heights over a specific point where there isn’t sufficient oxygen for endurance). The force hold of the development is plainly shown at 12 o’clock and the little seconds dwells in the 9 o’clock sub-dial and permits to watch that the watch is still running.

The rotating bezel permits to reset the altimeter, and its usefulness depends on its capacity to show changes in pneumatic stress that shifts for a given spot. The watch, in this way, gives information about the weather, a vital feature for mountain dwellers prior to undertaking any ascend. Watch the accompanying video to see a demo of the altimeter in real life (the accuracy accomplished as we shot that video was rather impressive).

Technically, the Favre-Leuba Bivouac is controlled by a hand-wound FL311 development, comprising a sophisticated altimeter module planned in-house. This development depends on the Eterna Caliber 39, (calibre 3903.M to be precise). Patrick Kury, Chief Technology Officer of Favre-Leuba has a long involvement in this versatile development. The decision of a manual development was driven by the way that the altimeter module consumes the space customarily utilized by the rotor. Similarly, a little second indication was picked to offer need to an enormous altimeter place hand. It likewise gives a sound 60-hour power reserve.

The altimeter module – the first to permit a wristwatch to show elevations from 0 to 9000m – is a genuine specialized feat. It depends on an aneroid container: as the wearer rises, the pressing factor falls and the case extends (respectively contracts as the pressing factor increases). A small straight movement is communicated to the stuff of the component, through a ball and a spring and changed over into a rotational development. Exactness is key as the most extreme extension of the container is under 4 tenths of a millimeter! Furthermore, the extension/withdrawal of the container should be ordinary. The atmospheric pressing factor drops approximately by 0.7 bar somewhere in the range of 0 and 9,000 meters. Three boundaries were significant to plan it: its size, its shape and its material, an extraordinary copper alloy.

The Bivouac 9000 is water impervious to 30m, regardless of whether there is an air trade. This doesn’t permit jumping however it very well may be adequate to shield the watch from unpleasant outside exercises. This is made conceivable on the grounds that the air bay for the situation, which is needed for the gauge, is shielded by a film produced using a miniature ­perforated hydrophobic material. It permits dry air – yet not water or residue particles – to go through. The layer for the altimeter is ensured under a plate on the case got by two screws.

The Favre-Leuba Bivouac 9000 is combined with a tough leather lash matching the shade of the case and shut with a pin clasp. It is valued at CHF 7,500.

I can completely recommend that you go active with the Favre Leuba Bivouac 9000, if just barely to look at it face to face. Intended to hold-up to open air exercises, it is built to resiliences for explicit purposes and usefulness. The ideal wrist companion for experience searchers or for a tough search for an evening outing to town. Curiously, the idea of its aneroid indicator will be before long used to plan a jump watch with a profundity check. The principal renderings we were shown are rather encouraging, so stay tuned. For the time being, you can visit to get familiar with the brand and the Bivouac.

Technical specifications – Favre-Leuba Bivouac 9000

  • Case: 48 mm width x 18.7 mm thick – titanium case – bidirectional rotating bezel – screw-in crown – sapphire gem with twofold sided against intelligent coating – water impervious to 3 ATM/30m.
  • Movement: mechanical type FL311 (base Eterna cal 3903.M) with manual winding – 65h force hold – Functions: hours, minutes, little seconds, power save indicator, focal hand to show elevations of 3,000 m for each full rotation, subdial for showing heights of up to 9,000 m and pneumatic stress in hPa.
  • Strap:  leather tie with pin buckle.
  • Price: CHF 7,500