In-Depth Review – RJ-Romain Jerome Skylab 44 Red – Bold & Architectural

In-Depth Review – RJ-Romain Jerome Skylab 44 Red – Bold & Architectural

You can’t blame RJ-Romain Jerome for being exhausting, despite the fact that you probably won’t be an enthusiast of the brand as am I. The truth is, the Geneva based brand does unconventional things however once in a while hits a sweet recognize that should tempt even the cynics! The requirement for a Pièce Unique Pokemon watch is disputable obviously, yet any uncertainty can be influenced with the basic inquiry of: why not? Indeed, that is the issue we will expect to have answered by broadly checking on the RJ-Romain Jerome Skylab 44 Red. We previously covered it when it was first delivered back in December 2013 however now we will give you the full rundown.

As a brand, RJ-Romain Jerome has conquered a fun loving specialty area on the lookout, and has fabricated its heritage on the DNA of legends (in a real sense!) By fusing extraordinary materials, or alluding to symbols, in the greater part of their assortments, RJ-Romain Jerome has made its own character. Standing apart from the group, the vast majority of their watches have a specific level of freedom about them, which is very welcome every now and then! While we, watch-egotists, appreciate custom, elegance, sentiment and legacy, thinking out about the container and making flighty watches is additionally welcomed with great enthusiasm, IF progressed admirably! Furthermore, that is by and large the case with the RJ-Romain Jerome Skylab 44 Red.

It is a striking looking watch, and in spite of the fact that it doesn’t consolidate portions of the Statue of Liberty or the Titanic nor does it portray a Nintendo-legend , there’s a great deal to cherish! This watch is space-age-inspired, as it commemorates the 40th commemoration of the dispatch of the NASA Skylab, and as you’d at this point expect, it consolidates material from the Apollo 11 rocket. A cool story to advise to your mates, despite the fact that do contemplate that the level of real sections for the situation is likely a solitary digit.

Overall appearance and Features

To be straightforward, this is about the most wearable RJ-Romain Jerome you can get. It is comfortable, unobtrusively measured – compared to different watches in the collection – and has a cool vibe and a contemporary plan. What’s more, as an eye catching brand, this is by a long shot the watch that has pulled in the most consideration when wearing it, even from non-watch geeks! Everyone needed to become familiar with it, what it is, the reason it looks so uncommon, and (the deep rooted question!) the amount it costs! Individuals will in general respond to that last question with a resonating “What?!?!” or “How much?!?!” however disclosing to them why it costs that much is all essential for the fun to the extent I am concerned.

Besides the structural ability of the watch, the combination of full dark case and skeletonized development with gold hands and bezel assists as well. The differentiation is striking no doubt, and at this unassuming size of 44mm, it stays a truly wearable watch.

In terms of genuine highlights, it is a period just watch, obviously, there is substantially more to it than that. The greatest element is the completely noticeable development, or rather, its absence. The shortfall of strong extensions and plates is an incredible sight. The straight lines and construction of the cog wheels, barrel, escapement and hands is engaging. Fortunately, the development actually has adequate “presence” to stick out, and not show one’s bristly glove underneath!

Case and strap

The dark and gold instance of the RJ-Romain Jerome Skylab 44 Red is a striking one. The shading plan of the watch is striking, and not to everyone’s taste without a doubt. Frankly, this isn’t a watch for the “under-the-radar” kinda fellow. For the individuals who know some things about the Geneva based brand, the case is developed with the brand name paws holding down the bezel. The steel case and paws, covered with dark PVD balance very well with the gold parts.

The 44mm wide case wears comfortably, which is down to the short, etched drags and its generally light weight. The term light weight appears to be somewhat of an inconsistency, however since this is an exceptionally moderate development, it saves many grams! Similarly as with most RJ-Romain Jerome assortments, they have given the Skylab 44 its own novel “contact”. To add material from the Apollo 11, and a development configuration inspired by the straight form of the NASA Skylab is at this point a recognizable brand idea. Does it make it a superior item? All things considered, that stays easily proven wrong. Frankly, I consider the fuse of material from the Statue of Liberty in the RJ-Romain Jerome Liberty-DNA to be really intriguing, despite the fact that this is presumably likewise an extremely restricted sum, as that watch shares an unmistakable visual connect to the symbol of the New York skyline.

The screw down crown is likewise completed in dark PVD, and holds pleasantly. In reality, utilizing it presents a pleasant perspective on the operations of the cog wheels of the development. Unscrewing it permits you to wind the watch, and see all that go to fix the barrel spring. Hauling it out permits you to change the hour and moment hand, which are somewhat enormous because of the anchor shape. Neatness with these hands isn’t an issue during the day, yet around evening time it may become a smidgen a greater amount of an issue, as the glowing tips are there, however are not excessively large.

The RJ-Romain Jerome Skylab 44 Red comes connected to a dark gator calfskin lash, with a rubber treated covering and a dark PVD covered pin clasp. The lash is strong, and preformed to embrace the wrist. The lash thins down from the case to the clasp, with bended and reinforced closures that likewise embrace the case firmly. All things considered, the watch is all around assembled and feels entirely comfortable. It lashes on and off effectively, doesn’t slide about and doesn’t catch on your shirt or overcoat too much.

Dial and hands

It’s straightforward, and doubtlessly self-evident; there is no genuine dial. Perusing the time with exactness is somewhat precarious, yet taking the development of case and bezel into thought you can pinpoint it close enough after some experience. The absence of any devoted hour markers may be considered a disadvantage of the RJ-Romain Jerome Skylab 44 Red however is on top of the skeletonized development. You can utilize different components encompassing the development and case to pinpoint the specific time somewhat more precisely. Be that as it may, then again, how fundamental is this truly? We as a whole have a dubious thought regarding the time incorporated into our mind and body, and “time” is practically surrounding us. Cell phones, PCs, TV’s, radio, clock towers, air terminals, and so forth we are never really without time, are we?

To return to the dial and hands of the Skylab 44 Red, the natural RJ-Romain Jerome anchor-formed hands are done in red gold, coordinating the bezel. The differentiation with the darkened development under is striking, so as far as readability it is adequate! There is even a little triangle of radiant material on the tips of great importance and moment hands, for that enlightening touch around evening time. The little seconds subdial at 9 o’clock has a comparative differentiation, with a little red gold hand.

With everything uncovered, each easygoing look at the RJ-Romain Jerome Skylab 44 Red is an outwardly effective second for the duration of the day. The way wherein all parts are uncovered, including the barrel spring, is a pleasure to see. The barrel is twisted through the crown, which permits you see the spring fix with each turn. Another pleasant element of the negligible development is the uncovered equilibrium wheel, which advises you if the watch is running or not. The little seconds additionally does this, however the to and fro movement of the equilibrium wheel is the more sentimental part to us geeks, right? Shockingly, when in a tranquil room, you can genuinely hear the bed fork tick to and fro. On the off chance that you tune in to this for a really long time, be cautious, as it may turn you somewhat mental (just kidding obviously, or am I?) however the vibrations resound unreservedly through the case, and are subsequently amplified.


I’ve said a great deal regarding the development up until this point, however not its cause. The development is finished by Concepto, and is an adjusted rendition of their Caliber Squelette 3027, and a restrictive improvement for RJ-Romain Jerome. The handwound development is developed of rectangular formed scaffolds and plates, with hand completed fine straight brushing and chamfered edges. The format of the development is charming, and it gives a striking differentiation against the round case. The rakish scaffolds are held set up with cleaned screws at different areas, however tragically they are not spread around to be utilized as hour markers.

The development estimates 14 and ¼ lines, or 32,60mm across and is 5,8mm thick. It holds 21 gems and accumulates to 48 hours of force in the single barrel at 12 o’clock. This physically wound development shows hours, minutes and furthermore includes a seconds hand on a subdial at 9. A decent touch is the little lip on one of the plates at 3 o’clock that is engraved with the adapted RJ logo. It is an unpretentious situation on a particularly striking looking watch, however I think the brand is likely more unmistakable by their watches than by their logo or name.

The RJ-Romain Jerome Skylab 44 assortment comes in 5 distinct variants altogether, going from a full steel adaptation, and different combinations of PVD covered as well as red gold parts. Every adaptation has a similar allure, albeit the Skylab 44 Red is the most outwardly effective, as I said before.


The RJ-Romain Jerome Skylab 44 Red is an all around constructed watch, with just minor downsides. The idea is top notch, unordinary yet extremely cool! The straight way to deal with development building is a welcome advance away from old style skeletonized watches, much in the feeling of the compositional watches by Armin Strom for example. It consolidates an old style polish with a contemporary look and feel. Obviously, this watch isn’t for everybody, except in case you’re straightforward about it, there isn’t one watch around that is genuinely “for everybody”. Where one is totally stricken with a Rolex, others, including me, may lean more towards the out-of-the-case watchmakers. There’s nothing amiss with both of these methods of reasoning and items; as eventually, everything reduces to a matter of individual taste and preferences.

RJ-Romain Jerome says something through every single watch. It is a brand that never gets exhausting, regardless of whether they do draw out a Skylab 44 after the Skylab 48, which is marginally bigger as the name advantageously recommends. The greatest potential gain to the more modest width is that it packs similar punch on your wrist as far as presence, yet has less free space encompassing the genuine development. The breadth of the whole development is bigger in the 48mm case, as everything grows a little, yet the running stuff is as yet in a similar spot. This gives an even more clear perspective on your wrist under and that isn’t generally something to be thankful for. For more data: .


  • A exceptionally unique execution of a skeletonized watch
  • One of the most all-round wearable RJ-Romain Jerome watches to date
  • Striking contrast among dark and gold parts
  • Doesn’t fly under the radar…


  • Luminous tips are not actually helping in hazier circumstances
  • No hour markers make for less exact perusing of time
  • Not cheap
  • Doesn’t fly under the radar…

Specifications – RJ-Romain Jerome Skylab 44 Red

  • Case: 44mm wide – treated steel – dark PVD covered – red gold bezel – emptied out carries – dark PVD screw down crown – brand name dark PVD RJ-Romain Jerome “claws”
  • Movement: Concepto Caliber Squelette 3027 – physically twisted – 32,60mm across – completely skeletonized – 48 hours of force save – uncovered escapement at 6 o’clock
  • Strap: dark crocodile calfskin – pre-shaped – bended haul closes – thinning from case to clasp – dark PVD covered steel clasp – rubber treated lining
  • Price: Skylab 44 Red retails at $19,950 – however the Skylab 44 assortment begins at $16,950
  • Production/limit: All varieties restricted to 99 pieces each