Introducing – Greubel Forsey QP à Equation now with Rhodium-Coloured Gold Dial

Introducing – Greubel Forsey QP à Equation now with Rhodium-Coloured Gold Dial

After investigating the tourbillon, and enhancing it taking all things together aspects (by adding inclination to the cage, by utilizing not one, but rather two or even four of them or by changing the usual one-minute rotation to a faster 24-second cycle ), it was the ideal opportunity for Greubel Forsey to zero in their mechanical creativity on something different… The decision was made to give another vision of quite possibly the most traditional complications, the Perpetual Calendar. Launched 2015, the Greubel Forsey QP à Equation presently gets another Rhodium-Colored Gold Dial.

Back in 2015, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey concluded that it was the ideal opportunity for the company to move in new ways and to investigate diverse horological complications other than their signature tourbillon(s). While they already had a complex GMT watch in their catalog , the decision was made to see what certainly best addresses the Haute-Horlogerie, the perpetual calendar. Complex yet very notable, the inquiry was: how to reclassify, how to reinvent one of the most broadly utilized features of the HH? The Greubel Forsey QP à Equation is a perpetual calendar with an equation of time, à la Greubel, meaning it’s not simply a ‘simple’ QP.

Dial-side, all the calendar indications of the Greubel Forsey QP à Equation are located in a small area at 4 displayed by 3 apertures – one for the afternoon, one for the date and one for the month. Exceptionally readable and natural, the display could be viewed as straightforward, however in fact, it is Greubel Forsey’s seventh development, the “Computer Mecanique”. Under the circular area that comprises these indications (and also noticeable on the back-side, with the equation of time) is a mechanical brain. This sub-assembly comprises 25 parts, mainly comprising of rotating coaxial coded components in an arrangement complemented by an arrangement of programmed movable areas. Contingent upon its calculation and speed of rotation, each component generates its own indication in a cyclical, preprogrammed way. In the setting of the QP à Equation, the Mechanical Computer is programmed to automatically display all the indications of the perpetual calendar through to the equation of time: the seasons, the equinoxes, the solstices, the equation of time, and the date, day, month and the four-digit year.

Another major improvement concerns the adjustment of these calendar indications. It is realized that traditional QPs are touchy mechanisms that can easily break or square whenever adjusted wrongly. On the Greubel Forsey QP à Equation, all the indications can be adjusted the two forwards and backwards via the crown (meaning no unattractive pushers or recessed catches in the casebands), at any time. Finally, as always at Greubel Forsey, the development of the QP à Equation is done and decorated in an uncompromising way – it’s certainly perhaps the most detailed decorations of the whole industry.

The rest of the development isn’t to be abandoned, as the regulation is finished by a 24-second slanted tourbillon (the 25° angle and the rapid unrest of the tourbillon cage significantly improve the chronometric performance) and the force save is 72 hours. The display of this QP à Equation, as always with Greubel Forsey, is by one way or another “exploded”: hours and minutes in the middle, small second beneath the tourbillon, calendar indications at 4, leap year at 6, power hold at 2 and the 24 hours of the day and night the small circle close to the small second). More indications can be seen on the development side: the equation of time (two sapphire crystal circles driven by the Mechanical Computer which rotates them autonomously to show the time distinction as it changes all through the year) as well as the year, displayed with 4 digits.

For 2017, the Greubel Forsey QP à Equation gets another face, with a Rhodium-Colored gold dial (in addition to the anthracite version). The case is the same, in white gold and with a 43.5mm diameter and a 16mm tallness. This new Rhodium-Colored rendition of the Greubel Forsey QP à Equation ought to be estimated equally to the past anthracite model, meaning CHF 670,000 (before taxes). More details on .

Technical Specifications – Greubel Forsey QP à Equation

  • Case: 43.5mm diameter x 16mm stature – 18k white gold, cleaned and brushed – Sapphire crystal on the two sides – 30m water resistant
  • Movement: in-house caliber – hand-wound – 624 components – tourbillon 24-second slanted with 3Hz recurrence – 72h force hold with 2 barrels – 75 rubies
  • Display: Hours, minutes, small second, power hold, QP with day, date, month, leap year, day/night indication, indication of the capacity chose, equation of time, year on 4 digits
  • Strap: black alligator with 18k white gold collapsing clasp
  • Price: CHF 670,000 preceding taxes