Introducing New “Cocktail” Seiko Presage Inspired by Tokyo’s Best Cocktails

Introducing New “Cocktail” Seiko Presage Inspired by Tokyo’s Best Cocktails

At Baselworld 2017, Seiko presented another line in the Presage assortment, the “Cocktail” watches – vivid, exquisite watches propelled by the fabulous universe of the cocktail bar. Comprising no under 8 models, this arrangement of Presage watches have been applauded for its nervy look and for the ideal combination of mechanical joy with reasonable costs. Today, Seiko advances the assortment with four new models (two new dials, with two diverse movements) which have been propelled by crafted by a past victor of the International Bar Association World Championships. Here are the Seiko Presage “Cocktail” Starlight and Sakura Hubuki with references SSA361, 363 and SRPC01, 03.

Compared to the past releases, we locate a similar base. A tempered steel case, altogether cleaned, estimating a reasonable 40.5mm measurement, some quite brilliant calfskin lash with gator printing, programmed developments, generally extraordinary quality and subtleties. There are anyway some solid developments on the dials, and not just in the shadings picked by Seiko. The Presage Cocktail assortment, regardless of whether accessible in different tones, going from light blue to brown, cherry red or grayish, consistently highlighted a similar example on the dial, with a profound sunray etching, which made a pleasant profundity impact and played a great deal with the encompassing light. This is the place where the new Seiko Presage “Cocktail” Starlight and Sakura Hubuki changes the game.

The Seiko Presage “Cocktail” Starlight Blue

The first form to be introduced in this new Presage Cocktail assortment is fitted with a striking blue dial, with an interesting example. It is roused by one of Hisashi Kishi’s grant winning cocktails named the “Starlight”, which evokes the splendor and secret of the night sky. “The mystery of an incredible Starlight is the air pockets. I shake the cocktail blender in an exceptional manner that I call my ‘Limitlessness Shake’ to add little air pockets that radiance in the glass” he says. We discover this idea in the dial, with its inclination blue tone (lighter in the centre), with a non-direct example engraved. It’s accessible in two renditions (automatic with date, programmed with pointer date and force reserve) under the references SSA361 and SRPC01.

The Seiko Presage “Cocktail” Sakura Hubuki

The second form in this new Presage Cocktail assortment is the Sakura Hubuki, which is roused by an old style Japanese subject, the cherry bloom. To summon this, Seiko has picked a delicate pink dial, as does Kishi’s creation. As he says, “I love the kinds of this cocktail. The sharp taste of the gin blends consummately with the wealth of the sweet Sake. The malted rice skims on a superficial level like cherry bloom in the spring breeze.” The dial likewise presents a particular concentric example which again utilizes traditional Nippon themes. Available in two renditions (programmed with date, programmed with pointer date and force save) under the references SSA363 and SRPC03.

2 developments available

Not just 2 shadings will be accessible, yet in addition two distinct developments. The principal variants – ref. SRPC01 and SRPC03 – are controlled by a notable programmed development, found in different watches of the brand. This type 4R35 beats at 3Hz and brags 41 hours power save. It shows the time and the date in an old style and rich way – time on the focal hub, with H.M.S and date at 3. the development is noticeable through the caseback.

The second proposal in this new Presage Cocktail assortment is a more complex one. To be sure, founded on the 4R57 development, these watches show the time by means of focal hands, just as the date in a sub-dial at 6. The primary fascination is the extra-huge force save sign, which is given by a focal hand that focuses a track going from 12 to 4. This programmed development, obvious from the rear, beats at 3Hz and gives 41 hours of energy. It will be accessible under the references SSA361 and SSA363.

These new Seiko Presage Cocktail watches are, as usual, adequately valued. The programmed forms retail for EUR 420, while the force hold releases retail for EUR 550. More subtleties on .

Technical Specifications – Seiko Presage Cocktail Starlight and Sakura Hubuki

  • Case: 40.5mm breadth – Thickness 14.4mm (SSA361, 363) 11.8mm (SRPC01, 03) – treated steel, cleaned – Hardlex gem – transparent caseback – 50m water resistance
  • Movement: Caliber 4R35 or 4R35 – in-house – programmed winding – 3Hz recurrence – 41h force save – hours, minutes and seconds on the focal hub – date at 3 (4R35) – power save and pointer date (4R57)
  • Strap: Calf lash with three-overlay fasten with press button release
  • References:
  • Price: