Introducing the 2017 Updated Oris Aquis Date Collection (More Refined, Still Powerful)

Introducing the 2017 Updated Oris Aquis Date Collection (More Refined, Still Powerful)

Since its presentation, the Oris Aquis has consistently been the superior plunge watch of the brand. Durable, hearty, solid and incredible, this watch is all about execution and dependability. So to say, a genuine instrument watch, which procured the situation with symbol in the Oris collection. Regardless of whether it stayed present day, Oris has chosen to welcome another interpretation of the Aquis Date Collection, with unobtrusive developments of most components, to carry advancement and extra-refinement to a still very toolish and expert arranged watch. Here is the updated Oris Aquis Date Collection for 2017, more refined, still powerful.

The story of the durable and execution arranged plunge watch from Oris returns to the last part of the 1990s, with the Oris Full Steel. While the Divers Sixty Five plays on vintage-enlivened topics, the advanced variant of the Full Steel, the Aquis, is completely committed to unwavering quality and expert use. This watch is a strong, powerful, manly watch made to be utilized submerged, with no compromise. The past Aquis  was described by the plan of its solid horns and uni-directional turning bezel. While the horns were planned so the metal wristband or elastic tie would turn to fit a wide scope of wrist estimates, the expansive bezel and its larger than average numerals conveyed great underwater intelligibility. As incredible this DNA was (and still is), this watch could be viewed as a too toolish by a few, and for the 2017 collection, Oris is bringing a touch of slimness and refinement to the Aquis. No large changes except for inconspicuous evolutions.

The 2017 Oris Aquis is a more tasteful and adaptable interpretation of a watch with solid DNA. While the mainstays of the collection (amazing readability, solid horns, mix of the wristband/lash to the case) are kept, a few components have been updated and helped, to adjust to the normal utilization of such watches. Why? Regardless of whether utilized submerged and for jumping purposes, a considerable lot of the plunge observes likewise discover place under sleeves or close to a couple of shoes. Plunge watches are not simply instruments any longer and Oris adjusts the collection with this in mind.

Much of the advancements are in the detail. The horns and the wristband are currently more slender, giving the case and the entire watch a more slim profile. The hands and records have been updated to look bolder and more honed (with a more rakish plan, being more present day by and large), and the screw-down crown and crown guards have been refined to give the watch a sleeker outline. The bezel trim is made of dark, scratch-and blur safe ceramic, and the dial currently gladly conveys the Aquis name – you can compare this new cycle with the more seasoned form here .

Apart from the plan, Oris likewise improves the ease of use of the Aquis, with this 2017 collection. For example, uni-directional bezel is currently simpler to hold, on account of a little hole presented between the case and the body. As far as exhibitions, the Oris Aquis is as yet water impervious to 300m (the standard for an expert arranged plunge watch) and fueled by a dependable and exact programmed development (Oris Cal. 733, in view of a Sellita SW200). Astonishing for a device jumper, the caseback is opened, with a transparent sapphire gem (consistently lovely for the new-comers).

The new Oris Aquis is presented as a whole collection, with 3 dial choices (inclination blue, dark with silver lists, dark with orange lists). Every one of them are accessible with a few arm band/tie alternatives, including elastic (in blue or dark, contingent upon the dial decision), dull earthy colored cowhide – both are fitted with sliding-sledge collapsing catch with augmentation – and obviously the strong and totally coordinated metallic wristband (with extension system and collapsing clasp).

The 2017 Oris Aquis Date Collection is again an extraordinary arrangement in wording quality/value proportion (you need to attempt this watch to see how hefty and strong it feels on the wrist), with costs beginning at 1,750 Swiss Francs on tie (elastic/calfskin) and 1,950 Swiss Francs on metallic arm band. Expected in June 2017. .

Specifications of the Oris Aquis Date 2017 Collection

  • Case: 43.50mm distance across – tempered steel, cleaned and brushed – rotatable bezel with dark ceramic inlay – Sapphire gem on the two sides – 300m water resistant
  • Movement: Caliber 733, Sellita SW200 base – programmed – 4Hz recurrence – hours, minutes, seconds, date at 6
  • Strap: decision of elastic lash, calfskin tie (both with sliding-sledge collapsing fasten with expansion) or metallic wristband with extension system and collapsing clasp