Introducing The Anura Rafael Write Time – A Fountain Pen, A Wristwatch & A Tourbillon Combined

Introducing The Anura Rafael Write Time – A Fountain Pen, A Wristwatch & A Tourbillon Combined

Recently I got an opportunity to review perhaps the most interesting articles that I have seen in a long time; the Anura Rafael Write Time. I consider it an article on the grounds that the Write Time doesn’t exactly find a way into one class. An unbelievable showcase of craftsmanship, it’s a fountain pen that changes into a watch, or a watch that changes into a fountain pen, depending on your viewpoint. Semantics aside in any case, it is an absolutely intriguing illustration of unbridled innovativeness and creative articulation combined with the specialized skill needed to execute a particularly aspiring project.

The idea for the Write Time was conceived from the prolific psyche of watchmaking engineer Anura Rafael, who has spent the last 15 or so years working in the background adding to various horological projects for a portion of the world’s most popular brands. With the dispatch of the Write Time he likewise dispatches his own eponymous image, with the objective of zeroing in on the turn of events and plan of his own items, watches and movements.

Speaking of developments, you may have seen as of now from the photographs that the Write Time is outfitted with a serious complex one. Two-years being developed, the entire idea was planned by Anura himself and is worked around a creative direct development that is molded like a cylinder. Its pinion wheels are mounted vertically and are controlled by a one-minute tourbillon, which is all plainly obvious for the pleasure in the spectator because of the sapphire case wherein it is housed. The time show in the interim, comprises of three rollers with hand-engraved and hand-painted numerals.

Comprising no under 472 sections, the development shows a surprising engineering. The equilibrium wheel of this captivating development wavers at 28’800 vibrations each hour, offering a force hold of 48 hours given by two barrels in arrangement. At its furthest point, a huge fluted crown empowers the twisting of the development and the setting of the time. What I especially like about the plan, notwithstanding its surprising measurements, is the way that the time can be perused effectively whether or not the time container is on the wrist or on the finish of the fountain pen.

Equally as appealing is the clearly basic way you progress between composing instrument and wrist watch. As you can see from the photographs, the Write Time comes complete with a calfskin watch tie fitted with a 18k rose gold external case, such a holster maybe. The complicatedly planned pen in the interim, is likewise made of 18k gold and encased in a similar croc cowhide the watch lash is made of. The gold nib is accessible in various sizes depending on the customer’s inclination, and it comes with either a cylinder filler or a cartridge. Rotatable rings, in light of a licensed inner tooth lock washer framework are utilized to rapidly and effectively bolt and open the time container set up on the wristlet or the pen. As such an individual signature, the lock washer teeth will be interesting and customized for each and every piece manufactured.

The entire set comes with an elegantly planned cowhide travel case, which will securely house all the components along with an inkpot. As an additional touch, there are likewise a few extra compartments and plate, which consider the capacity of other valued belongings. I believe it’s especially essential to note likewise that all pieces of the watch, the pen and the case are made by chose specialists from the Jura mountains, guaranteeing this contribution is 100% Swiss Made.

Each Anura Rafael Write Time piece will be made on an individual commission premise, permitting the customer to have broad contribution to precisely how the person needs their completed piece to look. This modified co-creation measure offers a wide selection of potential outcomes including picking the materials, the tones, the completion, the development, the nib and the movement box. Most awesome aspect every one of, this implies each piece will be bespoke, with no two models being actually similar. Valuing begins from CHF 245,000. For more data, kindly visit .

Technical particular – Anura Rafael Write Time   

  • Convertible pen/wristwatch with sapphire time capsule.
  • Time case, pink gold and sapphire, 60mm, conelike, max measurement 34mm, water impervious to 30m.
  • Movement, ARS001/T, mechanical with manual winding. 28’800 vibrations each hour, 42 gems. Advanced sign of the hours and minutes on three plates, one-minute tourbillon.
  • Pen, pink gold and gator calfskin, 18k pink gold nib, 188mm.
  • Wristwatch ‘case’, pink gold, 55 x 42mm.
  • Alligator calfskin lash with pin buckle.
  • Retail cost, as of 245’000 CHF.