Jaquet Droz SW Chrono – A Sporty Take on the Brand’s DNA

Jaquet Droz SW Chrono – A Sporty Take on the Brand’s DNA

For many, a ‘Jaquet Droz Sport Watch’ may come across as an ironic expression from a brand going to praise its 280th commemoration and personally connected with refined imaginative watches and complex automata . Furthermore, I’m speculating that not very a significant number of you realized that Jaquet Droz has had a Sport Watch (SW) in its inventory since 2008, a lively version of the Grande Seconde family, known as the Grande Seconde SW . Taking the games watch idea into sportier territory, Jaquet Droz introduced a section wheel chronograph at Baselworld 2018 with a redesigned silicon balance spring in the development. Delivered in two contemporary dial tones, the SW Chrono forsakes the famous figure-eight dial setup of the Grande Seconde for a level chrono show. How about we investigate the SW Chrono.

A unmistakable case

Like the Grande Seconde SW , the SW Chrono parades an overwhelming tempered steel case recognized by its fixed scored bezel and expansive horizontal paws (or griffes) situated on one or the other side of the case. The enormous 45mm measurement and thick 14mm case stature loan the watch a strong, manly presence. On the correct side of the case are the furrowed chronograph pushers covered with dark elastic and the screw-down crown with its paw like defensive gatekeeper (the case is water-impervious to 50m). The hook on the contrary side of the bezel fills in as a visual stabilizer at the same time shielding the case from thumps and blows.

Instead of building up the case from one strong piece of steel, the case is amassed from a few areas and was made solely for the new SW Chrono family. As you would anticipate from Jaquet Droz, the execution and completions are perfect with differentiating cleaned, matte and silk completed surfaces to amplify differences and reflections. The bezel and hooks are silk completed as opposed to the shining hauls that have been emptied to lessen the weight and give the case a more streamlined silhouette.

Symmetry and legibility

In a fairly amazing takeoff from the trademark figure-8 setup that graces the dial of the Grande Seconde family, Jaquet Droz has settled on a more regular dial show with even chrono counters and a severe feeling of balance. Everything about its counter detail making a sharp feeling of limitation and request. This isn’t your regular occupied chrono dial seething with covering counters. Introduced in two chic and contemporary tones, the SW Chrono comes with either a 12 PM blue or anthracite dial. By and by Jaquet Droz dominates in this division and the dials are delightfully enhanced with incredibly dainty vertical strokes that add surface and profundity. The hour markers and four Roman numerals at XII, III, VI and IX are completely produced using white gold and applied to the dial alongside an exceptionally readable huge date window – an irregular complication to discover in a chronograph – situated at 12 o’clock.

To feature the chronograph capacities, the counters and seconds track are chosen in a hazier tone and demonstrated with Arabic numerals. The 30-min chrono counter situated at 3 o’clock and the 12-hour counter at 9 o’clock are somewhat retreated and the exquisite finished enrichment of the dial runs directly through their middle. A pleasant detail on the rail track circumnavigating the dial is the manner in which the 15, 30, 45 and 60-second markers are chosen in red. To upgrade the neatness of the slipped by time counters, the hour and moment hands are openworked and highlight lume on their tips while the three chrono hands are recognized by open circle counterweights.


The turn around side of the watch uncovers an expound cleaned caseback with subsets and a perspective on the restrictive programmed section wheel chronograph development (Jaquet Droz 6885.Si-S) with its openworked 18k white gold rotor. An update over the past chronograph development fitted in the previous models (Ref. J029530201 and J029530202), this development battles attraction with the consolidation of a silicon balance spring and bed carries. The scaffolds are enhanced with roundabout graining and the moving parts with a contemporary-looking ruthenium treatment. Wavering at 21,600vph, the development has a force save of 40 hours.


With its barbed bezel and unmistakable hooks, this watch will get taken note. An extravagance take on the games watch, the SW Chrono penances its Jaquet Droz hereditary qualities and consolidates the chronograph in a recognized and self-assured case with a contemporary vibe. The profoundly symmetric dial is rich and the completions are astounding. It is maybe what could be named a ‘respectable man’s chronograph’, the sort of watch that joins an energetic commencement work and a major date, yet doesn’t make you seem as though you just completed an exhausting Dakar Rally.


Both the 12 PM blue and anthracite models of the SW Chrono are introduced on a rolled-edged handcrafted texture tie to coordinate the shade of the dial and come with a complex and hyper-secure tempered steel collapsing fasten. The two watches retail for CHF 17,850. For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, counsel www.jaquet-droz.com .