Kees Engelbarts Pushes “Skeletonized” to Another Level with the Psychedelic Tourbillon

Kees Engelbarts Pushes “Skeletonized” to Another Level with the Psychedelic Tourbillon

Few may know about  Kees Engelbarts here, and the facts demonstrate that his work will likely consistently stay relaxed, anyway for generally excellent reasons (that we’ll clarify later). He, when all is said and done, says that he can just deliver 6 to 8 watches every year, as every one is hand-made, interesting, and normally commissioned. Yet, trust us, you do have to think about Kees Engelbarts and his work, and his most recent piece, the Psychedelic Tourbillon, is an ideal exhibition of what legitimate skeleton observes truly are. 

In today’s condition of the business, the word “skeleton” for the most part alludes to openworked watches, which means pieces that offer a complicated view on their development and the pieces that compose it. With opened dials, cut-out scaffolds, sapphire plates… there are various procedures to make skeleton watches. However, unfortunately, the vast majority of these pieces are these days made thanks to an whole development, or if nothing else a portion of its parts, that are in part open. These movement’s parts are processed, typically by CNC machine, and may eventually be done by hand (might…) This is the place where the distinction among openworked and legitimate skeleton watches becomes apparent.

On the opposite side of the “opened watches” territory are genuine skeletonized pieces; watches that began their lives with a standard development (meaning plain extensions and plates) that will later be modified and opened manually. “A genuine skeleton watch begins its existence with an ordinary non-openworked development that is skeletonized by the skilful hand of an expert engraver” to uncover its complexities, says Frank Geelen, our supervisor in-boss. This is what Kees Engelbarts does is, obviously – and even more.

For the Psychedelic Tourbillon, Kees begins with an out-sourced tourbillon development produced by the expert “Cercle des Horlogers” – a 72h force hold, hand-twisted development with a tourbillon situated at 6, under a long and slender bridge. At that point, Kees makes it one stride further, yet miles away. The fundamental plate, just as all the scaffolds, are supplanted, implying that solitary the specialized and moving pieces of the development are held. The fundamental plate and extensions are then reconstructed yet with an altogether unique material, all things considered, a combination of yellow gold and silver Mokume Gane.

Mokume Gane is one of Kees’ most loved jungle gyms. This particular material could likewise be named in English “wood grain metal“. Mokume Gane is an ancient Japanese metalworking strategy which creates a blended metal overlay in with unmistakable layered patterns. Mokume-gane is an item made by melding a few layers of various shaded valuable metals together to shape a sandwich of amalgams called a billet. The billet is then controlled so that an example taking after wood grain arises over the surface – when not yet completely engraved and untreated, this is the material you can find in the photograph above (left side).

The plate is then physically and carefully engraved by Kees to acquire such a “organic” plan, complex, rich, and a long way from all that you have presumably at any point found in a watch… However, rather than leaving this metal naked or essentially rhodium-plated (like most movements), Kees at that point plays with acids and a few methods to oxidize the metal and persuade out some mind blowing tones, going from yellows to greens or purples. Likewise, under the impact of this oxidation, a portion of the layers are more “attacked” implying that some granularity and a few surfaces show up. A similar etching measure is applied to the gold hands, yet without the oxidation process.

The rest of this Psychedelic Tourbillon, generally the case, stays exceptionally unobtrusive, all together not to divert from the work done on the dial. The 40mm case is done in white gold and has a brushed matte completion. The crown is a touch more complex however, regardless of whether from the start very basic looking. It additionally results from Mokume Gane – a combination of white gold and silver mokume.

This Kees Engelbarts Psychedelic Tourbillon is an exceptional piece, hand-made and marked distinctly on the back, much the same as any craftsman would do. In the event that you feel intrigued by the world of Kees Engelbarts, regardless of whether this watch or one that you could have as a primary concern, you can reach him through his site ( ) or  Facebook page .

And just to be certain you truly saw how complex Kees’ work is, investigate the video we did a couple of months ago: