Laurent Ferrier Galet Classic Square Tourbillon Double Spiral Sector Dial – with live photos, specs and price

Laurent Ferrier Galet Classic Square Tourbillon Double Spiral Sector Dial – with live photos, specs and price

Earlier this year, at the SIHH 2016 in Geneva, Laurent Ferrier presented the Galet Square Boreal  with a striking ‘sector’ style dial. A sort of dial that Laurent Ferrier originally utilized on the Galet Square that they made for the ONLY WATCH sell off. Quick forward half a month and the following huge watch reasonable began, not in Geneva, but rather in Basel, and Laurent Ferrier dispatched one more Galet Square with area style dial. What’s more, this time it is less energetic, a bit less easygoing, yet it has sufficient easygoing style to fit similarly well with formal attire likewise with pants and shirt. The primary fascination’s name is imprinted on the dial, in light dim text style, and, all the more critically, is obvious through the sapphire case back. A few days ago we visited the Laurent Ferrier workshop in Geneva and we went involved with the Laurent Ferrier Galet Classic Square Tourbillon Double Spiral Sector Dial.

The development of the current watch isn’t new. It was presented in Laurent Ferrier’s absolute first wrist watch, the Galet Classic, named Tourbillon Double Spiral, that was presented in 2010. This watch quickly won the cost for Best Men’s Watch at the Grand Prix de Horlogerie de Geneve 2010, and that’s fairly great for a brand’s first watch!

Last year we got the opportunity to wear the Galet Classic for a more extended period, and we truly got a vibe of how it is in every day wearing ( see here for the full survey ). Without parting with everything in one sentence (which is very outlandish) I need to say that some watches are simply in an alternate alliance; this Laurent Ferrier plays in the most elevated group possible. We’re seeing by and large feel, completing and comfort of wearing. Furthermore, when saying “completing” we don’t solely zero in on the eminent hand-completed development, yet additionally working on this issue, dial, hands, clasp, and really everything! It holds up with the top in watchmaking, and it does that with ease.

So it has solid cards, wears extraordinary, runs smooth, and has a development that is a sheer joy to take a gander at. Heavenly. On the off chance that you take a loupe, and trust me, when you own a watch like this you simply must have a decent loupe (like loupe frameworks ), to enjoy its mechanics without limit. The huge tourbillon comprises not one, but rather two twistings (hair springs) that vibrate concentrically, one on the other, and makes one full revolution like clockwork. The simple sight of this is shocking, and that is only the beginning.

Well, before I’m floating off something over the top – we’ll do a specialized clarification about the Tourbillon Double Spiral later-the enormous news is that the Tourbillon Double Spiral is presently accessible in a white gold Galet Square case. The combination functions admirably, as the pad formed case is in reality somewhat more lively and easygoing than the round rock molded Galet case.

We’ll have a more intensive glance at what’s new and we’ll start with the pad formed case. Initial a speedy separate of the name: “Galet Classic” represents the tourbillon development utilized, specifically the type LF 619.01 that includes the novel tourbillon with twofold hair spring. “Square” represents the pad molded case and what “Tourbillon Double Spiral” implies is somewhat simple. The last piece of the name, “Sector Dial”, is new for Laurent Ferrier’s assortment and alludes to the specific components of the dial.

The Sector Dial

The new “sector dial” is outlined by a rail route minute track and encompasses a round silk brushed section ring, which guarantees a decent perceivability of the applied (at 12, 3 and 9 o’clock) and printed hour markers. The hour markers are dark; the applied hour markers are in darkened white gold, and different markers are imprinted in dark. The dial’s silver-conditioned opaline-completed focus shows the “Tourbillon Double Spiral” engraving that is done in a powdered silver-conditioned ton-sur-ton (coordinating tones) dim. The little seconds sub dial is somewhat recessed, and furthermore marginally bigger than second sub dials on other Laurent Ferrier watches. It’s been embellished by a roundabout snailing design, to make concentric circles, and is encircled by “sector style” second markers.

The hour and moment hands are Laurent Ferrier’s signature hands, and these are called assegai-formed hands. The second hand is a straightforward batton-shape hand, and it is, similar to the hour and moment hand, executed in 18K white gold with dark ruthenium treatment. Before the hands are ruthenium treated, they are reflect cleaned by hand and that’s no simple errand (take a gander at how long and delicate the hands are).

The Galet Case

The three section case is made in 18K white gold and measures 41.5mm by 41.5mm (a large portion of a mm bigger than the Galet Square with miniature rotor development). While these numbers may give the impressions that the Galet Square is fairly huge, it should be said that it isn’t. The size is estimated at the most stretched out point, both from left to directly as through and through, it isn’t huge on the wrist. It is really one of the most pleasant proportioned watches I’ve worn in quite a while. Not very enormous, not tiny, it’s on the money for my normal size wrist (18cm). The case estimates 12.7mm, and again when making a decision about simply on the numbers it doesn’t seem like a slim case. However on the wrist, it wears wonderfully and on the off chance that I hadn’t known the numbers I would have said it’s very meager. This is chiefly because of the domed sapphire precious stone that adds a couple of millimeter to the general stature, while the actual case looks and feels very slim.

In an upcoming top to bottom story we will jump into the hand-completing, the details and obviously the tourbillon twofold winding. Great to know is that the completing on of the greatest level, and is unquestionably sensational, in any event, for the most experienced watch aficionado.


Laurent Ferrier worked effectively on the new cycle of the Galet Classic, presently in the ‘Square’ case and with a striking area dial. He figured out how to remain nearby to the genuine soul of the Galet Classic from various perspectives; in looks, style, wearing comfort and obviously in the degree of wrapping up. The hand-wound development that offers a charming 80 hours of force hold, is brilliantly completed and a sheer delight to look at.

Altogether the Laurent Ferrier Galet Classic Square Tourbillon Double Spiral Sector Dial is a brilliant watch, and it is likely the most easygoing emphasis of the Galet Classic.

The retail cost is CHF 180,000 Swiss Francs. More data at the Laurent Ferrier site .