Minotaur Dark Edition by Antti Rönkkö

Minotaur Dark Edition by Antti Rönkkö

A few years prior I was reached by a youthful Finnish watchmaker, who needed to show me his first independent wrist watch. His name is Antti Rönkkö and that first wrist watch was the Steel Labyrinth . Rönkkö’s most up to date watch, the Minotaur Dark Edition, unmistakably shows that he still finds his motivation in mythology. According to Rönkkö his watches are made in Finnish silence… Let’s examine the Rönkkö Minotaur Dark Edition with a special double moon complication.

In request to comprehend this watch, and its complication, we’ll need to educate you concerning the folklore of the Minotaur. Here at Monochrome we do know a couple of things about watches, anyway with regards to Greek folklore we are out of our comfort zone so we like to depend on different sources, so here’s a statement from Wikipedia: “In Greek folklore, the Minotaur was an animal with the top of a bull on the body of a man. He stayed at the focal point of the Labyrinth, which was a detailed labyrinth like development planned by the draftsman Daedalus and his child Icarus, on the command of King Minos of Crete.”

After making the Steel Labyrinth, Antti Rönkkö needed to make a complication that took the tale of the maze, and the meandering monster inside, the Minotaur, as a basis. The Dual Moon Complication highlights the dualism of the Minotaur, creature versus human, and furthermore great versus terrible. Rönkkö’s second watch is consistent continuation, after the Steel Labyrinth.

The Dual Moon Complication is underlying house and indicates both new moon and full moon. The moon stages are demonstrated by two charms addressing the dull and light sides of the Minotaur. The light full moon Minotaur charm is made of tempered steel and addresses the human qualities of the creature, while the new moon Minotaur charm is made of dim DLC covered hardened steel and represents the creature side. Every one of the two charms has an aggregate of 148 unique features. An additional talisman is in free-pivot at the center of the maze molded rotor, and noticeable through the sapphire gem for the situation back.

Its base is presently a modified Soprod A10 development, put in a 42 mm hardened steel case that is dark covered. The case is hand-gotten done with glossy silk completed surfaces and cleaned edges. The two sapphire gems, one in front and one for the situation back, are level and have anti-intelligent covering on the underside of gem. The gems highlights the Rönkkö-name scratched within, and you won’t discover the name imprinted on the dial.

The case with its normal hauls show a ton of similarity with Rönkkö’s past watch, and furthermore the hour and moment hand are skeletonized once more (but molded differently). The dim Minotaur comes with a matte dark croc cowhide strap.

The Minotaur Dark Edition is a restricted release of 5 high quality pieces, and comes at a retail cost of € 19,400 Euros (before charge) and can be requested just direct from the watchmaker himself:  www.ronkkowatches.fi