Monochromatic Watchmaking – Review of the GoS Sarek and Sarek Akka

Monochromatic Watchmaking – Review of the GoS Sarek and Sarek Akka

The exacting definition for “monochrome” is a “photograph or picture created or executed in high contrast just, or in different tones of only one color.”  If you think about this, and consider that Monochrome-Watches will in general zero in on top of the line mechanical, you currently comprehend what our name fundamentally depend on. Also, to help this, once in a while, and never purposefully I surmise, a watch fits the strict definition AND our meaning of Monochrome consummately, for example, this new GoS Sarek Akka.

It never seizes to astonish me, exactly how fascinating the watches from this little Swedish brand are, and the amount they remove from Scandinavian legends and folklore and have the option to make an interpretation of that into a genuine personality. Obviously, the most evident thing to begin with is the hand fashioned , – scratched and – hued Damascus steel utilized in every single GoS watch. Warming and pounding away on various kinds of steel, fashioning it into an ingot, and afterward finding the most ideal dial out of that ingot is no mean accomplishment, as I have clarified on various records before.

This new Sarek assortment was presented as a model during Baselworld 2016 and the primary watches were conveyed before the year’s over. It is outfitted with the biggest Damascus steel dial at any point made by GoS, which fortunately doesn’t mean the Sarek has enormous extents. The dial is only bigger than they have created previously, taking into consideration more detail, while the bezel is to some degree slimmer to permit a greater amount of the dial to be seen. The tone and examples of the Sarek dials are enlivened by the Sarek National Park in Swedish Lapland, and imitated with a wildflower design comprising of 164 layers of steel manufactured into an ingot. This immense valley is viewed as one of the biggest, final genuine zones of wild in Europe, with more than 100 glacial masses, probably the most elevated mountain tops in the nation, quick streaming mountain waterways and the biggest types of Moose in Europe (the Älg, for the reality trackers!). The shade of the dial is, as I envision it at any rate, a portrayal of the different phases of daylight stumbling into the valley, and reflecting off of the water, mountains, backwoods and so forth, during the day. I can simply envision sitting on top of one of the tops following a bold day of climbing, looking across the valley, watching the sun set not too far off and seeing this spot overflowing with life and color.

Anyway, other than the beautiful new GoS Sarek assortment, there is likewise an uncommon evening variant coming, the Sarek Akka. Similarly likewise with the “normal” GoS Sarek, the whirls and examples on the dial are as yet roused essentially, yet this time from the massif only north of the Sarek National Park; Akka, otherwise called “The Queen of Lapland”. The monochromatic tones of the GoS Sarek Akka are striking, as the profound scratched design contrasts the hardened steel case and part ring.

An illustration of the work done by GoS with Damascus steel

The 43mm wide by 10,5mm thick treated steel case for the GoS Sarek and Sarek Akka is a flight for the natural Damascus steel cases in different GoS assortments. To counter this break from custom the case is brightened with traces of Viking adornments (arm bands, broaches)  and other Scandinavian highlights. The hand-engraved bezel for example, is enhanced with a parchment like theme, mirroring the birch timberlands on the edge of the Akka massif. The case ring is roused by Viking wristbands and introduces, just like the part ring around the fringe of the dial. The GoS Sarek assortment is likewise fitted with another style crown, taking after the grip of a Viking sword in the event that you take a gander at it from the side. The profoundly set crown grasps well because of the new plan, so a major in addition to there!

The GoS Sarek and Sarek Akka are fitted with a Soprod A10 development with a unique rotor. The triskele, or triple drinking horn, is enhanced with a round silk finish and a Damascus steel stabilizer. This development, an ETA 2892 substitution, was presented in 2004, so has acquired its spot on the lookout. The programmed development runs at a recurrence of 28,800 bph and showcases hours, minutes, seconds and a date if vital (not used in the GoS Sarek assortment). It hides away to 42 hours of force, which is quite standard for these kind of movements.

All on the whole the GoS Sarek and Sarek Akka mark another section in the GoS story of offering remarkable, stupendous watches. The utilization of Scandinavian fables, folklore and procedures bring about an assortment of watches which are not normal for whatever else. The measure of detail the Swedish couple figures out how to place into every one of their manifestations is striking, and it doesn’t become exhausting for even one second.

Specifications – GoS Sarek and Sarek Akka

  • Case: Stainless steel – 43mm by 10,5mm – 22mm lugwidth – 7mm wide Viking sword motivated crown – sapphire precious stone front and back – hand-engraved bezel for Sarek Akka
  • Movement: Soprod A10 – Automatic winding – custom triskele rotor – Damascus steel stabilizer – 42 hours power hold – 28,800 vph –
  • Dial and hands: 164 layers Damascus steel – wildflower design – hardened steel section ring – stick formed high-cleaned hands –
  • Strap: carefully assembled moose calfskin lash – different tones accessible upon request
  • Price: Sarek $7,800 barring charges – Sarek Akka $11,800 barring taxes
  • Production/restriction: Each pieces marked 1/1 because of novel plan of each dial – chronic number of number in series

The GoS Sarek and Sarek Akka are both exceptionally restricted, and fundamentally each piece is special. No two dials are similar, which is the reason Patrik and Johan sign each watch with a 1/1 engraving and an additional chronic number to reveal to you which number in the arrangement you own. For more data: .