Only Watch 2017 – Carpe Diem, A Table Chronograph With Agengraphe Movement, Designed with HEAD students

Only Watch 2017 – Carpe Diem, A Table Chronograph With Agengraphe Movement, Designed with HEAD students

Every second year, the Only Watch noble cause closeout includes a large group of completely remarkable wristwatches in any case, for the absolute first time, the 2017 (and 7th) edition, some very special projects have been incorporated as well, created by the industry’s driving visionaries and furthermore its greatest watchmakers. As a perfect representation, the main real creation piece of the progressive Agengraphe development is to be unloaded at Only Watch 2017 – Meet Carpe Diem, a table chronograph by Agenhor, planned as a team with HEAD students.

Only Watch has quite recently commenced ( perused our meeting reporting the 7th release here ) – For the first run through, Only Watch, the biennial pledge drive for research on solid dystrophy, incorporates uncommon activities/items that are not created by brands. Among these, Agenhor presents Carpe Diem, fueled by the absolute first creation piece of their progressive Agengraphe, and the solitary watch/clock delivered by the Geneva development manufacturer.

Agenhor’s author, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, has acquired a standing as one of Switzerland’s most inventive watchmakers. Set up in 1996, his company Agenhor (Atelier Genevois d’Horlogerie) is a family claimed top of the line development producer, including his significant other and children. It has some expertise in the plan of complex mechanical modules for a portion of the world’s most renowned watchmaking brands, with ongoing customers including Fabergé, Hermès, Van Cleef & Arpels and Singer Reimagined .

The introduction of the Agengraphe paralyzed experts recently (read our audits of the Fabergé Visionnaire Chronograph and Singer Reimagined Track 1 for more data). A 8-year improvement, this progressive chronograph development includes a remarkable engineering dependent on co-axially mounted snail cams. These take into account an incorporated chronograph sign, offering unmatched decipherability. Its tale grasp instrument (Agenclutch) combines the best credits of the vertical and level grip. The coupling is made on a level plane which requires less space, and the mechanical association is made via friction between skintight innocuous wheels, much the same as with vertical grasps. It is magnificently fabricated: truth be told the quality and completing of components satisfy the Geneva Seal requirements.

The Carpe Diem table clock chronograph Only Watch 2017 pièce extraordinary has been planned with the students of HEAD, the Geneva University of Art and Design. The idea and plan by Bérénice Noël and Florian Wicki was chosen from among the seven tasks submitted. The creative chronograph development is housed in a straightforward ball, amplifying the magnificence of the development. It was dedicated Carpe Diem as a source of perspective to the dynamic character and dreams of the youngsters with Duchene solid dystrophy, who make every moment count regardless of their illness.

The Carpe Diem table chronograph includes a completely advanced sign of time: five coaxial circles show the time and chronograph signs through the iced Plexiglas focus piece of the sphere:  two external plates show hours and minutes, while three inward circles individually show chronograph hours, minutes and seconds. The sublime circle is introduced in a rakish box – a figurative method to stress the need to secure what is precious.

Carpe Diem is an amazing item and an excellent love letter to the kids with Duchenne solid dystrophy. Some way or another, it is likewise a piece of horological history being the main creation piece of the Agengraphe, perhaps the main advancements in the field of chronograph plan for decades. For more data, kindly visit and .