Only Watch 2017 – Frederique Constant Manufacture Perpetual Calendar With Unique Meteorite Dial

Only Watch 2017 – Frederique Constant Manufacture Perpetual Calendar With Unique Meteorite Dial

As the period of July flies by, we keep on investigating the various watches that foundation closeout Only Watch 2017 has to bring to the table . We have just seen some great watches, solely created to help research on Duchenne strong dystrophy – and it’s not finished at this point. One of the 48 brands  taking an interest is Frederique Constant, who have chosen to change their lead watch, the  Manufacture Perpetual Calendar , by giving it a unique meteorite dial… And, what was the most reasonable QP available will surely (and ideally) lose its title with this edition.

We definitely knew that Frederique Constant, an incorporated manufacture for the time being longer than 10 years, was equipped for making intriguing watches, controlled by their own developments, but with available costs. All in all, class, watchfulness and mechanical delight for a sensible sum. In any case, back in 2016, the business got an electroshock. Frederique Constant showed that they can do considerably more than basic 3-hand programmed developments. For sure, they entered the closed circle of manufactures by having their own inside evolved perpetual calendar, one of the traditional complications. Previously sounding promising, the last sledge hit was the price… The supposed “ Manufacture Perpetual Calendar ” watch was the most open perpetual calendar accessible available, with a cost of around EUR 8,000 – and indeed, it is Swiss Made, indeed, it truly is a QP with all the necessary capacities, no it’s not an ETA-based type, and no it’s not a remotely sourced QP module.

To complete this Manufacture Perpetual Calendar, Frederique Constant has improved on the perpetual calendar system to make it simple to gather and liberated from the vast majority of the change measures. Accordingly, work cost has been radically discounted, straightforwardly affecting on the last cost of the watch. However, this doesn’t imply that this QP gives not as much as what it ought to. It shows a similar sign as a 50k perpetual calendar from certain exceptionally old Geneva-based manufactures – implying that it won’t require any change for the coming 100 years; that it considers the jump years, and that you’ll additionally find on its dial the date, the day of the week, the month and the year. It has recently had somewhat less hand-completing and adornment on its development – however that doesn’t influence the mechanics…

For Only Watch 2017, Frederique Constant comes with a unique form of this Manufacture Perpetual Calendar. Precisely, there is no distinction when compared to the standard rendition. For the look, it depends on an extravagant 18k rose gold 42mm case, with sapphire caseback to uncover the development. However, the primary fascination is a meteorite stone dial, exclusive to this form. The assortment utilized for this unique piece was uncovered in the desert of Namibia and it shows a dim metallic dim tone, to diverge from the warm gold shade of the case, hands and lists. This material is pretty much as perpetual as the development in this watch…

Specifications – Frederique Constant Manufacture Perpetual Calendar Meteorite Dial Only Watch 2017

  • Case: 42mm breadth – 18K rose gold cleaned 3-sections case – sapphire precious stone on the two sides – 30m water resistant
  • Dial: Meteorite dial, with applied rose gold-plated lists – Hand-cleaned rose gold-plated hours & minutes hands
  • Movement: FC-775 Manufacture type – programmed – 38 hours power save – 4Hz recurrence – hours, minutes and perpetual calendar
  • Strap: Dark dim gator lash, 18k rose gold collapsing buckle
  • Reference: FC-775MT4S9
  • Unique Piece for Only Watch 2017
  • Estimate: CHF 22,000