Only Watch 2017 – Patek Philippe 5208T (Unique Titanium, Minute Repeater, Chronograph, Perpetual Calendar Watch)

Only Watch 2017 – Patek Philippe 5208T (Unique Titanium, Minute Repeater, Chronograph, Perpetual Calendar Watch)

Only Watch 2017 , the biennial foundation sell off, just disclosed its highly special pieces… and in light of the fact that we realize that large numbers of you will request it, here is the enormous one, the one of a kind, titanium Patek Philippe 5208T, made for the seventh release of Only Watch.

Following on from the Steel 5016A-010 Minute Repeater Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar made for the 2015 release , a watch which became for a year, the most expensive wristwatch ever (sold for CHF 7.3M, before Phillips Auctions and Aurel Bacs sold the steel Patek 1518 for over CHF 11M), Patek had no alternative but to get back to this year’s event with substantial artillery… and they did.

For Only Watch 2017, the Geneva-based brand comes with no not exactly a genuine Grand Complication (the combination of a schedule, a planning gadget and a ringing mechanism), principally the Patek Philippe 5208T. Launched in 2011, the Reference 5208 Triple Complication exhibits brief repeater, a monopusher chronograph, and a prompt never-ending schedule showed in gaps along a curve. It is additionally a programmed watch, with miniature rotor. The movement comprises 719 sections and is hand-completed throughout.

Compared to the standard platinum rendition  (a watch that is created in extremely restricted numbers), the Patek Philippe 5208T for Only Watch 2017 varies from multiple points of view. Right off the bat, in addition to the fact that its is 42mm case is made in titanium (the first and only form of this watch at any point delivered in this lively metal), but it likewise flaunts a distinctive blue dial, animated with a hand-guilloched carbon-fiber design at its middle. Elsewhere, white and silver accents on the sub-dials, windows and hands give this watch a shockingly energetic look, which functions admirably with the titanium case – brilliant paint on the files and the hands add further distinction to this erratic model.

It’s not just the case and dial which are interesting to the Patek Philippe 5208T for Only Watch 2017, as the back also gives an unmistakable completion the whole development being plated with a dark rhodium coat. The platinum miniature rotor is hand-guilloché with a similar carbon-fiber embellishment as the dial – we shockingly don’t have pictures of the development yet.

This Patek Philippe 5208T-010 indeed absolutely combines all of the right components: a super complex model, which is as of now incredibly uncommon, yet now cast in a novel and unordinary material, with an energetic character, and an exceptional adornment of the movement… With a pre-deal estimation of CHF 900,000, that worth is probably going to appear to be somewhat unassuming compared to what it could really realise at deal on 11 November 2017.

Technical Specifications – Patek Philippe 5208T-010 for Only Watch 2017

  • Case: 42mm width x 15.11mm – titanium grade 5, cleaned – sapphire precious stone on the front, Interchangeable full back and sapphire-gem case back – Case is moistness and residue ensured only (not water resistant).
  • Movement: Caliber R CH 27 PS QI – Self-winding mechanical development with miniature rotor – Minute repeater, Monopusher Chronograph, quick unending schedule with day/night sign – unique black rhodium-plated decoration
  • Dial: remarkable hand-guilloché “carbon-fiber” blue dial
  • Strap: Blue Cordura tie with overlay over clasp
  • Unique Piece – Reference 5208T-010