Panerai Luminor 1950 3-Days PAM 663

Panerai Luminor 1950 3-Days PAM 663

To be ruthlessly honest, this newly presented Panerai Luminor 1950 3-Days, or PAM 663, is now one of my untouched top choices concerning current Panerai rolex daytona reviews It presumably was an issue of time when they would come up with a Panerai Luminor 1950 with a staggering vintage looking brown dial and a plexi crystal.

This brown tone should recollect you of the stained dials of vintage Panerai models (like the reference 6154 also named “Egiziano Piccolo”). These rolex daytona reviews at first had dark dials, however after some time, they changed tone to this unmistakable brown tone because of the impact of the radium-based powder used to lume the hands and files. Therefore, Panerai presents two Special Edition models that have this equivalent brown conditioned dial (PAM 662 and PAM 663). This is the PAM 663, my top pick of the two, because of the Luminor case for the most part. In any case, that’s individual preference.

The 47mm case is made of 316L treated steel and comes with a plexiglas gem. The gem has this cool amplifying impact of the dial, in the same way as other domed plexi gems have. The rolex daytona reviews comes with an extra (spare) precious stone, as you know they will in general scratch effectively (taking a gander at my own plexy gem watches). Now you can proceed with Polywatch or toothpaste or something like polish, however you will begin to see this home-made polishing sooner or later. So Panerai incorporated an additional gem and you can have it swapped anytime at an authorized Panerai dealer.

Inside, the PAM 663 utilizations the P.3000 hand-wound development. Two spring barrels will power your rolex daytona reviews as long as 3 days. As shown below, the development has four pleasant extensions. Brushed finish with sloped edges. One long extension over the equilibrium wheel, as Rolex has in their developments. A scaffold like this gives a steady premise to the equilibrium wheel.

Panerai P.3000 movement

The Panerai PAM 633 comes on a  Ponte Vecchio tie in brown leather with noticeable ecru sewing, the heat-engraved OP logo and a tongue lock in polished steel. The rolex daytona reviews is water-impervious to 10 bar (likeness a depth of around 100 metres).

The PAM 663 will be restricted to 1000 pieces just and will have a retail cost of €9900 Euro. Accessible in July 2016.

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