Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Qualité Fleurier (and what this quality label stands for)

Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Qualité Fleurier (and what this quality label stands for)

Designed back in 1996 by Michel Parmigiani, the Toric made a comeback a couple of months prior with the Toric Chronometer . Showing time and date just, it is considerably more than a conventional three-hander. What’s more, this year it has been fitted with an elegant guilloché dial and has been submitted – with progress – to the requesting Qualité Fleurier standards. A valid justification to go active with this eminently created dress watch.

The Parmigiani Toric Qualité Fleurier (QF) bears the mark highlights of the assortment. Its case includes a ventured bezel that substitutes gadroons and knurling, a tedious distinctive method that comprises in making scores in the metal with a wheel leaving its engraving. Formed out of pink or white gold, it estimates 40.8mm in width. With its sensible 9.5mm thickness, it sits cozily on the wrist because of the delicately bended lugs.

At the core of the Parmigiani Toric Qualité Fleurier is the programmed type PF331-QF. This 11”’ ½ development works at 28,800 vibrations each hour. Its two barrels are coupled in arrangement and can hide away to 55 hours of force save. As consistently with Parmigiani Fleurier and in accordance with the Qualité Fleurier standards, it is sublimely wrapped up. The scaffolds are finely inclined and enhanced with Geneva stripes. The engraved strong rotor is decorated with the PF initials. Another prerequisite of the quality mark, its exactness is ensured by the COSC (more data beneath). Comprising 220 sections, it is noticeable through the sapphire caseback.

The Toric QF is given a brilliant ‘Grain de Riz’ (rice grain) hand-guilloché dial making a feeling of profundity with heavenly reflections. It is upgraded with exquisite spear hands and gold applied numerals. The date is appeared through a huge gap at 6 o’clock, just underneath the Qualité Fleurier inscription. The Parmigiani Toric Qualité Fleurier is worn on a magnificent Hermès croc tie with pin buckle.

Designing a fine dress watch is anything but a simple assignment. Fine workmanship, fastidious meticulousness and the authority of conventional specialties are clear with the Parmigiani Toric Qualité Fleurier. The watch is complex yet downplayed and rich. Its new hand-guilloché dial is essentially flawless. To wrap things up, the Qualité Fleurier stamp is a significant honor (see beneath). Cost is set at CHF 24,500 in white or pink gold.

The Qualité Fleurier Certification

There is no single meaning of value. Among the different measures that can be thought of, some are identified with the watch plan while others are straightforwardly associated with the exhibitions of each piece created. Normally, quality beginnings with a decent plan, from the start of item advancement, and will be then controlled all through the whole creation. The interest of the Qualité Fleurier Certification is that it encompasses comprehensive models and phases of testing to ensure a specialized origination, a great completing and a control of the exactness and heartiness of each watch at the equivalent time

The name was made in the mid 2000s by the three very good quality Fleurier makers (Parmigiani Fleurier, Chopard and Bovet). In those days, the comprehensive character was really imaginative, and still today, this confirmation is quite possibly the most thorough in the watch industry.

Origin – 100% Swiss made

In a couple of words, a watch is considered ‘Swiss Made’ if its development is Swiss, cased up in Switzerland and if the Swiss components represent at any rate 60% of its worth. This is an extremely least norm – to say the least.

With the Qualité Fleurier, the watch (all the more accurately the watch head without the wristband and clasp) should be 100% Swiss made. The parts and the actual material should be handled in Switzerland except for moving, drawing, and wire drawing. To put it plainly, all components should be ‘native’ except for the hairspring that should be done in Switzerland however whose metal can be worked into a spring abroad.

Technical and tasteful criteria

The development of Qualité Fleurier watches should have a selective completion. The overall standards incorporate the nature of the material, the improvement and the assembling strategy. The noticeable pieces of the plate and connects and the principle breaks should be enlivened. The practical zones of the steel parts should be cleaned. No burrs should be obvious. The molded parts should be sloped, cleaned, and when in fact conceivable, have lines drawn out with record strokes.

Chronofiable test

Carried out by the Laboratoire Dubois, the Chronofiable test is broadly utilized across the business to endorse the general plan and nature of watches. It centers around strength and unwavering quality, reproducing a while of wear, testing the responses to attractive fields and water-opposition. Its testing methodology harm watches, they can’t be done in general production.

Cosc-ensured precision

All Qualité Fleurier watches should have effectively finished the battery of assessment forced by the COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres). The essential degree of exactness to be reached is a precision inside – 3 and +6 seconds out of each day over a time of 16 days (in a scope of working positions and at different temperatures).

Fleury test

All Qualité Fleurier watches go through a test on a Fleury test system. The 24-hour method reproduces developments of a wearer and tests the watch exactness in this unique circumstance. The watch’s exactness is controlled with resistances of somewhere in the range of 0 and +5 seconds for each day.

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