Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer All Black Titanium – Full Review (live photos, specs & price)

Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer All Black Titanium – Full Review (live photos, specs & price)

A German piece of designing requirements to do what it is designed for and it needs to do that well. It will in all likelihood be an ideal mix of usefulness, style and it will don a specific level of unnoticeable advancement. Porsche Design is as German as possible get, several firsts in watchmaking, which helped in acquiring legitimacy in the business. The first since forever Porsche Design item was a watch, the PVD covered Chronograph I in 1972 . Presently, after 43 years, the brand introduces the Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer All Black Titanium, which accepts a similar design merits as the first. What’s more, here is the review of this compositional piece.


Just to remind you, Porsche Design was established in 1972 by Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche. The design components of the absolute first item from the brand are still a lot of alive in this 2015 presentation. The primary wristwatch , advantageously the main item designed under the Porsche Design brand, followed the way of thinking from the Bauhaus time. Disposing of all components that don’t uphold the usefulness presented to the current item, the Chronograph I was a clean and amazingly valuable watch. PVD covered to decrease glare and reflections, clean and exceptionally differentiating dial to help legibility.

Overall Appearance

The Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer All Black Titanium is black, exceptionally black. What’s more, that may put you off from the outset, yet it will likely develop on you quicker than you may anticipate. It did with me at any rate, so it will undoubtedly happen to any of you. Truly, you initially would need to sprinkle a touch of your well deserved cash on this to encounter the All Black taking all things together its miserable brilliance. The level black titanium carbide covering of the case and wristband removes any conceivable glare and reflection, so it won’t ever shimmer literally.

It hangs out in an amazing manner however. The level black tone is the primary explanation, the etched hauls most likely the second. This element is entirely observable and any individual who moved toward me about the watch, commented positive. It is something else than the typical drag design out there. Distinctive isn’t generally something worth being thankful for, it can likewise mean an excessively designed component yet this isn’t the situation with the 1919 Globetimer. It basically works! It adds something to the watch, or indeed to the assortment in light of the fact that the


When experiencing the particular of the Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer All Black Titanium, one thing sticks out. It’s anything but a complicated watch, however one designed with the most noteworthy respects of usefulness, precisely what German designing is known for. Indeed it just shows the time, with two time-regions and a date, however it does as such in the most ideal manner possible.

Visually, you could say there is one more element that should be tended to. The etched carries merit some more credit, since they are a conspicuous and key design component of the 1919 Globetimer and Porsche Design all in all. As referenced before it makes it a stand-apart watch, and we’ve seen this on various Porsche Design watches previously. Barely a year prior we distributed an outline of the brand in an installment of our Wednesday Watchtime articles, we referenced the 2007 Porsche Design Worldtimer. This specific one highlighted, you’ve gotten it, molded carries! That specific watch utilized an advanced showcase for the subsequent time region, operable during a time crown. For the 1919 Globetimer Porsche Design decided on an old style second time region by sign of a focal hand and a restrictive scale on the dial.

Dial and hands

The dial of the Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer All Black Titanium is perfect, cleaned up and readable. That is consistently useful when wearing a watch each day or if nothing else often. It is likewise valuable when voyaging and setting the subsequent time region. A reasonable dial and sign of time (regions) helps while on the way towards your fascinating occasion area or that significant worldwide conference. You need time initially, correct? The dial is marginally ventured, adding a touch of profundity to it. It is a decent touch and partitions the dial into sections for the sign of hours, minutes, seconds and second time region. Every sign gets their own ‘ring’ around the dial.

An external scale shows the running seconds with enormous markers at consistently and smaller ones in the middle. The second ring from the external shows the hours in fresh, printed digits. The digits at 12, 3, 6 and 9 are covered in iridescent material, which last a long time when accused of a fair measure of (sun)light. One more advance internal, you will discover the GMT-hour markers, in a 24 hour scale. On the middle piece of the dial the adapted logo with the brand name is situated at the top part, and a date window is set at three o’clock. This arrangement of the date is usually some sign of the chose development, however more on that later.

The hands for the hours and minutes are marginally opened up at the initial segment from the pivot, and furthermore covered in iridescent material in similar tone as the external hour markers, a greenish blue tint as we see in many watches. The red-tipped, white seconds hand connects all the path to the most external piece of the dial. The last hand, that demonstrates the subsequent time region, is a major bolt tipped hand with a red colored lume on it. This red lume is marginally more fragile in dull conditions, yet observable at a glance.

Case and strap

Porsche Design has a standing to maintain with regards to decision of material. They are liable for the first since forever chronograph wristwatch executed in titanium, dispatched in 1980, and each watch accessible in the current assortment is done in this lightweight, hypoallergenic and non-destructive material. The Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer All Black is totally done in titanium, even the arm band. The case and wristband are done in a black titanium carbide covering, beholding back to the notorious Chronograph I from 1972. The covering is amazingly matte, decreasing any glare or reflection to a minimum.

The case estimates 42mm across and is glass dot impacted for a matte completion, paying little heed to which variant you pick. The non-covered rendition is left incomplete in the wake of impacting, the covered variant is, all things considered, covered. The full titanium wristband got similar medicines. All the connections articulate pleasantly around your wrist, and never squeeze your skin or anything. The collapsing lock is quite standard in design, yet equally very much completed as the rest.

A pleasant touch is the restricted bezel, which allows for a dial that covers practically the whole case. Visually, this develops the case. Combine this slight bezel with the etched carries and it is as though the case is suspended in the middle of the drags. On the caseback you will locate the comparing urban areas to all the time regions there are, making it simple to sort out what to set the GMT-hand at, in view of your home time. This is engraved into the caseback, alongside different markings of make and model.

Finally, the time, date and second time region are movable through the enormous, knurled crown. Haul it out one stage, and turn it one way to change the date, or the GMT-hand the other way. Haul it out a subsequent advance and you can change the time. Pretty fundamental stuff, yet it works consummately. Working the screw down crown feels smooth and sturdy.


Porsche Design isn’t particular about uncovering what controls their watches and that is a welcome attribute. Inside the instance of the 1919 Globetimer ticks a programmed Sellita SW330-1 (The 1919 Datetimer is fueled by a Sellita SW200). The SW330-1 development is a practically immediate clone from the ETA 2892 developments, which are being provided to outsiders less and less.

The development itself estimates 4.1mm high and 25.6mm wide. It works at a recurrence of 28,800 beats each moment and gives about 42 hour of force. Despite the fact that it is a programmed development, you can wind it if necessary through the crown. Simply unscrew it, and turn it one way to wind it up.

This option in contrast to ETA can likewise be found in different watches, similar to this one  (to name only one). Almost certainly, we will discover the SW300, and the Valjoux 7750 clone, the Sellita SW500 in an ever increasing number of value Swiss watches like this Porsche Design.


The Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer has various exceptionally solid highlights that should drive you into at any rate thinking about it as a next buy if searching for something with a reasonable design, high usefulness and outrageous comfort on your wrist.


  • Extremely comfortable because of strong form and case-design
  • Properly great completing compared to cost level
  • Highly readable planning indications
  • Sculptured carries are a genuine added highlight as far as design
  • Lightweight and solid because of decision of material for case and bracelet


  • Very dull watch, probably won’t be for everybody except an option is the non-covered version
  • The overall design may be somewhat cool, coming up short on the standard unimportance extravagance watches tend to have
  • No hint on a third motivation not to think about this, do you?

The Porsche Design 1919 assortment comprises of a period and-date-just watch, the Datetimer and this Globetimer, both accessible in titanium or titanium carbide covered titanium. The two models come on either an elastic tie with pin-clasp or a coordinating arm band (for example titanium or black) so eight unique combinations altogether. Costs start at 2,950 Euros for the Datetimer on elastic, and this 1919 Globetimer All Black is the priciest model in the reach, accessible at a retail cost of 3,950 Euros. For more data visit their site, Porsche-Design.com .