Review – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Black Ceramic, One of the Hottest Watches of 2017

Review – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Black Ceramic, One of the Hottest Watches of 2017

Somehow the data spilled out not long before SIHH 2017 – Audemars Piguet would introduce its first all-ceramic watch (arm band included) during the Geneva reasonable, an all-black adaptation of the famous Perpetual Calendar Royal Oak. As anyone might expect this news promptly made a buzz of fervor among gatherers, in light of the fact that obviously, this Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Black Ceramic is hot.

So what’s the serious deal? The dispatch of the most up to date form of the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar (26574) in 2015 had established the pace. Audemars Piguet was rebirthing the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar, refining the embodiment of two brand symbols (the Royal Oak and the Perpetual calendar) into another, advanced point of view. This slim watch is worked around the type 5134, a super slight programmed perpetual calendar development dependent on the notable type 2120 (found in the first 1972 Royal Oak, when fabricated by LeCoultre, presently created in-house). As consistently with Audemars Piguet, the 26574 shows some truly amazing tender loving care throughout.

The Royal Oak goes black

The new reference 26579CE is the primary all-ceramic (case and arm band) watch from the brand and, no doubt, it has an incredible look. Past the cutting edge black style, ceramic is perhaps the hardest material used to make cases yet it is likewise light and wearable.

The expressed point by Audemars Piguet is to complete its ceramic case and arm band to a similar norm as that of a steel Royal Oak. Not a simple accomplishment using any and all means, and one that was just made conceivable following 600 hours of R&D. The completing of the arm band alone requires 30 hours, which is five time longer than for the steel variant. The outcome is outwardly staggering, this is effectively outstanding amongst other ceramic arm bands I have at any point seen (and I’ve seen many… )

Everything about this watch feels exceptionally exact. The engineering of the arm band is for sure great. As suitable for a Royal Oak, not a solitary connection is by all accounts the very same size. This doesn’t make fabricating simple and this is a further showing of the brand’s ethic of no-compromise – particularly when you realize the various advances associated with creating ceramic parts.

The dial comes in a record dim “grande tapisserie” design (a custom for this symbol and it is made in-house), with white lettering, aside from the red 31. Its perfect format shows the day, date, month, jump year and moon stage. Everything is relative and in the ideal spot. It likewise shows the week, a somewhat unordinary however very viable element, imprinted in a spine circumnavigating the dial.

The applied hour markers are white gold. The gold “stick” hands include brilliant material. The moon stage is essentially mind boggling with extraordinary specifying and highlights a laser miniature organized moon laid on an elegant sky made of aventurine.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar is worked around the type 5134, much the same as its steel or gold kin. This super slender (4.31mm) programmed development is 29.00 mm in breadth and flaunts 40 hours of force save. Its equilibrium has variable latency squares and runs at an uncommon 19’800 vibration for every hour.

To improve winding proficiency, the openwork gold wavering weight is guided by a fringe ring moving on four ruby sprinters to decrease rubbing. The completion is first rate, with Geneva stripes, roundabout graining and eminent slopes. The galactic moon requires remedy like clockwork and 317 days.

At 41 mm in distance across and 9.5 mm thick, the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar wears very well – recollect that we’re discussing a games watch, with a complex development, and having a sub-10mm case is amazing. The wristband is super-adaptable and comfortable. It is both lively and rich. Ageless yet present day, it makes certain to draw some attention.

The Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar in ceramic is a shop selective and will be hard to find. At CHF 85,000, it is definitely not for each pocket, but rather this stunning watch has everything necessary to get you to disregard the sticker price. For more data, visit .

edited 18-08-2019