Review – Bell & Ross BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor, Unusual & Technical

Review – Bell & Ross BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor, Unusual & Technical

At Baselworld 2017, Bell & Ross divulged various exceptionally cool watches, including the BR03-92 Diver  and the new Vintage Collection , all pieces that were completely in the vein of the brand’s DNA. Another watch was (watchfully) appeared however, a watch that was very sudden and strange. Fitted with a thin tourbillon development, twisted by a micro-rotor, worked around an idea of straightforwardness, and blending a specific class in with intense components, with a very remarkable development for the case… This watch is the  Bell & Ross BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor , and today we investigate it.

Let’s first examine the  BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor all alone. What we have here is a watch that is important for the “X-factor” idea by Bell & Ross; watches that are made with complex developments, complex development and no compromises on specialized arrangements or cost (relatively-discussing course). The X-assortment was first presented in 2014, with the BR-X1 Skeleton Chronograph , a watch to be viewed as the most specialized and boldest suggestion of the brand, with a secluded case and a skeletonized chronograph development. The thought will before long be inferred with a tourbillon-chronograph development, and a year ago, the brand uncovered a full sapphire variant of this watch (and this time, it truly made no compromises on the price… near a large portion of 1,000,000 Euros). This insane watch hence opened the entryway for different manifestations, and the new BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor is important for it.

This watch shows a very exceptional development. In spite of the creation of standard watches, where the development is encased for a situation with in any event 3 sections (focal holder, bezel, caseback) on which sapphire gems are appended, the BR-X2 is worked around an alternate engineering. The development and the case are indeed near being a one-piece component and on this focal module, two sapphire precious stones are straightforwardly screwed – acting like a bezel and a caseback. In a more detailed way, instead of to wall it in, the steel case outlines the development on its fringe, making an external assurance. The case and the development are a practically consistent get together. See the specialized attracting beneath to understand:

This focal module is outlined on the two sides by two thick sapphire precious stones (which indeed address the greater part of the watch’s thickness). Because of cleaned, slanted sides and clear gaskets, the BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor offers extraordinary straightforwardness on the whole points. 4 practical screws make the last get together and give the watch its strength and water opposition (50m, which is good considering the particular design of the watch). As you can see on the picture over, the case is only a steel band that outlines the square-formed development and that comprises the hauls. Such a monobloc construction.

The Bell & Ross BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor additionally establishes a signifgicant connection due to its extents. While the case estimates 42.5mm x 42.5mm – which means outwardly very huge on the wrist, as squared cases will in general feel bigger – it wears well gratitude to incredibly short hauls. The most great detail concerns the thickness of the watch, at 8.9mm – which is noteworthy undoubtedly, taking into account that the most slender programmed tourbillon available right currently is a Breguet , with a 7mm profile.

This was conceivable in light of the development of the case, the slimness of the actual development (4.05mm) and the shortfall of a dial. In fact, the front side of the Bell & Ross BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor is the principle plate of the development, on top of which a round brushed spine with incorporated records has been applied. The entirety of this makes an exceptionally specialized, practically mechanical look, which drastically appears differently in relation to the rich extents of the watch – I’ve seen it worn with formal attire and it establishes incredible connection and simultaneously it fits under a shirt’s cuff…

The dial side shows the hours and minutes just as the flying tourbillon at 6 – with a quite pleasant embellishment, as it is angled and cleaned, yet additionally a cool shape with the “&” of Bell & Ross coordinated into the pen. As no dial is available, the front of the watch is profoundly specialized, with a few completes normally found on the caseback – vertically and circularly brushed, sand-impacted, roundabout grained – and a few specialized components remain unhidden, for example, the winding system and the bridge for the keyless works.

The development inside the  Bell & Ross BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor is elite to this watch. Similarly as with all tourbillon developments found in Bell & Ross watches, the BR-CAL.380 has been grown together with MHC Manufacture Haute Complication, a Geneva-based development fashioner, which additionally deals with the gathering (remember that Bell & Ross isn’t a development producer and has never professed to be one). In light of a current (round) engineering, MHC gave the development a squared-shape to consummately adjust to the style of the watch. In fact talking, it includes a one-minute tourbillon, a programmed winding by means of thick tungsten alloy micro-rotor, and it flaunts a 50-hour power hold. It estimates 36mm x 36mm with a low thickness of 4.05mm.

In terms of look and design, Bell & Ross decided for a modern, specialized look as opposed to going for the traditional Haute-Horlogerie style. The type of the Bell & Ross BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor is purposely very harsh and monochromatic. Bridges are vertically brushed, angles are sand-impacted and the wheels are rhodium-plated. This doesn’t imply that the enrichment is “easy”, concerning occurrence cog wheels and wheel are circular grained and their spokes are angled. Along these lines, the tourbillon and its pen are brushed on top and cleaned on edges. While this enhancement can’t be called haute-Horlogerie or hand-made, it is charming, made appropriately to the general style of this watch and in accordance with the price.


So what to think about this Bell & Ross BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor? For the actual watch, the idea is lovely, accomplished and the irregular development of the case and the development makes it very exceptional suggestion available. The blend of old style, rich highlights with profoundly specialized and strong plan components is really intriguing and makes this watch stands separated from the remainder of the crowd.

Now, in the event that we view at it as a Bell & Ross, I would will in general say that it truly is a B&R watch – and one that pushes the base idea much further. In fact, it has no military or lively DNA, and it feels somewhat unique in relation to the remainder of the assortment. Yet, then again, it has this specialized, practically mechanical look dear to the brand. And, thinking about the origination of the case and the development, the possibility of the notorious squared watch has never been so present and so all around incorporated. Not the Bell & Ross that some would expect, yet a Bell & Ross indeed…

The Bell & Ross BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor is a restricted release of 99 pieces, presently accessible ( even on the brand’s webshop ). It is valued at EUR 59,000. More subtleties on .

Technical Specifications – Bell & Ross BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor

  • Case: 42.5mm x 42.5mm x 8.9mm – steel outline around the development, two sapphire precious stone on top and back, 4 screws to make the get together – 50m water resistance
  • Movement
  • Strap
  • Reference: BRX2-MRTB-ST
  • Availability: Now in stores, 99 pieces only
  • Price: EUR 59,000