REVIEW – Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date Re-Launch Edition

REVIEW – Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date Re-Launch Edition

Finding motivation is consistently something precarious. One can discover it in the conviction of a specific subject, or in a creative (and once in a while troublesome) better approach to show time, or in the authentic viewpoint (to give only three prospects). The “simplest” of these is resurrecting a brand that has been a distant memory. It gives you reference, backstory and something to expand on. You already have a type of establishment. We should examine this with a Monochrome-style review of the Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date Re-launch Edition, an illustration of a brand that has been bankrupt for around 80 years now!

A new brand is by all accounts established consistently. Loads of these disappoint us, the hardcore watchnerds. That could either be on the grounds that they cover an area of watchmaking we don’t zero in on, or just that we don’t care for it. Every so often however, something comes along that ticks a couple of our cases, which starts our interest. In the course of the most recent years, you can see more and more of these models on Monochrome, for example the recent Revolo Concept , the Creux Automatic or the REC Watches P-51 collection . A portion of these go to crowdfunding, for example, the conspicuous Kickstarter-stage while others will in general give it a shot their own (think EZA Watches ).

Lebois & Co chose to combine the resurrection of a brand previously in presence, and launch another collection through a progression of three Kickstarter-crusade, all of which is by all accounts doing very well! Presently, we’ve covered the brand before with the release of their essential mission, the Avantgarde Date Re-Launch Edition #1 and #2 and now the third Re-Launch Edition is in progress (more about that later this week). The center kin, the Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date with blue dial you see here, is already launched through Kickstarter and completely subsidized. Every one of the three are restricted to 100 pieces yet with non-restricted collections following if the undertaking appears to be feasible enough.

Brief history of Lebois & Co.

Just preceding the outbreak of all the unrest in Europe prompting World War II, an individual from the Dodane-watchmaking family (known principally for their epynomous brand ) established Lebois & Co in 1934. Not the most effortless period to launch another brand maybe, yet demands were as yet solid. Raymond Dodane, third era of the French Dodane family, begun the brand in Besançon, France after the family moved the manufacture from La Rasse, which was on the edge of the Swiss border.

In 1947 the brand is handed over to Italian merchants, who re-appropriate the creation to the Dodane manufacture and some other Swiss manufacturers. From that point forward, creation seized in 1972, toward the beginning of the quartz emergency that executed such countless brands, and was gone forever. Dutch entrepreneur Tom van Wijlick and his significant other Eveline went over a picture of a vintage chronograph by Lebois & Co a couple of years prior and utilized this as motivation to re-launch the brand. The name was indeed registered and the main watches came around in 2015. A glossy silk white dial and blue cowhide tie, paired with humble and dressy measurements, make this an alluring watch in the first place. The second and third plan in the Avantgarde Date Re-Launch collection feature a similar plan yet in different color combinations.

Overall Appearance and Features

As referenced, the Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date collection is on the dressy side regarding measurements. A practically full cleaned case, except for the area between and on the drags, make this stand out on the wrist. It shimmers in daylight, particularly when it is combined with a portion of the other plan prompts I’ll cover in a piece. The watch is even – even on bigger wrists like mine, it doesn’t appear to be strange. This blue dial and blue lash second cycle has some old style features that function admirably. The watch actually has a cutting edge to it, a combination which is pretty difficult to nail.

In terms of appearance, the dial is the most grounded point of convergence. In certain watches the case or tie commands equivalent or more notice however here it is about restraint. The mulit-layered dial snatches the daylight and messes with it. In the event that we talk features, it is an exemplary piece. Time and date is all you get, yet to be straightforward that is really all you require in a watch, perhaps a day sign. There is no requirement for complicated signs other than to show it very well may be finished. There is a Dutch expression that comes to mind that means ‘Not on the grounds that we should, but since we can… ‘ (Dutch: Niet omdat het moet, maar omdat het kan), which pretty much aggregates it up.

Dial and hands

The sapphire-blue dial is extremely striking and maybe the most attractive of the accessible choices. This is of course subject of your own preferences and desires however blue appeared to be exceptionally mainstream throughout the most recent couple of years. It presents a contemporary vibe however avoiding the traditional white, silver or dark dials you find altogether collections. It additionally permits a brand to play a little with the tone of blue, with some being exceptionally splendid and some having an extremely dull blue shade nearly going to dark. The excellence of the multi-layered blue dial in this Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date Re-Launch Edition #2 is that is gets daylight, and tosses it around a bit. It shines under direct light, additionally because of the facetted and cleaned hour markers, yet in addition because of the different layers.

On the actual edge of the dial you will locate brief track, with facetted and cleaned, applied hour markers as said. In the middle are printed white moment markers to demonstrate the death of the minutes. One stage internal is a tight round, guilloche-like track that gives the dial a touch of texture. The second track on the dial is the moment track with Arabic numerals. The brand name red “60” is present altogether three Re-Launch Editions of the Avantgarde Date, similar to the red seconds hand with candy counterweight. This moment track is hindered with the date window at three, fixed with a cleaned steel edge and showing a dark on-white date circle. Somewhere in the range of 30 and 40 along this track you can locate the model name; “Avantgarde”. The dial is done with Lebois & Co, 1934 and Automatic imprinted in white on the most inward circle.

The seconds is constantly done in red, regardless of whether you pick the white dial #1, the blue dial #2 or the dark dial #3. The hours and moment hands are extremely since a long time ago compared to different watches. Something I really like about this one, as both stretch that full distance to the edge of their respective tracks. The thin, blade molded hands are cleaned and feature a thin line of Luminova.

Case and strap

The 40mm steel case is first rate. It isn’t anything strange, or extra-exceptional yet it does the work well indeed. The thickness of the case, at 10,5mm, is a welcome feature as it keeps the watch extremely wearable. The case and bezel feature generally cleaned surfaces, except for the highest point of the drags and the area in the middle of them. The lines and changes are fresh, no holes can be found here, everything lines up perfectly. The carries have a decent point and the screw-in caseback doesn’t take the watch off of your wrist to an extreme. This is a watch you can tie on, look great, and fundamentally fail to remember that you are wearing it. This may sound awful (You can’t forget your watch as a watchnerd, irreverence!) yet I essentially mean it is that comfortable that it doesn’t trouble you the slightest bit. A few watches will in general be awkward, squeeze your skin or pull out hairs. This essentially doesn’t, period.

The little crown is a piece fiddly for my fingers however that is more my concern than the watches’. It is on line with the shape and measurements of the case, and features an engraved Lebois & Co logo. Working it is just about as clear as you’d anticipate: two draw out positions, one for the date, the other for time. The non-screw down crown is secured by two thin crown-monitors. The caseback for the first and second model are completely shut and engraved with brandname, model and limitation.

This second Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date Re-Launch edition comes on a flexible, daintily cushioned Louisiana gator tie, in blue. Joined is a direct twofold collapsing clasp with one end being screwed set up to ensure a secure fit. All Lebois & Co watches (up until now) come with a second NATO-lash of your choice.


The development during the current second model is a similar essential workhorse we as a whole know quite well. The ETA 2824-2 is genuine all-rounder, and comes in watches, all things considered, and measures. It packs 38 hours of force and shows time and date. As said, it can’t be seen here (however the third edition to be launched before long will correct this).


As a concept, and the way that has been executed, this Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date collection is a legitimate watch. A thoroughly examined plan with clues to traditional watchmaking yet at the same time keeping a contemporary vibe. The watch is truly comfortable and can be effortlessly coordinated with business attire, red-cover occasions, or with a cleverly easygoing combination. And on the off chance that you need to wear this with a sweater, pants and tennis shoes, just switch the calfskin lash for the NATO one and you’re acceptable to go.

With this Avantgarde Date, you purchase a tad bit of history and a watch with a story. And that is consistently something worth being thankful for. I’m interested to discover what occurs after the set of three of Re-Launch Editions is finished. Seeing that the motivation of the entire undertaking was a picture of a vintage Lebois & Co Chronograph, I can’t resist the urge to envision this is the direction the brand should go. At 1,700 Euro outside of the Kickstarter-lobby, this is a reasonably evaluated watch (particularly considering that it comes from a particularly little company), and genuinely one to consider in case you’re shopping in that cost bracket.


  • Affordable watch with certifiable authentic backstory
  • Well-executed plan and build
  • Slim measurements making it an extremely wearable watch
  • A restricted run of 100 pieces could make it a touch more alluring, you are “one of the first”


  • Relative little size of the crown (Personal con for me, yet one to overcome)
  • Maybe altogether too conservative for some


  • Case: 40mm measurement – hardened steel, brushed and cleaned surfaces – sapphire gem on front – 100m water resistance
  • Movement: ETA 2824-2 – Automatic – 38h force reserve – 28,800vph/4Hz – 25 gems – Hours, minutes, seconds, date
  • Strap: Blue Louisiana Alligator calfskin tie with twofold collapsing catch, complementary NATO tie with free decision of color upon ordering.
  • Price: 1,700 Euro outside of Kickstarter-crusade, different vows during effort available