Review – Orologi Calamai CR42 Chronograph, A True Pilot’s Watch

Review – Orologi Calamai CR42 Chronograph, A True Pilot’s Watch

While we see countless little brands that work outside of what might be expected, some stand apart more than others. We can’t cover them all, and we are basic about which ones we bring you, however sometimes we come across a task that we accept merits our (and your) time. Today, we are exploring a brand committed to flight, established on the lineage of three ages of pilots: introducing Orologi Calamai and its CR42 Chronograph.


One of the most troublesome things to make as a brand is content, a spirit encompassing your watches. Something that gives your image, and the watches you produce a personality, something to get a handle on onto and trigger a feeling in your expected customers, similar to I clarified in the inclusion of the Fortis Rolf Sachs 2.4ml . On the whole decency, there are a lot of brands out there that neglect to mark enough boxes to solidify their inheritance and keep their business above water. The narrative of Orologi Calamai is in any event fascinating enough to give the brand credit, considering it is upheld by verifiable and aeronautical pertinence and contains real bits of perhaps the most popular stream warriors in its cases. Looking for the ideal pilot’s watch, Mr. Francesco Calamai himself neglected to discover it and chose to create his own.

We are talking three ages of pilot’s here. The bloodline goes as far back as the subsequent world encompassing war, where Mr. Francesco Calamai’s dad faced in different conflicts all through Europe in the most punctual of military aircraft. He’s seen combat in the renowned Battle of Britain, and battled in a Fiat CR42 and G50 for the Royal Italian Airforce. Mr. Francesco Calamai, second in line throughout the entire existence of Orologi Calamai, has 40 years of aerobatic flight added to its repertoire and Manfredi Calamai (Francesco’s child) is preparing to get his pilot’s permit and hence wraps up the aeronautical ancestry of the brand.

In 2012, Francesco Calamai established the brand in the wake of resigning as an aerobatic pilot, deciding to make his form of a pilot’s watch. Everything began with a Soprod controlled G50 (named after the military aircraft) chronographs in a run of 100 pieces. Additionally 100 three-gave watches were created, again with Soprod developments inside. These models are nearly gone now, and improvement of the new G50 three-gave assortment was appeared during Baselworld 2017.

Now, Orologi Calamai can consider itself the authority provider of the Italian flying corps since almost two years, subsequent to uniting with them in November of 2015. The watches delivered by Orologi Calamai all element steel cases made with parts of a genuine turbine. This turbine is rescued from a F104 Starfighter fly and destroyed into pieces. The steel is liquefied down and produced into ingots which are then cut, ground and completed to be utilized as cases. The CR42 Chronograph you find in this survey is an illustration of that principle.

Overall appearances and features

The Orologi Calamai CR42 Chronograph is a significant huge watch, with genuine wrist-presence. The most observable component is the arrangement of the Chronograph pushers and an auxiliary crown on the left. This is seldom seen, and could make this watch a “lefty” without a doubt, however it likewise separates it from the masses.

The in general visual allure of the CR42 is another solid selling point. The combination of red, dark and dim on the dial, combined with white markers, just in some way or another functions admirably – in spite of the way that the dial is very jumbled. There are “cleaner” or more restriction chronographs out, be that as it may, the Orologi Calamai CR42 Chronograph has its own style that permeates throughout the remainder of the collection.

Dial and hands

As referenced, the combination of shadings on the dial simply functions admirably. The dial is occupied however, with different markings and little subtleties all through. Red rings for the chronograph counters, a little red plane with circling fume trail formed like a “C” for Calamai contrast the record dark dial.

The dark subdials and external turning bezel, bi-directional, contrast subtlety against the dim highlight. The format of the chronograph counters is a traditional one, because of the sort of development clearly – a 7750 – anyway it has been turned around due to the “lefty” style. We have hours and minutes on the focal pivot, little second at 3, 30-minute counter at 6, 12-hour counter at 12 and the chronograph second hand on the focal hub. Exemplary. The white hands stand apart well against the dark foundation. The midway mounted hour and moment hands mirror the hands found on plane instruments and are covered with radiant material.

The Valjoux 7750 is obviously additionally fitted with a date wheel, situated at 4h30 and noticeable through the little pattern. I generally discover this to be somewhat clumsy situating truth be told, regardless the watch.

Case and strap

The 42,5mm wide steel case looks proportional. Not minuscule, not very enormous and unobtrusively estimated with regards to the thickness. The Valjoux 7750 development inside is very huge in measurement and tallness, which for the most part brings about 40mm+ estimated watches, similar to the case with this Orologi Calamai. An irregular detail of the CR42 is the situation of the crown and the pushers that set and work the development, as they are on the left half of the case. Fundamentally, it is a “lefty”. On the correct side of the case you will locate a second crown which works the inside rotatable bezel. This is to decide the beginning snapshot of your main goal objective after beginning the chronograph. A decent touch that adds a valuable component, making this a serious all-round tool.

The whole case is brushed, which adds to the utilitarian look of the watch.  It includes an engraved, shut caseback with a slight lump to offer space to the development inside. This doesn’t deduct from the comfort when wearing the watch the slightest bit. On that posterior, you will likewise discover an etching of the chronic number of the turbine of the F104 Starfighter the case is made of. The carries are nice, and point downwards pleasantly adding to the comfort of the watch notwithstanding the width and stature of it. It moved around on my wrist somewhat more than I needed however. This was chiefly on the grounds that my wrist size landed me precisely in the center of two openings in the strap.

The Orologi Calamai CR42 Chronograph comes on different ties, including the dim calfskin tie you find in the photos. The lone downside to this is that it stains effectively, so mull over this. Other than the calfskin lash, you could go for a cognac, vintage styled cowhide tie or the discretionary steel arm band. Actually, I think the most grounded combination for this one is on a cowhide tie yet that is totally up to you of course.


The development utilized is the recognizable Valjoux 7750 chronograph development. This workhorse among the chronographs is an attempted and tried source to control a watch. The brand name Valjoux-wobble is available obviously, which makes the watch a touch more “alive” on the wrist.


All in all, the Orologi Calamai CR42 Chronograph shocked me. It is an all around built, strong piece with a cool story behind it. The way that it has a to some degree jumbled dial could put you off. In any case, as a planning instrument, it ticks a couple of the privilege boxes. The additional inward rotatable bezel is a reward you don’t see on numerous watches, and combined with the lefty plan of the pushers and crowns, it stands apart from the group. For more data visit


  • Genuine “content” for the brand and watches because of three ages of aviators
  • Readability (as far as difference) is acceptable, in spite of occupied dial for this CR42 model
  • Cases produced using F104 Starfighter material set it apart from other pilot’s watches
  • “Lefty” format of the pushers and crowns
  • Internal, bidirectional bezel worked through second crown as added functionality


  • Cluttered dial because of different markings and subtleties, while keeping up coherence because of utilization of differentiating colors
  • Unusual format of pushers and crowns isn’t for everyone
  • Personally; the staining of the calfskin tie isn’t as I would prefer however purposeful by the brand, making patina and personality

Technical specifications – Orologi Calamai CR42 Chronograph

  • Case: 42.5mm distance across – steel case – Chronograph pushers on left side – inner rotatable bezel through crown on right side
  • Movement: Valjoux 7750 – programmed – 4Hz recurrence – 48H force hold – hours, minutes, little seconds, chronograph, date
  • Strap: Grey softened cowhide tie – steel pin buckle
  • Price: EUR 2,850