REVIEW – Squale Squalematic 60 Atmos – A Dive Watch Full of Vintage Charisma

REVIEW – Squale Squalematic 60 Atmos – A Dive Watch Full of Vintage Charisma

The vintage-motivated pattern that dominates the watch market these previous few years is as yet advancing, with most companies pretty much diving in their chronicles, attempting to discover vintage plans, to bring them back throughout everyday life. Albeit this may show the troublesome situation of the Swiss watch industry in general, it tends to be contended that it has a few advantages. Maybe the main one is that the market is loaded with extraordinary new watches. One of these is apparently the new Squale Squalematic 60 Atmos, a vintage-roused dive watch that comes from a company with extraordinary family. So we set it under the Monochrome magnifying lens and here are our thoughts.

History and Origins of Squale

Outsourcing was a mainstream practice among Swiss watch brands previously. The enormous names in the business utilized a broad organization of little companies that were worked in assembling explicit components. Developments came from one spot, dials and hands from another, cases and gems from again another. For example, most dials from some celebrated brands were planned and made by Singer, while there are numerous conversations among authorities about the Speedmaster cases, which were developed by Centrale Boîtes S.A and Huguenin Frères. Ostensibly, there were clear points of interest allowing experts to adhere to what they specialized in and normally, huge companies worked related to a provider to make another case plan (or they essentially browsed a current catalogue).

Perhaps the most clear illustration of this training was the presence of the logo of Erwin Piquerez SA (EPSA) on the two-crown Super Compressor watches from Longines, Wittnauer, Enicar, and endless others. Another model was the Monnin diver case. Late 1970s, Heuer needed to get into the dive/sports watch market, yet to dodge huge ventures, they re-appropriated the tooling to Monnin in France. This line demonstrated incredibly mainstream for Heuer and still this case is utilized on the CWC RN divers. Jenny gives another extraordinary model. The company made the first monobloc ref.702 1000m diver case which was utilized by Ollech and Wajs (O&W), Jaquet Droz, Haste deLuxe, Philip and Jenny themselves (to name a few).

Among these providers was Squale, one of the huge dive watch case-producers of the 1960s and 1970s. While the Squale name traces all the way back to 1959, the company history really returns to 1948, when Charles Von Buren checked out the game and not long after started creating dive watch cases in Neuchatel, Switzerland. One of the primary models was the trademark Von-Buren case, utilized on the 50 Atmos divers. This notable case was – and seemingly still is – an amazing thing, since it had liquid lines and was profoundly ergonomic while giving brilliant assurance. Its three primary qualities are the descending drags that embrace the wrist, the bezel which projects somewhat from the case, accordingly giving pleasant hold, and the crown in the 4 o’ clock position.

In 1959, Von Buren decided to separate his jumping watches by receiving the name “Squale”, and simultaneously the “Squale” or the VB mark began to show up on the cases of Swiss watches of different makes, as an indication of fine creation and a quality image. Models are various. During the 1970s, the German Kriegsmarine moved toward Blancpain for a reexamined variant of its Fifty Fathoms. Thusly, Blancpain went to Von-Buren/Squale for a case and the outcome was the now-renowned “Bund” Fifty Fathoms. Other remarkable customers of different Von-Buren cases were Auricoste, Doxa, Zenith, Sinn and (TAG) Heuer, different dive gear companies like the French Spirotechnique and the American Dacor, and lesser-realized companies like Berios, Eagle Star Genève and Blanford Ocean Diver.

Of course, notwithstanding its subcontracted case-building, Squale additionally sold dive watches under its own name. The last part of the ’60s, saw the introduction of the 100 Atmos, Squale-Master. This model had a fatter case of comparative plan with the 50 Atmos, a domed acrylic precious stone and the crown either in 3 or 4 o’clock position. Around then, Squale watches were very much respected by divers, and frequently were given as prizes for freediving and spearfishing competitions and were worn by champion divers (Tony Salvatori, Jean Tapu). Be that as it may, the nearest Squale came to having a brand diplomat was Jacques Mayol, the French freediving pioneer. Mayol wore a Squale while establishing a profundity precedent in 1970 and was a companion of the Von Buren family. Other less celebrated yet eminent clients of Squale diver watches were the Italian Folgore Brigade and the Italian frogmen situated in La Spezia, home of the Commando Subacqueo Incursori, otherwise known as COMSUBIN.

In late years, the Squale name has been restored. In spite of the fact that the company isn’t under the Von Buren name any longer, it is as yet a little family-run business situated in Milan, with all creation get together actually done in Switzerland. Truth be told, the brand is currently possessed by the Maggi family, Squale’s long-lasting Italian merchant. The untouched exemplary 50 Atmos is the center assortment and is offered in different case completes and dial arrangements. Up to this point, it was accompanied by the 101 Atmos, an exemplary 1970s dive watch plan with an adjusted carry less case and a bright top-mounted lock ring gathering, which houses the push and turn Bakelite bezel and furthermore the “Tiger” ( a press button bezel lock suggestive of the amazing Omega Ploprof). The new model, which is known as the Squalematic, was presented a year ago at Baselworld.

The Squale Squalematic 60 Atmos

The company, very right as I would like to think, hopped in the trend of retro re-versions by introducing this dive watch, which is accessible in three releases: Aqua-Blue, Black with a glossy silk finish case and Gray/Black with a cleaned case. The Squalematic 60 Atmos is unquestionably an exemplary dive watch with Squale’s DNA on top of it. It has a similar natural “von Buren” case-style, utilized by the company on their mainstream 1521 models. As far as I might be concerned, this case is genuinely a masterpiece, since it is ergonomic, pleasantly planned and it provids enough security from likely stuns. The descending drags embrace the wrist pleasantly and the crown at 4 is an incredible decision. In any case, on this model the measurements went up. The case is 42,7mm in width and 44mm in the event that we measure the bezel, which, in a trademark Squale style, marginally distends for better hold. Nonetheless, don’t let numbers alarm you, since all Squale dive watches wear more modest than their measurements indicate. We likewise have a 51mm drag to carry measurement; a 22mm haul space and a thickness of 15.8mm (counting the sapphire crystal).

The Squalematic 60 Atmos (which means 600m water opposition) utilizes a twofold domed sapphire gem. It overflows class and retro character, while in equal it makes extremely pleasant light mutilations on the dial. The unidirectional bezel is tight and clicks emphatically (it very well may be released and eliminated for simple support with 4 screws as an afterthought). The feature of the bezel is the excellent Bakelite trim with multifaceted steel markers, hand-set into it on a multi-stage measure. The outcome is a look that improves the vintage character of the Squalematic – suggestive of 1970s Squale dive watches.

The dial is another incredible component of this new model. On the glossy silk case model, we have a matte dark dial with orange subtleties. On the Blue and Gray/Black forms, the dial is sunburst, with an incredible retro allure. On every one of the three varieties, the dial highlights applied matte steel markers with Superluminova, for heavenly low light perceivability. The Squalematic has a profundity rating of 60 atmospheres (600 meters). The watch is fueled by a workhorse, an ETA 2824. In this way, no concerns to have. It will be exact and dependable. On the watch I had for review, I tried +7sec each day. The Squalematic 60 Atmos will be accessible with a subjective jungle elastic tie or an extremely pleasant cowhide tie – a lattice steel wristband is discretionary. With a retail cost of around 1100 euro, this is an exceptional retro dive watch, which will likewise be extreme, solid and will give you that vintage feel with present day specs and durability.


I think the Squalematic 60 Atmos is a model that will satisfy anybody searching for a watch that blends vintage appeal and present day development. The trademark outdated components that could be found in genuine vintage divers are for the most part here. The notable Von-Buren case, the domed sapphire, the bakelite bezel, the sunburst dial with multifaceted files… All of that make a striking outcome. This watch has the retro appeal that made vintage Squale dive watches so famous once upon a time. The special reward is that it is generally moderate. It very well may be utilized for its planned reason, it is waterproof to 600 meters and its assembling quality is excellent.

Yes, it very well may be somewhat on the conspicuous side (particularly comparable to its more toolish sibling, the 50 Atmos) yet varieties inside the companies list are consistently something to be thankful for. Truly, I would depict the Squalematic as a more lavish form compared to the remainder of Squale’s contribution. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about different options available right now? The competition is furious. In the event that you are thinking about other dive watches with that equivalent vintage character, the rundown is long. We have the Doxa Sub 300 50th commemoration , the ZRC Grands Fonds 300, the Triton Subphotique, the Oris 65 , the Seiko Turtle , the Longines LLD , the Alpina Seastrong , the Omega Seamaster 300 or the Tudor Black Bay . Every one of them has its own qualities and shortcomings, and each has its own exceptional character, which is based, pretty much, on a vintage dive watch sold during the 1960s and 1970s. The value range is additionally very surprising among every one of these watches. The last decision is very abstract and has to do with the sum every gatherer will actually want to spend. All things considered, every one of them are extraordinary vintage-motivated dive watches.

The Squalematic comes from a company that has an incredible family and a story that couple of in the business have. The name and the item are famous in the field of dive watches. The Squalematic is intense and ostentatious with novel highlights that nobody else offers right now (special case – Bakelite bezel) with an exceptionally competitive cost. It is all around developed, with a dependable type, and overflows vintage character. In contrast to some different contributions, which have a more toolish character, it is marginally more rich, consequently more flexible. As far as I might be concerned, the Squalematic 60 Atmos was one of the uncelebrated yet truly great individuals of Baselworld 2016.