REVIEW – The Ateliers deMonaco Admiral Chronograph Flyback Saphir

REVIEW – The Ateliers deMonaco Admiral Chronograph Flyback Saphir

If some of you may realize this watch make at this point (on account of a coverage here , at Monochrome), Ateliers deMonaco is unmistakably not the most celebrated of them all… Which, truth be told, is fairly a pity, as the brand has a ton to bring to the table. Disregard the alliance with the Frédérique Constant Group. Ateliers deMonaco plays in an alternate class (with an assortment that comprises tourbillons , minute repeaters or Hallmark of Geneva watches…) and their most recent creation has some allure, both aesthetically and actually. Here is our survey of the Ateliers deMonaco Admiral Chronograph Flyback Saphir.

About the Ateliers deMonaco brand

Ateliers deMonaco has been made in 2008, by Peter Stas and his head of watchmaking, Pim Koeslag (presently CEO of the brand), as a sister company of Frédérique Constant. While the last plays on the “accessible luxury” pattern, by offering watches with decent specialized content, in-house developments or even the least expensive unending schedule available, the vast majority of the watches are accessible in the 2K – 5K Euro value range. Don’t expect hand-completing or high complexity in these… It is essentially not the objective of the Frédérique Constant manufacture.

In truth, everything began with the fantasy of Pim Koeslag to build up brief repeater – which has been done – yet that represented a main problem. In fact, a particularly complex and obviously exorbitant development couldn’t simply not fit with the fragment of the market Frédérique Constant targets. While these two found the development deserving of commercialization, they chose to make another brand, Ateliers deMonaco. The creation of this brand is centered on complications (tourbillons, minute repeaters, never-ending schedule) or haute horlogerie (as all pieces are done by hand, with decent enrichments, some being even ensured by the Hallmark of Geneva). More than that, the brand likewise fills in as a research center for Frédérique Constant, with respect to occasion their interminable schedule has been created on the foundations of deMonaco’s QP and chronograph. Their most recent model, the Ateliers deMonaco Admiral Chronograph Flyback Saphir, follows a similar thought of complication, mechanics and very good quality finishing.

Overall appearance

The Ateliers deMonaco Admiral Chronograph Flyback Saphir has been presented a year ago , as the straightforward variant of a current watch in the list. A chronograph with flyback work it is, still don’t anticipate any lively sentiments with this watch. We’re discussing a brand that sees very good quality and dressier plans, thus does this chronograph. As a proof, you essentially need to take a gander at the combination of round shapes, gold case, Roman numerals or generally speaking completing of the habillage to comprehend that it’s not going to be the watch you’ll use on ends of the week. However, why a chronograph should just be utilized thusly. Indeed, even courteous fellows can time events…

The primary component of this Ateliers deMonaco Admiral Chronograph Flyback Saphir is obviously its straightforward dial, through which all the complexities of the development are noticeable – and for once, we’re not going to complain about a measured chronograph engineering, as it permits a complete view on the development through the dial. Obviously, to each drawback a advantage. This sapphire precious stone dial obliges two intriguing point: a pleasantly completing development, even dial side, and a complex dial, which must be a genuine bad dream to make and collect. This watch is loaded with subtleties, and regardless of whether by and large dressed, it has more to uncover that what you can imagine.

Case of the Ateliers deMonaco Admiral Chronograph Flyback Saphir

This is plainly not where the Ateliers deMonaco Admiral Chronograph Flyback Saphir astounds. Not that the case is severely planned or inadequately gathered or produced (far, a long way from that) however it stays traditional every which way. Realizing all that occurs on the dial side, it may even be a valid statement. The watch is worked around a 42mm case, accessible in pink gold or white gold, playing generally on inward shapes and bends. The extents are fairly huge, with a wide bezel and no sharp edges, which by and large remaining parts charming and rich once on the wrist.

As a wannabe dress watch, the Ateliers deMonaco Admiral Chronograph Flyback Saphir has an altogether cleaned completing, done flawlessly and without any defects. The inventiveness comes from the trapezoidal state of the pushers, completely incorporated to the case and giving this watch a specific uniqueness. A crocodile lash completes the bundle, with a pin buckle in gold as well. Generally, the pink gold rendition we audited is a somewhat “statement watch”, with numerous reflections and sparkle, while the tone (as consistently with gold) makes is very noticeable on the wrist. Without a doubt, it is outwardly extravagant and should be accepted thusly. For the individuals who search for more carefulness and a colder look, the white gold rendition will impeccably do the job.

Dial of Ateliers deMonaco Admiral Chronograph Flyback Saphir

This is the place where the Admiral Chronograph Flyback Saphir truly stands separated. There’s a ton going on this dial, regardless of whether we talk configuration, completing or get together. On the off chance that you love watches where you can go through hours taking a gander at different subtleties, you won’t be baffled. Everything begins with a sapphire plate, which replaces the typical metal plate where signs are printed or applied. While the standard form shows customary silver, blue or dark dials, this Saphir rendition goes for a completely straightforward precious stone all things considered. After the moment track has been moved on the dial (a railroad track on the outskirts), more than 50 openings must be punctured into the surface to get all the applied components of the dial… and there are a large number of them.

On the dial of the Ateliers deMonaco Admiral Chronograph Flyback Saphir are applied: a nameplate at 12, 2 rings for the little second and the 30-minute counter, 12 jewel formed gold hour files lastly, dark roman numerals. These numerals are composed on isolated components, cleaned and dark PVD covered, and all show a bended surface, carrying profundity to the dial and playing with light reflections. Other than the way that the dial appears to be occupied from the start, the hands are adequately enormous and have a decent differentiation. Neatness is somewhat useful for a particularly opened dial.

Below this precious stone plate, the Ateliers deMonaco Admiral Chronograph Flyback Saphir uncovered all the chronograph instrument (which mean that when squeezing the pushers, you’ll have the option to see the cog wheels and switches moving). Completing is quite lovely, with snailed and inclined extensions, thermally blued screws, perlage on the fundamental plate and straight brushed switches and springs. In general an occupied and complex dial, which doesn’t come up short on some refinement.

Mouvement – Automatic Flyback Chronograph

Under the hood of the Admiral Chronograph Flyback Saphir is a development with a similarly fascinating wrapping up. However, the base is known, as of now seen in Frédérique Constant Manufacture watches. Notwithstanding, don’t anticipate a similar design, as just the specialized engineering will be shared. As said, this development depends on a particular development, something that we generally lament, yet on account of this watch, it brings an evident preferred position: having the chronograph component on the dial side… The base development is currently evolved, with a 4Hz recurrence, a programmed winding and 38h force hold (a bit short frankly). On top is a chronograph module with protected “Direct get back to Zero” system, which means the brand’s rendition of the flyback.

The back of the development of Ateliers deMonaco Admiral Chronograph Flyback Saphir is similarly well finishined, with a bridge adorned with round graining, slanted and cleaned edges, perlage on the principle plate and blued screws. The primary fascination is the hand engraved and exceptionally enhanced rotor (which, even is completely executed, may be a piece overdone…)


Altogether, other than the need to will encounter the watch, this survey was likewise the event for us to become more acquainted with the very good quality brand of the Frédérique Constant Group. What must be said first is, regardless of whether a few components are shared inside the group, Ateliers deMonaco is in a completely extraordinary association, compared to FC or Alpina. Completing, gathering, exactness of the execution, by and large class or enhancement are to a lot better expectations, so no concerns for authorities to have. Disarray between the brands is just not possible.

Then, if the duplicate proposed by this Admiral Chronograph Flyback Saphir isn’t awesome (the enrichment – rotor particularly – could be somewhat downplayed, the influence save is marginally too short, the case could be more modest), it is a watch that has some revenue and that could be viewed as when you come to a dressy, rich chronograph in gold. The expansion of the sapphire dial is an extraordinary element for mechanics’ darlings, and in such value range, they are many. It is accessible for Euro 26,900 in pink gold and Euro 28,000 in white gold, and is a restricted version of 88 pieces. More subtleties and retailers on .

Specifications of the Ateliers deMonaco Admiral Chronograph Flyback Saphir

  • Case: 42mm diamater x 13.3mm tallness – white gold or pink gold, completely cleaned – sapphire gem on the two countenances – 30m water resistant
  • Movement: dMc 760 Caliber, in-house – programmed – 4Hz recurrence – 32 gems – 38h force hold – hours, minutes, little second, flyback chronograph
  • Strap: hand-sewed croc calfskin with gold pin buckle