Review – The Hanhart Primus Black Ops Pilot, The German Pilot-Watch Modernized

Review – The Hanhart Primus Black Ops Pilot, The German Pilot-Watch Modernized

Hanhart’s notoriety as far as Military/Pilot chronographs is all around recognized today. The German “brand with the red button” (the brand’s signature feature since 1938) represents considerable authority in making solid, ground-breaking and somewhat vintage-enlivened chronographs (the Pioneer assortment, suggestive of 1940s pilots and maritime officials watches). Yet, there’s another watch in the assortment; one that, without putting some distance between the foundations of the company, takes a gander at the future: the strong and aggressive Hanhart Primus. Today, we investigate the most recent form, the Black Ops Pilot, which additionally turns out to be a restricted release (with pre-orders opened ).

Hanhart’s regular creation is revolved around Flieger-chronographs, watches that were made preceding WWII, to prepare pilots. In 1938, the company uncovered the single-pusher calibre.40 chronograph, which is the motivation piece for the notorious Pioneer assortment that positively most here will know. These “Luftwaffe Flieger-chronographs” had a few attributes in common: black dials with Arabic numbers (upgrading high clarity and making a cleaned up dial), a 30-minute counter, poire squellete hands, awry pusher catches and furthermore a turning bezel. The entirety of this sounds extremely old style, and indeed, Hanhart has something more in the assortment, something that actually depends on the majority of the famous highlights of the brand, yet in an exceptionally manly and current way. Furthermore, that’s what we’re taking a gander at today; the Hanhart Primus Black Ops Pilot.

The Hanhart Primus collection

In 2009, Hanhart chose to move away from its work of art, yet famous assortments &#8211, for example, this kind of Flieger-propelled chronograph  – and to introduce something a smidgen more 21st-century. With no conspicuous reference to the past any longer, the Hanhart Primus assortment is unflinchingly present day. What we have here is an intentionally forceful, manly, strong field/military/pilot chronograph. This watch is made for activity, there’s no inquiry regarding. For the individuals who feel the requirement for something with style or differentiation, they should look elsewhere. There is a solid inclination for activity – and the assortment isn’t just about pilot, yet additionally dashing or jumping. However, as strong and present day this watch is, it actually has very some coolness, and it doesn’t completely fail to remember its roots – a long way from that.

Today, we investigate the most recent emphasis in the assortment, a restricted version of 82 pieces, with an unmistakable “special forces” style, the Hanhart Primus Black Ops Pilot.

The Hanhart Primus Black Ops Pilot

This new restricted release, which is accessible for pre-request , shares numerous components with the generally accessible versions of the Hanhart Primus, on which it adds new shading codes. Generally speaking, we’re before an undauntedly enormous, rakish, sharp watch, with military motivation and chronograph work. All things considered, the attention here is on obstruction, neatness, usefulness and – we ought not fail to remember – style.

The instance of the Hanhart Primus Black Ops Pilot is very much a piece… Made with a great deal of steel, showing a very bizarre shape, generally dimensioned and exceptionally ensured, it is made in an incredibly rough route as it is required to be utilized in the most exceedingly terrible conditions. In this way, disregard quality and differentiation. They are not the objectives of this watch.

The case estimates 44mm in distance across, by 15mm in stature. Very some good extents, which remain, anyway “in the standards”. We imply that it is enormous yet not bigger than numerous other pilot chronographs you’ll find available. However, measurements are not all. Shapes and extents likewise assume a part here. Being very rakish and with basically no clear bezel, the watch seems bigger than anticipated. It is an assertion on the wrist. All the components are larger than average (with the possibility that they can be utilized with gloves).

Once on the wrist, regardless of whether the presence of the watch is irrefutable, comfort hasn’t been failed to remember by the same token. To be sure, the drags are not fixed however expressed to twist down and embrace the wrist. It implies that this watch will effortlessly adjust to most men’s wrists, from 16cm to over 20cm. Calculable. The side of the case uncovers this component, just as two different things: the scored bezel, something found on vintage bits of the brand (yet here updated with a more precise style) and the red pusher (a signature component of Hanhart watches since 1939).

As previously referenced, all the components are larger than average, including the pushers, the crown and the turning bezel (which includes a red pointer to assist with making estimations). By and by, convenience is hence awesome and all the specialized components can be worked without potential mix-ups. For this Hanhart Primus Black Ops Pilot, the case has been covered with Black DLC (precious stone like carbon) on brushed steel, with a couple of cleaned emphasizes on the sides of the drags. Regarding style, the personality of the watch is irrefutable and it seems like something not seen previously. Present day and solid, yet when you take a gander at it, you can feel the Hanhart legacy in the design.

As for the general nature of the watch, let’s be clear: it’s unshakable. The watch feels and is hefty, all the components are somewhat firm and nothing feels unstable or seriously changed. It is made to last and to endure an intense life. To complement the plan, the Hanhart Primus Black Ops Pilot is conveyed on a texture material tie in military green, shut by a strong collapsing fasten (additionally in black-DLC steel). Decent detail: the openings on the tie are circumnavigated with metal rings. By and by with the possibility of strength and sturdiness in mind.

Moving to the dial of the Hanhart Primus Black Ops Pilot, again the military/field/pilot/extraordinary powers motivation is clear, and it is currently planned. This is the place where the watch may be the least “Hanhart” truth be told. Much the same as the case, the decision was about convenience and readability on the whole conditions. The military green dial is profoundly grained to stay away from all reflections, and all the markers are curiously large to enhance the signs – and true to form, all are iridescent, implying that evening time decipherability is simply sublime (the sort of watch you don’t put on your night-stand on the off chance that you need to keep your room dark…)

If there’s again no concessions to class, and if the solitary thought was usability, the outcome remains very charming. Obviously, this dial won’t “fly under the radar”, like the remainder of the watch. In any case, when acknowledged the way that this watch is a field/activity instrument, the general format bodes well. Regardless of whether you center around the time or the chronograph signs (a bi-compax show with a little second at 9 and a 30-minute counter at 3), it will be difficult to have any trouble perusing the signs. They are ‘in your face’ and give moment readability. Utilitarian and apparatus ish, yet all things considered, not unsavory by any stretch of the imagination. Much the same as the case, the dial feels professional, with slick and exact changes and printings (might be that German sense for quality…) One inquiry stays (as regularly): the presence of the date… Some like, some don’t. Here, I’d say that it adjusts the dial, however an enormous 6 numeral would have been acceptable as well. To every his own.

Powering the Hanhart Primus Black Ops Pilot is a movement as vigorous and utilitarian as the remainder of the watch. The HAN3809 depends on the demonstrated engineering of the Valjoux 7750, here marginally altered by La Joux-Perret (a decent development constructor). The primary distinction comes from the showcase, changed from the run of the mill 6-9-12 to a more adjusted 2-register design (3 and 9) style, with the sub-dials being marginally moved away from the hub of the hands, subsequently more adjusted to the size of the watch. For the rest, the details are equivalent to a standard 7750 – 4Hz recurrence, 42h force hold, chronograph incited by a cam.

Visible through the sapphire caseback, it has a modern look, with sandblasted spans and a particular openworked rotor in black. Once more, not much, other than a development that will work much the same as it ought to and will in all likelihood demonstrate solid and precise (the 7750 design has been tried for more than forty years now), with a productive winding capacity.


Overall, the Hanhart Primus Black Ops Pilot coordinates the assumptions for its looks. It is a strong, hearty, intense and “made to survive” apparatus watch. Its plan is an assertion, without any concessions to carefulness or tastefulness – and unmistakably, this isn’t what you ought to anticipate from such a watch – however it looks like no other watch available. Then again, we’ve been satisfied by this conscious hostility of the plan, by the pleasantly executed and dosed references to the Hanhart legacy and by the amazing by and large quality. Considering this watch is estimated at EUR 2,990, we’ve been wonderfully astonished, and that incorporates some little subtleties like the lash and the enunciated drags. A watch for a specific sort of client without a doubt, yet at the same time a subjective option.

This Hanhart Primus Black Ops Pilot is restricted to 82 pieces and pre-orders can be made on this page: .

Technical Specifications – Hanhart Primus Black Ops Pilot

  • Case: 44m width x 15mm tallness – Steel with black-DLC covering – explained drags, rotatable bezel, anodised aluminum red catch – sapphire gem on the two sides – 100m water resistant
  • Movement: calibre HAN3809 (bicompax), changed Valjoux 7750 – programmed – 4Hz recurrence – 42h force hold – hours, minutes, chronograph, date
  • Strap: green texture lash with black-DLC steel collapsing clasp
  • Availability: 82 pieces only
  • Price: EUR 2,990