Review – The Superb Vacheron Constantin Historiques Triple Calendrier 1942 in Steel

Review – The Superb Vacheron Constantin Historiques Triple Calendrier 1942 in Steel

In a piece of information that dropped on our a little while prior, Vacheron Constantin declared a few new “Historiques” watches . As an update, this assortment comprises the purposely “vintage-inspired” models of the brand, including the American 1921 or the Chronograph Cornes de Vaches . With the Vacheron Constantin Historiques Triple Calendrier 1942, saying that we’ve been dazzled is something of a misrepresentation of reality. Delightfully planned, adjusted, with legacy and family, and the entirety of that in a “accessible” (relatively speaking) steel case. It is currently an ideal opportunity to encounter this Triple Calendrier 1942 in the metal.

The starting piece, the vintage Triple Calendar Ref. 4240

When it comes to the “Historiques” assortment at Vacheron Constantin, nothing rises out of scratch and there’s consistently a wellspring of motivation behind these pieces. Without portraying it as a duplicate gluing measure here, the new Vacheron Constantin Historiques Triple Calendrier 1942 plainly is impacted by an antique – and very uncommon and important – watch from VC. For this situation it is the Vacheron Constantin Triple Calendrier, or ref. 4240. Brought into the world in 1942 (hence the name of the new model), the 4240 was Vacheron’s first wristwatch with a triple/complete/full schedule display.

Vacheron entered rather right off the bat the triple schedule watches’ market, or all the more definitely in 1929, albeit that was with a pocket watch, showing a huge focal window with 3 circles – one for the day of the week, one for the date, one for the month. It was distinctly in 1942 that the possibility of the triple schedule in the end made it into a wristwatch. However, this isn’t the lone motivation behind why this particular piece ought to be viewed as important.

The vintage Triple Calendar Ref. 4240 turned into a symbol throughout the long term, after a somewhat extensive stretch of questions and questions concerning its actual presence, and the genuineness of the couple of pieces that made advances up for sale. Notwithstanding, those questions were transitory, and the 4240 turned into an appropriate symbol. A few models and subsequent variations were made (in yellow or pink gold, even some uncommon two-tone cases, with various kinds of hauls, with various dials or indexes), nonetheless, the one that is today on focal point of the audience is the 35mm steel adaptation, with tear-drop carries and an extraordinary case profile, with a few “gadroons”.

In terms of style, the 4240 is about the exemplary meaning of the Triple Calendrier, with a presentation that would be seen later in numerous different watches: with the date and month in windows at 12, little second at 6, and time on the focal hub, with an extra focal hand for the date. An incredibly adjusted showcase. Likewise, the development inside this watch, type 485, is just about as famous as the watch it powers.

The Vacheron Constantin Historiques Triple Calendrier 1942 (and indeed, it’s steel)

Let’s presently move to the new piece, which is an advanced translation of an old piece. Indeed, again a vintage-roused watch, and again it might have been gentle. There are many retro watches being done these years, yet few can truly get the title of “instant crush”… This Vacheron Constantin did. The Historiques Triple Calendrier 1942 oversees two troublesome perspectives: being verifiably applicable and as yet being unique all alone. Vintage bid on one side, an overall appreciation for the actual watch on the other. Two goals that are hard to match.

Let’s start with the initial introductions about this watch: adjusted, exquisite, retro, traditional. In a look, there’s a solid fascination for this watch, an inclination that was almost unanimously shared by all the columnists and gatherers going to the day of the introduction. At that point, there’s the second impression that this watch makes on you, the one that comes after a nearer investigation, when you let it uncover its subtleties. There’s a great deal going on in this plan, in excess of a straightforward look would recommend. Indeed, this watch is substantially more complex than simply a verifiably based and duplicated model, it is a complete reevaluation with present day codes, yet consummately executed.

  • Case

Let’s find the Vacheron Constantin Historiques Triple Calendrier 1942 bit by bit. To start with, the case. Vacheron Constantin has a long practice of molded watches and unique subtleties, with a large number de formes“, with an extraordinary authority of the tonneau watches. One other sign of VC are the carries, for example, “claw“, “cornes de vaches” or “tear-drop” drags, all ideal instances of this controlled flightiness that VC has applied on its watches since the 1920s. This is found again here, with the 1942. Notwithstanding, prior to taking a gander at the subtleties, it should be noticed that the situation of this watch is made in pure steel… Quite a vital move from the brand, considering this watch to be evaluated at a generally open cost (note: gold will likewise be accessible however in the 1948 restricted version ).

In subtleties, the case is an entirely round barrel of 40mm – a serious advance forward compared to the 35mm vintage 4240, yet a sensible size to fulfill current guidelines. This case is complex fit as a fiddle, particularly on the sides. The profile has been planned appropriately to the ref. 4240, with a “triple gadroon” style, combined with a ventured bezel and a raised sapphire precious stone. The profile is complex and willfully stacked, and then again, when seen from an opposite point, the Triple Calendrier 1942 feels moderately straightforward. This progression of raised lines gives all its creativity to the watch, yet with a specific carefulness. The case is totally cleaned, and knowing the complexity of the profile, it is significantly more astounding to see it in a common material.

Another significant factor in the plan of this Vacheron Constantin Historiques Triple Calendrier 1942 are the “tear-drop” or “goutte” carries, a customary component in VC’s history. Here, the plan group chose to modernize them, with a more present and bolder shape. However stacked as the case seems to be, it doesn’t degrade either from the remainder of the watch, knowing its significantly adjusted dial and display.

  • Dial and Display

The dial of the Triple Calendrier 1942 is clearly an tribute to the past. The likeness for certain particular subtleties of the ref. 4240 is, from the start, outright. Its design, extents, shadings and finishings are for the most part truly right. The showcase includes the old style design of 1940s-1950s triple/complete/full schedule watches, with day and date in windows at 12, put under the logo of the brand, little second at 6, focal hands for the hours, the minutes and the date hand, which focuses to a fringe track. The principal thing to note is about the extents of the various signs. The little second, for example, is consummately situated, not very close from the pivot of the hands, and simply over the tracks encompassing the dial. Same goes for the afternoon and month windows, which feels less than on the vintage release for a more rich result.

The decision of shading is likewise very savvy, with a two-tone dial. The focal part and the moment rail-street track are opaline with an extremely unpretentious sun-beam design, while the date track is somewhat appearing differently in relation to a white tone and a matte completion. Note that two tones are accessible for this watch, with the majority of the distinctions being the shade of the content in the windows, the shade of the date numerals and the shade of the tie. One is about blue, different plays on warm tones of burgundy and brown.

Just like the old model, time is demonstrated by long and slight cudgel turns in blued steel and the date through a dim silver hand with a red bolt on the tip. Once more, much the same as the case, this exemplary plan is illuminated by unique subtleties. For example, the numerals are highly adapted, with a craftsmanship deco text style. In general, the dial of the Vacheron Constantin Historiques Triple Calendrier 1942 is completely adjusted, initially adapted and very elegant.

  • Movement

If the habillage of this Triple Calendrier 1942 is exceptionally lovely to the eye, the mechanics inside haven’t been failed to remember all things considered. Inside this assortment is a hand-wound development, much the same as the vintage model, yet with current determinations and a brilliant enrichment. Inside is the Calibre 4400 QC (QC for “Quantième Complet”, French for complete calendar), in view of the well-known calibre 4400, as utilized in various Patrimony (the Excellence Platine ), Traditionnelle (the Small Second ), Malte (the old style Malte Time-Only ) or Historiques (the American 1921 ) watches. Here, we have an advancement with Triple Calendar module.

When saw from the caseback side, this 4400 QC is a somewhat saved development, not expressive. Its extensions are fairly plain and, regardless of whether they have pleasant bends, very little is noticeable. Yet, similarly as with the remainder of the watch, you’ll need to focus on the subtleties. Without a doubt, the improvement is on the top of the line side, with cleaned slants, inward points, angled wheel spokes, pleasant etchings, perlage on the primary plate… Everything that, truth be told, is needed in a Poinçon de Genève development. Since surely, this type 4400 QC, regardless of whether the watch is steel and valued as needs be, is ensured and tried by the sign of Geneva.

Technically, this is an advanced hand-twisted development with a 4Hz recurrence and 65h of force hold. Besides, the development is sufficiently enormous to fill the case and takes into consideration a pleasant view.


As said effectively in the presentation, Vacheron Constantin had a great delivery with this new Triple Calendrier 1942. On the off chance that you put the topic of the style separated (this is too close to home to even consider being objective), this watch marks all the crates: family, mechanical delight, retro inclination blended in with present day components, creativity with yet some extraordinary tastefulness, uniqueness of the plan and clear Vacheron Constantin DNA. This is the sort of watch that one could anticipate from such a manufacture.

Then you need to consider the value: EUR 19,800… Very great when you consider the degree of enrichment of the development, the complication utilized and the execution of both the case and the dial. Having this watch in steel isn’t just very sexy, however it additionally makes the brand open to various authorities, who will unquestionably feel pulled in by the look and the vintage components. It is really hard to track down another watch with such family, such quality and a comparable name imprinted on the dial valued to this value level (at least, no equivalent offer exists from the other 2 brands of the Holy Trinity). Without a doubt, it is a great deal of cash, however a merited sticker price. Side note: if this model isn’t authoritatively restricted or numbered, it won’t be effectively accessible, as the creation numbers will stay private, to keep this model elite. More subtleties on .

Technical Specifications – Vacheron Constantin Historiques Triple Calendrier 1942

  • Case: 40mm distance across x 10.35mm tallness – hardened steel, triple gadroon profile, altogether cleaned – sapphire gem on the two sides – 30m water resistant
  • Movement: Caliber 4400 QC, in-house – Certified by the Poinçon de Genève – hand-wound – 65h force hold – 4Hz recurrence – hours, minutes, pointer date, little second, day and month
  • Strap: Alligator leather in blue or earthy colored, steel pin buckle
  • Reference: 3110V/000A-B426 (Blue model) – 3110V/000A-B425 (Burgundy model)
  • Price: EUR 19,800