Review – Urban Jürgensen 1140C, and the Detent Escapement Explained

Review – Urban Jürgensen 1140C, and the Detent Escapement Explained

Three times a seconds… from the get go the Urban Jürgensen & Sonner (UJ&S) 1140C is a charming dress watch with the customary tender loving care and sumptuous craftsmanship that goes into all the brand’s watches. Investigate however and you will see the uncommon, practically yanking movement of its seconds hand, which really moves three times each second. Both brains and good looks, the reference 1140C is fueled by refined mechanics directed by a detent escapement, a chalice of chronometry adjusted to fit in a wristwatch.

Urban Jürgensen represents understated elegance, sophistication, and hand-craftsmanship. Dispatched in 2015, their reference 1140C is the continuation of the brand’s 2014 GPHG (Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève, the Oscars of watchmaking) first prize Winner in quite a while’s Category. Staying consistent with the unadulterated style of the brand, this rich dress watch is another interpretation of that plan, lodging the licensed UJ&S detent escapement (for more data about Urban Jürgensen and its set of experiences, read our past article here ).

The Urban Jürgensen reference 1140C is controlled by the P8 type with turned detent escapement. This twin barrel has a satisfying independence of 60 hours and highlights a stop-seconds for exact change. With a measurement of 32mm and a thickness of 5.20mm, it runs at 21’600 vibrations each hour. As consistently with Urban Jürgensen, the completing is first class with Geneva stripes emanating from the huge equilibrium wheel. The scaffolds, screw and gem sinks are perfectly chamfered and the full equilibrium connect is open worked.

A chalice of chronometry, the detent (or chronometer) escapement is quite possibly the most exact sort of escapements. Made about 250 years prior, it was for the most part utilized in marine chronometers and a couple of pocket watches. The balance wheel swings undisturbed during the majority of its cycle, aside from the concise motivation time frame, which is just given once per cycle (which clarifies why the seconds hand is just moving 3 times each second for a recurrence of 21’600 vibrations each hour). It runs basically without grating and the getaway wheel teeth don’t need oiling.

There are a few detriments however. For instance, it is somewhat delicate to stuns, which is the motivation behind why it was not utilized in wristwatches until as of late. Created with Chronode, the UJ&S protected detent escapement includes a few improvements compared to the conventional ‘chronometer’ escapement and was tried with Chronofiable. It highlights 3 stones for 3 individual capacities: the middle stone on the equilibrium roller lifts the detent aside to deliver a tooth of the getaway wheel from the locking stone while at the same time the drive bed controls the equilibrium wheel.

The heavenly dial highlights moved Roman numerals. This genuine show-stopper requires meticulous hand work utilizing a guilloche machine to make its impeccable “grains d’orge” design upgraded by a fine layer of silver on its surface. The blued steel hands are jewel completed and planned in the trademark Urban Jürgensen style, including a tick mounted precious stone cleaned eye in rose gold. At 12 o’clock, the force save sign runs more than 60 hours.

At 40mm, the UJ&S reference 1140 wears completely well with its unmistakable ventured bezel and tear-drop drags. The case is proportional and is a three-piece development with a marginally domed sapphire precious stone. It is worn on a dark gator lash with pin clasp, which as common with UJ&S shows lovely quality and smoothness.

The Urban Jürgensen 1140C retails at 49,000 CHF. More data on .

Technical determinations – Urban Jürgensen 1140C

  • Case: 40mm – pink gold case – sapphire precious stones – 30m water resistant
  • Movement: type P8 – manual winding – 60h force hold – 21,600 vibrations/h – 28 gems – hours, minutes, focal seconds and force save sign – rotated detent escapement.
  • Strap: croc calfskin with pink gold pin-buckle