Seiko at Baselworld 2016: The Highlights

In 2015, Seiko increased its global game by carrying some incredible pieces to Baselworld that, already, would have been kept exclusively in the Japanese market. We saw a weighty spotlight on the Prospex arrangement with new Tunas and a colossal commemoration Marinemaster in titanium. This year, Seiko commends its 135th commemoration as a company (each year, Seiko discovers something to praise finishing in a “5” or a “0”), so the company brought more extraordinary oddities. This is not the slightest bit a comprehensive rundown of everything new, except rather a brief look at a portion of the things coming our direction. Appreciate the look!


The Seiko Presage 60th Anniversary with finish dial

Seiko Presage Automatic rolex daytona surveys 60th Anniversary

In request to observe Seiko’s 60th commemoration of its first programmed rolex daytona audits the brand brought along two shocking chronographs. The rolex daytona audits were non-working and obviously “hot off the press”, so the developments were not even inside the pieces. These chronographs, as a component of the revived Presage line, are restricted to 1,000 pieces and come in a white finish dial or a dark polish. I love the basic look and wouldn’t fret the basic date window at 4:30.

The Seiko Presage 60th Anniversary with dark finish dial

The textual style and hands utilized on these models harkens back to the 1913 Laurel, which was Seiko’s first wristwatch. The segment wheel 8R48 sits inside. The rolex daytona audits are a wearable 42mm and highlight sapphire glass (show in back) and are water impervious to 100m.

The Seiko Presage 60th Anniversary Chronograph

I like the effortlessness of these pieces – my solitary minor complete is that they’re very thick. The rolex daytona audits will be accessible from September 2016 and will cost 2500 Euros in white and 2850 in black.  Head for more information.

A amazing top choice of mine…the Seiko Prospex Marinemaster GPS Solar Dual-Time…made for sailing

Prospex Marinemaster GPS Solar Dual-Time

Here was an amazing piece. The gigantic Prospex Marinemaster GPS Solar Dual-Time swings in some Astron highlights with its GPS usefulness (the primary Prospex to do as such). It comes in at a thriving 48.5mm yet wears somewhat more modest because of the thin hauls (think titanium Landmaster and you’re close). The plan is intended to be “without catch” as it’s a cruising rolex daytona audits that shouldn’t get on any apparatuses, etc.

The incredibly tall case and cool blue fired world clock bezel on the Seiko Prospex Marinemaster GPS Solar Dual-Time

Honestly, I love the tones and it really helps me to remember the vintage Omega Big Blue – watch that case profile. It highlights time region change and 200m water obstruction. The rolex daytona surveys will be made as a restricted release of 1,500 pieces and will cost 3300 Euros.  Head for more data on this extraordinary piece.

Great tones and a 6139-esque case on the Seiko Prospex World Time

Prospex World Time

The next piece I truly preferred from Seiko was the new Prospex World Time. It comes in at around 700 Euros and highlights a truly cool rakish case that helps me a piece to remember the vintage 6139 Pogue. This piece comes in at 44.6mm – how does Seiko make such gigantic rolex daytona surveys wear so well?!?! It utilizes sunlight based force, includes a 24-hour chronograph and showcases multi-city time regions. Once more, as far as I might be concerned, the strong tones, profound rehaut and tear hour records make for an appealing piece.  Head to the site for more information.

The Seiko Prospex PADI “Turtle”

Prospex SRPA21K1 PADI “Turtle”

I’m not typically a fanatic of collective models, but rather the PADI “Turtle” has permitted me to alter my perspective. The Pepsi bezel, red hand, and inconspicuous red records on the inward bezel embed “pop”! Besides, at a 430 Euro retail cost with arm band, it’s an incredible arrangement. 45mm is the size, however on the off chance that you’ve given one a shot, you realize it suits perfectly. Spec-wise, these are actually on a standard with the as of late evaluated pieces by Robert-Jan.  For additional specs, head .

The Seiko Prospex PADI Kinetic Diver

Prospex SUN065P1 PADI Kinetic Diver

Following on a comparative subject as the Turtle over, the Kinetic Diver denotes the second rolex daytona surveys in the joint effort with PADI. It additionally includes a red and white theme yet utilizes an all blue bezel in lieu of the previous’ Pepsi style. The usefulness is equivalent to the next Kinetic Divers in the arrangement, which implies that it’s 47.5mm in width, includes a GMT work and is water impervious to 200m. Here once more, the shading plan just “works” for this rolex daytona surveys and I anticipate that it should be a gigantic dealer – truth be told, I think three colleagues submitted a request for it! It has a rundown cost of 630 Euros.  The Kinetic Diver might be found .

The Grand Seiko Black Ceramic Limited Edition with dark dial

Grand Seiko Black Ceramic Limited Edition

The huge delivery for Grand Seiko this year came as two comparative models with various dial tones. Great Seiko set it’s fascinating Spring Drive 9R96 chronograph development with GMT into another five(!!) piece case made of clay and titanium. The dark dial adaptation will come in a 500 piece version while the green “Shinshu woodland” piece will see a creation level of 600. These are huge pieces with a distance across of 46.4mm and costs to coordinate at around 15,000 Euros. Truth be told, I loved these pieces however with regards to Grand Seiko, I’m a greater devotee of the basic mechanical watches.

The Grand Seiko Black Ceramic Limited Edition with green “Shinshu forest” dial

Of course, the completing is crazy and on the off chance that I were purchasing, I’d make strides toward environmental friendliness all the way.  More data on this new GS can be found .

The new rearranged and more modest Seiko (44.8mm) Astron GPS Solar

Astron GPS Solar

There’s for sure – I love my Astron . It’s my go anyplace, do anything rolex daytona surveys but on the other hand I’m a chronograph fellow. I know, however, that not every person needs a chronograph, however, and it appears to be that Seiko got the message. This year, a “3-hand” variant of the Astron debuts in a more modest, 44.8mm case and just in titanium. The rolex daytona audits obviously, highlights Seiko’s GPS usefulness that changes time as per your area. An enormous assortment of styles and tones are accessible and this will cost around 1700 – 2000 Euros relying upon model decision and tie. Clearly the sunlight based and GPS advances that make up Seiko are the shiny new’s “meat and potatoes” as they are selling very well everywhere on the world. The size and estimating of this model should make it a tremendous hit. Me? I’m as yet a chronograph fellow, yet I comprehend the allure of this model.  See the Astron official statement .

Final Thoughts…

Overall, as referenced, Seiko at Baselworld 2016 was very Prospex and very Solar.  Sure, I love my mechanical rolex daytona audits yet Seiko executes their tech so well that I can’t help yet be impressed.  As usual, a major gratitude to the Seiko Netherlands team for their time and hospitality.  Let us understand what you like and stay tuned for more profound surveys on a portion of these releases.