Seiko Prospex Diver 300m Hi-Beat SLA025 – The Recreation of the 1968 Ref. 6159-7001

Seiko Prospex Diver 300m Hi-Beat SLA025 – The Recreation of the 1968 Ref. 6159-7001

Seiko’s notoriety as far as expert plunge watches is unshakable and traces all the way back to 1965 with the making of the Seiko Diving Department, and later the Prospex terminology. For our huge delight, the brand has been delving into its rich history to offer us the absolute best vintage re-versions we’ve seen of late. A year ago was about  Seiko’s first-historically speaking plunge watch . This year, the brand takes a gander at one more symbol, with the amusement of the 1968 Automatic Diver 300m Reference 6159-7001. Meet the brand new Seiko Prospex Diver 300m Hi-Beat SLA025.


In 2017, Seiko got everyone’s attention with its “cooler than ice cream” vintage re-version of its first plunge watch, the 62Mas or Seiko 6217-8000/1. Excitedly anticipated, applauded by many, criticized by some as excessively costly, decided by most as a super steadfast and magnificently executed piece, the Seiko 62Mas Re-version SLA017 was a hot subject of discussion. Expect a similar response this year with the new Seiko Prospex Diver 300m Hi-Beat SLA025. The formula is indistinguishable: take quite possibly the most famous jump watches of the brand, modernize it (a tad), take some motivation (a ton) and here you go… An effective talking piece.

In 1968, three years after the formation of the 62Mas, Seiko conveyed another great and imaginative expert plunge watch, the Automatic Diver 300m Reference 6159-7001. This watch was not simply an update of its archetype. In only three years, Seiko had multiplied the water-obstruction, improved the usefulness and neatness of the watch and acquired radically in exactness. The Automatic Diver 300m was the principal hi-beat diver’s watch available. Its huge size, its unmistakable plan, its famous plated complements; the entirety of that made the legend behind the watch that is a hot thing on collector’s lists.

The Seiko Prospex Diver 300m Hi-Beat SLA025

For Baselworld 2018, this watch is back in a (slightly) modernised package, yet with a plan dedicated to the first 1968 piece, under the name Seiko Prospex Diver 300m Hi-Beat reference SLA025. Truly a mouthful!

With this new reference SLA025, Seiko is straightforwardly targetting the most bad-to-the-bone authorities, the individuals who understand what the first 1968 is and what it addresses – both regarding innovative significance and collectible worth. Much the same as the entertainment of the 62Mas a year ago, the Baselworld 2018 piece will again be a genuine collector’s piece that won’t be gathering dust in showcase windows – and for awesome reasons.

Seiko has chosen to play the historical card and has created a case that is indistinguishable from the 1968 model. The size and shape, as regularly with Seiko Prospex watches, are very enormous – 44.8mm distance across x 15.7mm tallness – and all the subtleties have been executed accurately with a similar round brushing, a similar scored bezel, and a similar situation of the crown. The elastic lash is even consistent with the first one. Extravagance and excellence aren’t failed to remember however, and Zaratsu polishing gives the carry sharpness and beauty.

The dial and the bezel of the Seiko Prospex Diver 300m Hi-Beat SLA025 are additionally completely consistent with the 1968 model, with similar textual styles, the unmistakable state of the records and hands or the gold shading included widely. Different subtleties have been modernized, obviously, however the advancement stays unobtrusive and the outcome very desirable.

Inside the case, much the same as the 1968 model, ticks a hi-beat development – that is, a development with 5Hz or 36,000vph recurrence. It joins Caliber 8L55, which was uncommonly intended to be utilized by divers and is made by Seiko’s talented specialists and ladies in the Shizukuishi Watch Studio in Morioka, in the north of Japan. This development is a restrained form of the Grand Seiko 9S type, with less enrichment. It flaunts a comfortable 55h force hold and highlights programmed winding.

The Seiko Prospex Diver 300m Hi-Beat SLA025 – or 1968 Automatic Diver’s Re-creation Limited Edition – will be delivered in a restricted run of 1,500 pieces around the world. It will be estimated at EUR 5,500. Unmistakably, not a modest watch, but rather the outcome is really pleasant. More subtleties on .