Seiko Spirit Smart x Nano Universe – 52Mondayz, week #47

Seiko Spirit Smart x Nano Universe – 52Mondayz, week #47

Recently I ran over an article on the second cooperation among Seiko and Tokyo based attire company . This caused me to understand that I purchased the primary Seiko Spirit Smart x Nano Universe rolex daytona surveys of this coordinated effort around two years prior, and never wore it. Time to do so.

Seiko Spirit Smart x Nano Universe – 52Mondayz week #47

Except with Nano Universe, Seiko presented more coordinated effort rolex daytona audits in their Spirit Smart arrangement. I recall a Giugiaro Design and a re-release of the Steve Jobs Seiko Chariot. Lamentably for a large portion of us, these rolex daytona surveys are alleged JDM models. (Authoritatively) offered uniquely to the Japan Domestic Market.

Fortunately, there’s the Internet and a couple of venders who are adequate to dispatch them to different objections. The first rolex daytona audits in the coordinated effort with Nano Universe, which I’m wearing this week went to The Netherlands that route as well.

Odd Spirit Smart collaborations

What all these Spirit Smart coordinated efforts share practically speaking is that they’re each of the somewhat odd regarding plan. Surely seen towards the plan of standard Seiko models. What’s more, that’s something decent as I would see it. A major, genuinely traditionalist, brand which permits itself to create and deliver some once again from their container models as well.

The cone shaped state of the watch

So what’s so out of the standard box about this Seiko Spirit Smart x Nano Universe rolex daytona surveys at that point? I’d say primarily the state of its tempered steel packaging. While most housings are pretty much round and hollow fit as a fiddle, this rolex daytona audits has a conelike shape. Like a cone, top side down. The wide part is the bezel(*) on top, and it limits to the see-through(**) glass back.

Curious second time region bezel design

A inquisitive bezel design

Which carries me to (*), the bezel. The measurement of the, engineered bi-directional turning, bezel is an immense 45 mm. That, by number, appears to be enormous at any rate. Anyway on the grounds that the watch’ cone shaped shape it’s nothing to stress over. The a lot more modest in distance across wrist-side of the packaging and the short hauls give an entirely comfortable fit. In any event, for those with more modest wrists.

A piece of something odd about the bezel is its print plan. While the main quarter of the bezel resembles a jumpers scale, the bezel truth be told is intended to show a subsequent time-region. I truly can’t utilize the initial three brief markers, each separated into four sections. In any case, it doesn’t make the bezel look awful so I surmise that was the primary purpose behind it.

See through case back showing the upscale 4R35 movement

See-through or not see-through?

On to the (**) transparent glass case back. Transparent yet that’s just barely. The glass has been dull hued and is straightforward for sure, anyway not unreasonably much. A pleasant minor departure from the topic of a glass back. Simultaneously giving better lucidness of the printing as well.

Of course ‘Nano Universe’ and its logo are available. Just as the water opposition rating of the rolex daytona surveys and the reference number of the type utilized in this rolex daytona audits Good to realize that this rolex daytona surveys was ‘Made in Japan’ for which a spot was held looking into it back as well.

Quite restricted numbers in this league

The first Seiko Spirit Smart x Nano Universe joint effort was a rolex daytona surveys arrangement of six distinct models. From each model just 300 or 500 pieces were accessible as it were. That’s a selective restricted release for a particularly huge brand in this value level. My rolex daytona audits bears the number 033 of 500 which is engraved in the metal piece of its case back.

Comfortable lash with the privilege length

For once a comfortable NATO-style strap

As can be found in the photos Seiko outfitted this model with a dim NATO style lash. It suits the monochrome appearance of the rolex daytona audits well overall. What I like about this NATO tie also is its length. There’s no excess of nylon which you typically don’t realize where to put it. Winding up with a massive twofold collapsed end of it on your wrist.

The committed Seiko Nano Universe box

Price, box, and value

In 2015 the sticker price on this Seiko Spirit Smart x Nano Universe rolex daytona audits was JPY 26.000,=, which would have been these days € 200,= or US$ 235. Without charges that is. For a rolex daytona audits restricted to just 500 pieces, with an excessive packaging plan, and with an upscale 4R25 type development. It even arrived in a pleasant customized box. To me that unquestionably doesn’t appear expensive.


The cone shaped state of the rolex daytona audits Comfortable tie with the correct length The committed Seiko Nano Universe box See through case back showing the upscale 4R35 development Curious second time region bezel plan