SIHH 2017 – Baume & Mercier Debuts In Sports Watches With The Satisfying Clifton Club

SIHH 2017 – Baume & Mercier Debuts In Sports Watches With The Satisfying Clifton Club

The SIHH 2017 has seen the introductions of an entirely new assortment for Baume & Mercier, the Clifton Club, investigating new regions for the brand: sports watches. Surely, this universe is from the outset rather far away from how the brand used to help the most recent decade. All things considered, this Clifton Club is an intriguing curiosity. No showcasing artifices about legacy, vintage-motivation or a dark past assortment. This watch is exactly what it resembles; a pleasantly executed, all around planned, very much situated (cost and style) watch that makes us figure it very well may be a relevant response to the real market. Overview.

Baume & Mercier, to the exemption of a couple of secret assortments (, for example, Cobra watches ), has never been seriously dynamic in the field of sports watches. The situating of the brand is unique, yet obviously characterized. Baume & Mercier are “celebration watches“, blessings made to stamp accomplishments throughout everyday life, like first triumphs, graduation, first business or merry seasons. Never Baume & Mercier had the unmistakable intention to reach to no-nonsense gatherers, and this isn’t going to change, even with this new Clifton Club assortment. Then again, the current collection of B&M is centered predominantly old style and exquisite watches, with a fairly formal plan. Regardless of whether we talk Classima , Clifton or Capeland, all are “dress-ish” watches and, clearly, there was some room for more easygoing pieces. Thinking about this and the present interest for more metropolitan, dynamic and energetic pieces, Baume needed to respond. Furthermore, this response is named the Clifton Club.

For once, we need to offer credits to a brand for NOT going into dark “story telling” showcasing tricks, with a hazy connection to a past assortment, with a weird or unimportant organization or with an inspiration taken in some obscure vintage assortment uncovered from an earlier time. No, the Baume & Mercier Clifton Club is exactly what it resembles, an advanced sports-arranged watch (and not an uncompromising plunge watch, which wouldn’t bode well at B&M) that looks great, wears pleasantly, is all around completed and very much valued. The Clifton Club has one objective; draw in new customers to the brand, more dynamic, more youthful and perhaps purchasing for themselves as opposed to being a blessing watch. This system, which has since quite a while ago been utilized by the brand, is both a strength and a threat, and thinking about the market, the response appears relevant.

What about the actual watch? All things considered, the Baume & Mercier Clifton Club is a lively/metropolitan offer, in light of the possibility of an easygoing watch, not a device watch. It implies that it combines a somewhat enormous (42mm) steel case that remains entirely wearable consistently – incredible comfort and flexibility to more modest wrists, because of short and bended hauls and a quite slim profile, at 10.3mm – some sumptuous subtleties, for example, the variation of satined and cleaned surfaces or some riveted indexes, with sportier components, for example, the 120-click unidirectional bezel, brilliant hour records and hands, crown monitors and shaded accents. Along these lines, don’t be astounded about the 100m water safe, indeed, you’re not taking a gander at a jump watch, just a watch that can be utilized for recreations and sports exercises when all is said in done. Altogether objectivity, the blend between old style codes of the brand and this energetic demeanor is well balanced.

In terms of development quality, the Baume & Mercier is profoundly fulfilling. The case feels spotless and balanced, the bezel appears to be strong, with sharp snaps and the watch is gotten to the wrist by a comfortable elastic lash of pleasant cowhide ties, with sailcloth surface and orange accents (a shading that can be found on all adaptations). Some genuine work which causes you to feel you’re getting what you paid for. Compared to the competition (some Oris or Longines watches for example), the quality is on par or marginally superior.

5 adaptations of the Baume & Mercier Clifton Club will be available:

  • Steel, dark dial, orange accents, dark calfskin lash with sailcloth surface and orange fixing with collapsing clasp – 1,740 CHF
  • Steel, white dial, orange accents, dark cowhide tie with sailcloth surface and orange fixing with collapsing buckle – 1,740 CHF
  • Steel, dark dial, orange accents, metallic wristband with collapsing clasp – 1,880 CHF
  • Steel, blue dial, orange accents, metallic wristband with collapsing clasp – 1,880 CHF
  • Black ADLC-covered steel, black dial, orange accents, black rubber tie with pin buckle – 2,000 CHF

The dial is accessible in dark (steel on leather/steel on steel wristband/ADLC-covered steel on elastic), white (steel on cowhide just) or blue (steel on steel arm band just) and shows a decent ventured style. An inward rib circles the records and is painted in orange on the inner side, giving some more profundity to the essence of the watch. The hands are enormous, neat and iridescent and the date is fairly carefully coordinated at 3, with a plate coordinating the shade of the dial. The innovation is brought by th bolt style second hand covered in orange. The bezel, contingent upon the renditions, is sandblasted steel or sandblasted ADLC covered steel (for the dark insets), with engraved 60-minute scale.

Inside the case and under a plain caseback with inscriptions is a solid, notable, effectively useful development, the Sellita SW200 – ETA-clone with 4Hz recurrence, 48 hours power hold, speedy date and stop seconds. Once more, not all that much or misrepresented however a decent programmed development that will impeccably do the work on an every day basis.

Once once more, this new Baume & Mercier Clifton Club should not be regarded with no-nonsense watch collector’s eyes. It doesn’t target such gatherings. All things considered, what must be seen is a pleasantly executed watch, with current and easygoing look, and great incentive for cash. It seems like a proper response to a troublesome market, to the developing interest for sports watch and to the absence of such proposal in Baume & Mercier’s assortment. This Clifton Club won’t break the roof however we need to concede to the intelligibility of the package. .

Specifications of the Baume & Mercier Clifton Club

  • Case: 42mm breadth x 10.3mm stature – hardened steel or ADLC-covered tempered steel, brushed and satined surfaces – sapphire precious stone on the front, steel back – 100m water resistance
  • Movement: Sellita SW200 – programmed – 4Hz recurrence – 48h force hold – hours, minutes, seconds and date
  • Strap/wristband: steel bracelet calfskin lash with sailcloth texture elastic strap