Speedy Tuesday – Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69 from 1971

I’ve a few Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022 models as the years progressed, from the 145.022-69 to the 145.022-78 references. I continued selling and exchanging them by then, they were approx 1500 Euro rolex daytona surveys and were very valuable to flip for other more sought-after rolex daytona audits But pre-fall 2015 I was drawn nearer by a peruser who had this Speedmaster Professional available to be purchased and after he sent several photos I understood that I didn’t have a 145.022-69 in my assortment any longer. In spite of the fact that I had expected a case back with straight-text engraving, it turned out to be the pre-Moon case back instead.


Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69 on its unique 1039 bracelet.

So, in the wake of going to and fro to find in what value range we were talking, I was wonderfully astounded to discover that the merchant just lived 10km from my office so I could see it in the tissue without a lot bother. Like I clarified in my article yesterday ( here ), I incline toward meeting eye to eye when purchasing a rolex daytona surveys I took my loupe and case back opener with me, to have a more critical glance at the rolex daytona audits and its movement.

During the arrangement, I inquired as to whether I could open the case and that was no issue for the dealer. The rolex daytona audits itself had not been worn for a long while and was covered with residue and earth. The development looked very spotless to me however, yet I likewise saw that one of the scaffolds was engraved with ‘cal. 865’ . Omega type 865 has a place with their Chronostop watches yet appear to be imparting a few sections to the 3 register chronograph type 861 development. I surmise that this part has been supplanted during a maintenance or administration with a section from the type 865 development that the rolex daytona audits creator had available. Certainly, I recorded the chronic number. Within the case back, there was the 145.022-69 engraved just as some watchmaker’s ‘engravings’ (they a few times do that during a service).

Caliber 861

145.022-69 case by Hugeunin Freres SA

The rest of the rolex daytona audits appeared all good, albeit the arrangement of hands didn’t coordinate this specific reference. It had the type 321 hands, with the little triangle – or drop stabilizer – seconds hand. The precious stone was seriously harmed (scratches and a break), yet the dial and bezel were fine. I likewise considered the case and despite the fact that I could unmistakably see that this rolex daytona audits was utilized consistently for quite a while, the case was unpolished. The dealer had this Speedmaster Professional on a later 1990s reference 1479 arm band yet in addition showed me the first wristband it accompanied, the reference 1039.

Step dial of the 145.022-69

However, I didn’t chose at this point, as I had a couple of inquiries left that I needed responses to. So I checked the chronic number with Omega and the development was for sure the first type 861 that accompanied the rolex daytona audits The rolex daytona surveys was created on May 12th 1971 and delivered to The Netherlands on December 22nd. That likewise clarified why the rolex daytona surveys had the 1039 arm band stepped ‘4/71’ (which implies fourth quarter 1971). This is really the last cluster of reference 1039 arm bands. It would likewise have appeared well and good if the rolex daytona surveys went ahead a reference 1171 wristband obviously, as that one was at that point underway by then as well.

The last created 1039 wristbands are from 4/71

On the case back, there is the Seahorse logo and ‘Speedmaster’ word engraved. While there were at that point case backs with “The First rolex daytona surveys Worn On The Moon” inscriptions (straight-text) since 1970 and utilized on the Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69, the later ’round’ engraved Speedmaster case backs were presented with the reference 145.022-71 Speedmaster watches.

Speedmaster Pre-Moon case back

Although a Dot Over Ninety (DON or DO90) bezel is somewhat of a trendy expression nowadays, it was just utilized till 1970. So there are Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69 rolex daytona surveys out there who have a DON bezel, yet this one was delivered in 1971 and accompanied a later bezel. With later bezels, you need to take a gander at the speck close to the 70 and the C in TACHYMETRE. This one has the bezel with a dab near the 70 and a restricted C in TACHYMETRE. This bezel was utilized from 1970 to 1990. At that point there is broken bezel from 1970 too, which is comparable yet rather than ‘200’ it has ‘220’ on precisely the same position. A little slip-up made by the provider to Omega back then, presently profoundly pursued (and paid for).

Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69 on a cowhide strap

After having these things figured out, it appeared to be that solitary the hands were somewhat peculiar on this piece. Nothing to get stressed over and I chose to pull the trigger on this one. I had the hands traded, another precious stone fitted and put it on a pleasant cowhide tie. The arm bands required a clean in my ultrasonic cleaner however I never really put them on the rolex daytona audits as of not long ago, several pictures.

So, what should be finished? All things considered, the rolex daytona audits needs an exhaustive cleaning and the development ought to be adjusted sooner or later. The first 1039 arm band should be dealt with as it lost its unique brushed and cleaned finish somewhat because of wearing. I’m not going to contact the case, as it is fine for what it’s worth. I could have the scaffold with cal. 865 traded for a unique one, from a benefactor development, however I don’t know it merits the difficulty and exertion. Most significant is locate a decent pair of tritium type 861 hands. For the cash I paid for it, there is still some room left to spend on this rolex daytona surveys right now, maybe additionally because of the Christie’s Speedmaster 50 Auction of December 2015, the costs of the 145.022 references have gone up a lot. It is hard to source a decent one under €2500 Euro, particularly the more established 145.022-69 models. On the off chance that there’s a DON bezel or defective ‘220’ bezel, earthy colored dial or a straight-text engraved case back, hope to pay a ton more.

I am almost certain that a many individuals would have left the rolex daytona surveys when they saw it shrouded in residue, messy and a broke gem. Obviously a ‘project’ rolex daytona surveys yet after a first perfect, another precious stone and a new calfskin lash, I was really astounded how rapidly it transformed into a piece that I oftentimes wear.