Speedy Tuesday – The Rise of the Omega Speedmaster Reduced

A while ago, I composed a comparison article between the Omega Speedmaster Professional and the alleged Omega Speedmaster Reduced (authoritatively it was simply called Speedmaster Automatic). I’ve saw that throughout the most recent few years, the interest in the Omega Speedmaster Reduced expanded a considerable amount. All things considered, when I recovered all the data on the interest in Omega Speedmaster rolex daytona audits more than 2015 on , the classifieds offering the reference 3510/3810 (Omega Speedmaster Reduced and its Schumacher versions) available to be purchased gotten over 270.000 novel visits.

When I just began gathering (and focussing on Speedmasters) during the 1990s, the Speedmaster Reduced was really viewed as the child sibling of the Moonwatch by numerous aficionados and authorities, including me. On the off chance that you needed to purchase a Speedmaster, you went with the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. Nonetheless, a few group didn’t extravagant a particularly enormous rolex daytona audits (42mm instead of 39mm of the Speedmaster Reduced) however most likely more significant: the Speedmaster Reduced had a programmed movement.


Omega Speedmaster Reduced versus Speedmaster Professional

Powered by type 1140, the Omega Speedmaster Reduced didn’t require any manual twisting each other two days like the ‘Moonwatch’. Type 1140, in view of ETA’s 2890-A2 (the no-date rendition of the acclaimed 2892-A2, additionally alluded to as Omega cal.1120) had a chronograph module added to it. This module was created by Dubois-Dépraz and was in the books as type 2020 (maybe it actually is). On the off chance that you take a gander at the determinations of the Speedmaster Reduced, you will see that the development has 46 gems. That’s a considerable amount however can be disclosed because of the utilization of a piggy back development (add-on module). Later on, Omega changed the type from 1140 to 3220. I don’t understand what this update really was about, however it may have been a little change inside the base development or extra module.

1990 Speedmaster Reduced. Picture (c) by https://thirtyfivemill.com

It is exceptionally simple to distinguish most rolex daytona audits with an extra module chronograph (or piggy back development). Take a gander along the edge of the rolex daytona audits where the pushers and crown are found. You will find that there is a mis-arrangement between the flat situation of the pushers and the crown. The pushers are situated somewhat higher than the crown, as the chronograph module is on top of the base development. It’s anything but something awful however, and I have never known about any main problems with the Speedmaster Reduced frankly. Different brands, even a top of the line brand like Audemars Piguet, additionally utilizes this extra module method for a portion of their Royal Oak Offshore chronographs.

The Speedmaster Reduced was presented in 1988 by Omega, with clear plan impacts from the hand-wound Moonwatch. Later on, in 1991, likewise Date forms were acquainted with the Speedmaster Reduced. Different models, similar to the Speedmaster Classic with Moon stage (reference 3130.20) from 1990, the Speedmaster Perpetual Calendar from 1991 ( we expounded on that one here ), the 1993 Day-Date or 1996 Day-Date Mk40 models and so forth are largely prone to be relatives from the 1988 Speedmaster Reduced 3510.50 (or 3810.50 for the rendition on a cowhide strap).

Omega Speedmaster Reduced 3310.20.00. Picture by WatchFinder

The above bi-shading model (reference 3310.20) dates from the mid 1990s and is – other than the arrangement of dial and bi-shading – indistinguishable from the 3510.50 references. This model can be found , at WatchFinder.

When the Speedmaster Automatic models with Co-Axial developments (like the Broad Arrow with 330x development) went to the square, the Speedmaster Reduced was immediately staged out.

Like I wrote in the start of this article, the Speedmaster Reduced is becoming more famous lately. Maybe still on account of the way that individuals don’t extravagant a 42mm rolex daytona audits constantly or don’t like winding your rolex daytona surveys physically, yet times that you could discover one for a couple of hundred Euro are a distant memory. Reference 3510.50 models after 2000 do bring just under 2000 Euro. You can discover them beginning around 1200 Euro, yet these are regularly mid-1990s models and not generally with the case papers still there. Uncommon forms with a panda dial, all-white dial  (reference 3810.20) or the Japan extraordinary reference 3510.82 with blue dial for instance ( ) may bring more. Yet, you can in any case discover intriguing models for moderately low cash. An intriguing one is this white dial Speedmaster from 1991 with silver sub dials. In the nick of time rolex daytona audits in Italy has this one available to be purchased for 1490 Euro ( ).

Speedmaster Reduced reference 175.003 from JustinTime.it

Is the Speedmaster Reduced worth gathering? I don’t anticipate that these little measured programmed models will become as collectible as the Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’, yet with the always expanding costs on those (particularly vintage models), there may be a period that individuals will begin searching for more reasonable other options. Not explicitly gatherers maybe, however individuals who need to have a Speedmaster as their day by day companion. Forms like the Schumacher Racing models or the model presented above may become more pursued over the long haul. Up to that point, you ought to have the option to get them for a truly sensible price.

Thanks to for the picture of the dark dial Reduced.