#TBT Yema Rallye Chronograph

<prolex@rolexdaytonareviews.com/tbt-enicar-sherpa-diagram jim-clark/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Jim Clark (the Enicar Sherpa Graph and the Breitling Navitimer ref.806), Paul Newman (the Rolex Daytona intriguing dial), the Jochen Rindt (Heuer Autavia 2446) and Andretti once more (Heuer Autavia 3646), the Yema Rallye has some way or another remained calm. For what reason is this?


The Yema Rallye highlights the impenetrable Valjoux 7733 movement (picture credit: merchant on eBay)

Perhaps the utilization of the more common movement inside the Yema Rallye doesn’t help or could it be the to some degree unusual red stripes found on most forms? I don’t know, but rather when I learned of the dashing affiliation that Yema had with the incomparable Italian-American driver, it seemed like a rolex daytona surveys that I needed to possess. The model you see here, which is sans stripes, was on eBay for a spell, up until as of late, out of Italy and didn’t earn a lot of revenue because of its moderately high get it presently cost of more than $900. At the point when it at last lapsed and the piece stayed unsold, I asked a companion in Italy to contact the dealer to check whether a nearby exchange could be overseen at a lower cost. As should be obvious, it worked out and I’m truly happy that it did in light of the fact that this is a shockingly decent watch.

An unique Yema Rallye advertisement (photograph credit: https://sites.google.com/site/yemaniasemaines/)

Yema Rallye…details of an exemplary 60’s chronograph

Another comparison of the Yema Rallye (top) and a Heuer Autavia 2446 “Rindt” (base). The precious stone and bezel seem to be indistinguishable. THe drags of the Yema are somewhat thicker and less sculpted.

The Yema Rallye comes in at generally 39mm with a 19mm haul width and utilizations a case that is very like the Heuer Autavia 2446. Truth be told, save for the way that the case’s chamfers aren’t also planned, its “feet” are somewhat thicker, and the bezel is non-pivoting, it’s the equivalent size.

The Yema Rallye comes up short on the sharp chamfers of the Heuer Autavia 2446/3646

I’d even dare to say that it may have shared the fundamental stepping kick the bucket utilized for the Heuers by whatever company was sourced. Investigating the gem and the bezel stature, the two rolex daytona surveys show as indistinguishable. The Yema highlights its commonplace crown with table surface all over and, fortunately, in contrast to the Daytona, has pushers that show their posts. At the end of the day, they don’t look excessively little for the case. Obviously, the dial and bezel contrast incredibly from that of an Autavia.

A “Dot Over Ninety” bezel is a decent component on the Yema Rallye

While this Yema Rallye has a dash of wear to the bezel, one can see a “Speck Over Ninety” tachymetre scale. This sits inside a top notch, finely knurled bezel. The decorate itself is a decent quality that should revenue a great deal of gatherers who grovel over such a detail on Omega Speedmasters and Universal Geneve Compaxes. The dial, in this variant at any rate, is moderately quelled put something aside for an enormous white/silver band around the subregisters. Here once more, I’d surmise that a dashboard was the expected plan. Sub registers are clear with varying hands – a sharp bolt on the right – and are indented underneath the enormous band.

Note the thin hour and moment hands found on the Yema Rallye

Applied hour files with a lume stripe are pleasantly set between a minutes part ring. The focal hands are thin and are done in white with tritium inside. Curiously, the focal chrono hand has an unfilled bolt molded tip. This detail is actually the lone gesture to the imaginative oddness that regularly accompanies vintage Yema chronographs.

A beautiful Yema peak enhances the screw down case back of the Yema Rallye

The case back of this rolex daytona audits contains some genuine bas-help and shows the Yema peak while being encircled by some hopeful verbiage, “100% waterproof.”

“Obrey”…what’s in a name? Is it the very good quality gem dealer in Paris?

The nature of the Yema Rallye is impressive

Overall, the Yema Rallye is a far more pleasant rolex daytona audits than their “Daytona”. The subtleties are a lot better and the plan permits it to remain all alone. It wears similar as an Autavia, which means “fantastic”! This size of rolex daytona audits is truly ideal for about anybody and the rolex daytona surveys works with a wide range of lash tones and types. I should make reference to the odd name, “Obrey”, on the dial. It’s not actually focused, which is somewhat odd and afterward, however it drove me to do some examination. What I discovered is that are very good quality gem specialists in Paris, France that make their own line of rolex daytona surveys Their rolex daytona audits tend towards the adornments side of things and appear to zero in on real silver development, so this makes a relationship with this somewhat obvious piece a peculiarity. On the other hand, this was the 60’s. To be honest, I can’t locate any verification to straightforwardly tie this rolex daytona audits or some other Yema, to the house, however it’s conceivable that it was sold at the store or maybe conveyed by the company in a Tiffany-like way. Or then again, perhaps it’s a common name in French? On the off chance that anybody knows more, I’d love to hear from you!

The Yema Rallye on the wrist

Yemas have a dedicated after, particularly among French authorities. My comprehension of French is by and large as great as Google make an interpretation of permits it to be, so I for the most part picture perusing on the French discussions, for example, . One can locate an astounding arrangement of delightful Yemas there and the gathering appears to be available to assisting individuals with questions, yet I’m not entirely certain how English passes as a discussion language! I’d welcome you to examine thoughts as Yemas and LeJours truly offer some energizing, and generally financially savvy choices for the collector.

The Yema Rallye addresses extraordinary incentive in a hot market

Buying a Yema Rallye isn’t a bank-breaker

Buying a Yema Rallye isn’t exactly pretty much as simple as before. Indeed, these rolex daytona audits have fallen prey to the super hot vintage chronograph market, however they do come up with generally great costs. I’d financial plan somewhere in the range of $600 – 1,000 right now for a strong piece by either Yema or LeJour. Do be watching out for mistaken bezels and relumes, yet understand that the lume on the hour lists does frequently make strides toward environmental friendliness. Dials come up every so often too hands, however I once in a while see bezels. Movements are unsigned on the extensions and make for a simple fix. I have seen models online where the focal chrono hand is filled in, so maybe the company gave a few variations after some time. The equivalent can be said where the Yema logo is on the dial on occasion. A decent tip is to check the French discussions as Yemas come available to be purchased there more frequently.

The Yema Rallye…an moderate piece with a genuine motorsports tie

Thanks for making a trip to look at the Yema Rallye. It’s uncommon to discover a pleasantly planned chronograph with a genuine motorsports tie in for such minimal expenditure. How about we be grateful that this rolex daytona audits has some way or another dodged the scourge of overheated interest. Add to this an impenetrable and handily adjusted movement and it’s a genuine champ. As usual, appreciate the chasing and until one week from now…