The Hands of Time – A Guide to Names of the most used Watch Hands

The Hands of Time – A Guide to Names of the most used Watch Hands

There are numerous approaches to tell the time: computerized watches show us the time utilizing numbers, while the principal mechanical timekeepers didn’t have faces, and demonstrated time by ringing it. Hourglasses, candle tickers or clepsydras are different models. And there’s a section that we here at Monochrome, allude to as ‘ Other Display ‘, which incorporate the URWERK’s MB&F’s and Ressence’s of this world. In any case, most watches utilize hands on a dial to show us the hours and minutes, and just like their wont, watchmakers have shown incredible imagination in the manner in which they shape hands (for reasonable or more extravagant purposes). These come in an assortment of styles and are a vital piece of a watch plan. It is difficult to come up with a comprehensive rundown, however we’ll investigate the most utilized hand plans from watches we have shot in the course of the last not many months.

Alpha hands

Alpha type hands have a wide base and a thin stem to associate them to the focal point of the dial. Example → Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda Metrographe

Arrow hands

Arrow hands include a bolt formed pointer. These are regularly utilized for sports or specialized watches. Example → Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

Baton hands

Baton hands, additionally called stick hands, are straight and elongated. Their moderate lines loan themselves impeccably to dress watches. Example → Piaget Altiplano

Breguet hands

Some brands will call these pudically ‘pomme’ (apple in French – on account of their particular round circle close to the tip) yet to us we consider them Breguet hands, in spite of the fact that Breguet has left a particularly permanent engraving on watch making to the point that many watch parts are most popular by his name (numerals, overcoil, and so on) and obviously the hands. Breguet style hands were planned in the late eighteenth century. Example → Breguet Classique 7147

Cathedral hands

Cathedral hands are an exemplary for military watches, yet have been included on an incredible assortment of watches with a huge hour hand and slim moment – the church name is doubtlessly roused by the stained glass window plan for the iridescent material. Example → Montblanc 1858 chronograph tachymeter limited edition bronze

Dauphine hands

One of the most customary and mainstream style of hands. Dauphine style hands have a triangle shape and are faceted. The historical underpinnings come from ‘dauphin’ the oldest child of the French ruler. Example → Carl F. Bucherer Manero Peripheral

Fleur de Lys hands

What a flawless name, isn’t it. The Fleur de Lys hands are enriched with an adapted lily in a commonly utilized image in heraldry. It has showed up on endless European escutcheons, and it is referred to specifically as an image for the French Royalty. Example → Czapek Quai des Bergues

Lance hands

Lance hands are like ‘Alpha’ type however are for the most part more slender. Example → Schwarz Etienne Roma Power reserve

Leaf hands

Leaf or feuille in French – Wide in the center and restricted toward the end and base, leaf-molded hands are an ideal match with exemplary, downplayed plan. Example → H. Moser & Cie Endeavor Perpetual Calendar

Mercedes hands

The name ‘Mercedes’ hands get from the three-pointed star in the hour hand, that takes after the Mercedes Benz logo. Rolex never demonstrated why they made these hands, and if there’s a connection to the vehicle brand, or different explanations behind their decision. Anyway it’s save to accept that the “Mercedes” star in the huge open circle of great importance hand, makes a more steady region wherein iridescent paint can be applied. Outwardly it likewise assists with recognizing the hour hand from different hands in low-light settings. Example → Rolex Explorer I

Plongeur Hands

‘Plongeur’ is the French for Diver. Plongeur hands generally allude to jump watch hands (explicitly for Omega) with a straight hour hand and a more conspicuous and exceptionally obvious blade molded moment hand. Orange is a famous tone to feature the exceptionally significant moment hand.Example → Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m

Syringe Hands

The rich needle hands additionally take their name from their shape. Their body is planned as a barrel with a needle-like meager pointer. An ideal plan to infuse style into watches. Example → Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 5320G

Snowflake hands

The snowflake hands are remarkable to the Tudor brand, and explicitly a portion of their plunge watches. As indicated by the inheritance these hands have been created per solicitation of the French naval force, who needed hands there were more intelligible for the jumpers. Example → Tudor Black Bay S&G

Spade hands

Spade hands are formed like the playing card suit. The Ulysse Nardin underneath highlights spade and whip hands. Example → Ulysse Nardin Marine Torpilleur

Sword hands

Sword hands or Glaive in French – as the name proposes, sword hands are molded like a sword edge. Numerous Cartier watches give instances of such hands. Example → Cartier Drive