The Ressence Type 1 Squared – A Subtle and Dressier Take on the “Beyond Hands” Concept (Review)

The Ressence Type 1 Squared – A Subtle and Dressier Take on the “Beyond Hands” Concept (Review)

When not long before the SIHH 2017, we, at the Monochrome redaction, gotten the news about another Ressence Type 1 , I need to concede that I was actually very inquisitive. From what I could see on photographs, this new “Squared” was perfect, more horological, slimmer and with a shape that I love, an exquisite pad. In any case, nothing worth a take a stab at the wrist (you can’t envision the number of double dealings I had after strapping on the wrist a watch that I adored on photos). Also, gracious young men and young ladies, what a lovely astonishment I had with the Ressence Type 1 Squared…

Until now, the idea of Ressence has consistently been to put an incredible accentuate on the dial and the mark “beyond hands” show. Not that the case was inexistent but rather let’s be clear, it was not the essential issue of Ressence Watches – in any event for the Type 1 and Type 3 , as the Type 5 brought the utilization of a case back in front of an audience. Nothing was plainly alluding to an old style case in the Type 1 and Type 3. There was no genuine caseback – in any event not in the way you’re used to have one – and the case was diminished to a straightforward band of titanium circumnavigating the watch. All the rest was sapphire gem, making these watches very exceptional yet additionally somewhat far away from the customary vision of a watch. No complaints from my side here, I love the Type 1 for its moderate methodology. In any case, I can completely comprehend that this idea was not to everyone’s tastes.

The Ressence Type 1 Squared is an astonishing development of the first idea. While numerous brands go striking subsequent to being traditional, Ressence does the inverse. They are bringing traditional codes back in the Type 1, for a more horological, dressier and slimmer outcome. This fourth Ressence watch re-appeared the case while still dependent on the Orbital Convex presentation. Also, thus, this watch is brimming with contradictions… and that’s why I discover it so engaging. It combines a vintage shape with an advanced presentation, it utilizes conventional watchmaking codes with interesting specialized arrangements, it blends valuable subtleties in with an evident mechanical propriety. There’s nothing appropriately conventional in this watch. Each detail is one of a kind, unique, irregular yet at the same time, the general segment of this Ressence Type 1 Squared becomes more recognizable, seriously consoling and likely substantially more reasonable for newcomers.

This is all because of the utilization of an appropriate case. While the dial and the presentation are equivalent to a “standard” Type 1, there’s now a slender however present metal case encompassing the dial, something that unmistakably change the impression of the watch. The plan depends on the intersection of 6 circles (4 on a planar point of view, to plan the pad state of the case – 2 for the profile of the case). This steel box is adjusted, smooth, cautious and simultaneously is has sufficient presence to make the pad obvious. One thing is particularly recognizable: the reconciliation of the multitude of components to make an entirety. It’s obvious, for example, the arch of the glass box is equivalent to the sides of the case, implying that you’ll have a novel line from one side of the case to the next, with no intersection. Same goes for the bend of the dial, which embrace that from the case. At last, there’s these drags that are completely incorporated and not added to the case. By and by, this Ressence Type 1 Squared has been thought in general, and not as a dial incorporated into a case. Hence, it seems like a characteristic improvement of the first concept.

The other development concerns the rear of the watch. As you would know, Ressence watches have no crown for setting the time or winding the development. Everything is worked through a rotatable caseback. To make life simpler, the Ressence Type 1 Squared features a little retractable switch, which is certainly easier to activate than the rotatable sapphire caseback of the Type 1 (the caseback is utilized to wind the development and to change the time and the date). When setting the time, the revolution of the switch compares precisely to the development of the circles on the dial in a proportion of 1 to 1. Connection to that is a welcome update of the ROCS module, with an easy to use brisk day setting (the last advancement is additionally accessible on the first Type 1 models).

Now, as I said, nothing is better than a take a stab at the wrist. What’s more, that’s precisely where the Type 1 Squared succeeds. I’ve been wearing all Ressence looks for extensive stretches. I generally adored their perfection and their one of a kind plan. In any case, I realize that in my escort, some didn’t truly comprehend these watches and were pointing the absence of case. With the “Squared”, I find back the joy of this exceptional plan, this delicate sensation under the fingers when contacted yet with a significant contrast as far as visuals, because of the presence of the case. The watch feels more present while being likewise more unobtrusive. It is slimmer and simultaneously it has more presence on the wrist. In single word, it is more a watch, to a lesser degree an idea. The addition of a real case makes this watch marginally bigger, regardless of whether estimating a sensible 41mm distance across – the wide opening of the dial may practically amplify the measurement. All things considered, it remains entirely wearable (even for women, as some ladylike alternatives are additionally included).

In terms of decisions, the Ressence Type 1 Squared is presented as a whole assortment, with 4 alternatives accessible – silver (not captured here), blue, anthracite and champagne. The tones are extraordinary, yet in addition the finishings utilized for the plates. The Champagne for example shows a matte completing on the principle circle, with differentiating brushed rings (with round graining), the silver and blue have an outspread brushing on the little rings while the primary plate is roundabout brushed lastly the dull dim variant is totally roundabout brushed. Regarding show, we find back what we’ve been utilized to see with the Type 1. The time is given by a controller style show, in light of one primary plate for the minutes, with a huge sub-circle for the hours, a more modest plate for the seconds and a last one for the day of the week. Obviously, as each Ressence watch, it takes a brief period to become acclimated to this presentation of the time, however of course, the main sign (the moment) is perused generally, on an hour long track and doing 1 insurgency for every hour.

The Ressence Type 1 Squared is controlled by a similar combination of an adjusted ETA development and the in-house ROCS module. This module is appended on top of a customary programmed development that anyway just drives the moment hub (accordingly the primary and enormous circle of the showcase). When the moment circle is driven, the ROCS will isolate the sign of the second and of the hours. With a complex arrangement of pinion wheels, the moment will be eased back to make the hour show or quicken to make the subsequent showcase. The outcome is such a level, nearly printed like surface showing the time in a controller way. For additional, kindly look at  our review of the Type 1 .

I need to concede that I have been very satisfied by this Ressence Type 1 Squared. While it doesn’t reestablish the idea of the brand, it brings a genuine development, some development to the possibility of the “beyond hands” thought. Once more, I love all the inconsistencies of this watch, which feels conventional and out-of-the-crate simultaneously. It is an extremely accomplished watch, which shows an ideal execution and an extraordinary reflexion on each detail – plan, feeling when worn and contacted, usability… After an exceptional innovative period, driven predominantly by the presentation, Ressence becomes grown-up with the “Squared”, yet not the grown-up we hated when we were teenagers.

Specifications of the Ressence Type 1 Squared

  • Case: 41mm width x 11.5mm thickness – hardened steel, cleaned and brushed surfaces – domed sapphire precious stone on top, caseback used to set the time and wind the development – 10m water resistant
  • Movement: tweaked 2824/2 type as a base, extra in-house ROCS module for the showcase – 36h force save – 4Hz recurrence – hours, minutes, seconds, date showed by orbital discs
  • Dial: Convex german silver dial with 3 erratic biaxial satellites – accessible in Silver, Ruthenium, Night Blue and Champagne
  • Strap: different calfskin lash alternatives, including people form – steel pin buckle
  • Retail cost: 17,500 Euro