The Rolex Cellini Moonphase Ref. 50535 – When the Crown Goes Classic

The Rolex Cellini Moonphase Ref. 50535 – When the Crown Goes Classic

Usually, when you envision a watch bearing the name Rolex , it is something reason fabricated, easygoing energetic (not consistently, and the ‘dressiest’ in the assortment is a Day-Date ) and basic regarding complications (with the exemption of the Sky-Dweller … however it is one watch among for the most part time-and-date pieces). In 2014, Rolex resuscitated a name inseparable from rich dress watches: Cellini . Fabricated with  a classic round case , this watch has just presented a few complications , with every one of them being fairly down to earth. In any case, consider the possibility that The Crown goes where you don’t expect it to go… into astronomical complications. Not very Rolex you’ll presumably say, anyway that’s precisely what it did with the new Rolex Cellini Moonphase Ref. 50535 and it looks great! 

The new Rolex Cellini Moonphase Ref. 50535 shows hours, minutes, seconds, the moon stage and the date by methods for a date pointer hand. The moon-phase indication on a wrist watch is, let’s be straightforward, sort of pointless. When was the last time you checked the period of the moon? This complication is likely best named ‘poetical’. The idea of Rolex has been for a long time, to offer one watch for one reason – Submariner for jumpers, Explorer for globe-trotters, GMT-Master for voyagers, Daytona for race drivers (at least, that’s how Rolex watches are advertised). While this remains constant for the Oyster assortment, Rolex’s catalogue likewise comprises another range of watches, altogether different from the Osyters and, in fact, the perfect base to investigate various regions, including valuable and uncommon materials, explicit craftsmanships or other sort of complications. It’s in this setting that the Cellini Moonphase comes to life.

Source: Phillips Watches Source: Antiquorum

Before Rolex began making the watches that we know today, they had a few watches with a moon-stage sign – a couple specifically, and just those meager few, are uncommon and sought-after today by authorities. There are really two models that we can think about, that perhaps impacted the plan of the new Rolex Cellini Moonphase Ref. 50535 as far as style yet additionally regarding show. These two are symbols and closeout stars: the Rolex 6062 “Stelline” and the Rolex 8171 “Padellone”. The first was made just for a time of three years in the mid 1950s. The subsequent one, which includes a more liberal 38mm case (versus 36mm), was additionally made during the mid 1950s for an extremely brief period. Both had the same showcase: two windows for the day of the week and the month, and all the more curiously for now, the date on the outskirts and the periods of the moon in an unbalanced dial at 6 o’clock… much the same as the new Cellini Moonphase.

Usually, The Crown is not so sharp on doing vintage-situated pieces, anyway with this Rolex Cellini Moonphase, we can’t help yet be reminded of the references 8171 and the 6062. Obviously, this is not a straightforward “recreation” of an old model, however the motivation is fairly clear, and amazingly traditional in the execution. We realized that the new, round Cellini was the field for such conventional complications, a piece removed from Rolex propensities, and this new moon variant doesn’t negate. We even begun to dream about triple-schedule, yearly schedule or even never-ending schedule forms – which formally never existed at Rolex, yet did informally . This Cellini Moonphase is extraordinary, not very Rolex from the outset but still feels like Rolex, when seen with historical eyes. Also, truly, it feels good to see something radically unique in relation to the typical Sub/GMT/Datejust.

Let’s talk about the presentation, first. The new Rolex Cellini Moonphase plays with extremely exemplary, adjusted and rich topics, with a showcase that reviews watches from the 1950s (not just from Rolex, as these sorts of watches were exceptionally effective around then): the moon-stage at 6, the date demonstrated by a stretched focal hand and a date track on the actual outskirts of the dial… however without the standard day and month windows at 12. This shortfall of schedule sign doesn’t eliminate anything to the magnificence of such a presentation, entirely appropriate with regards to a dress watch: adjusted, rich, prudent and decipherable. Furthermore, on the grounds that we’re discussing Rolex, obviously every sign is entirely unmistakable from the others (minute track, hour files and date track are very much situated and all around isolated). And afterward, there’s the moon at 6.

Contrary to most watches, the Rolex Cellini Moonphase utilizes a showcase that varies somewhat from the group. Ordinarily, moonphase signs are semi-round windows which show an inclined toward full sign of the moon (or none at new moon), with a plates that turns on 59 teeth (2 x 29.5 days). Here, there’s no semi-round window except for a full plate, with both the full and the new moon, implying that the circle pivots once every 29.5 days (perhaps a smidgen more exact as far as change). The age of the moon is highlighted by a three-sided gold marker just beneath the pivot of the hands. Rectifying the age of the moon is done through a recessed pusher at 8, with a committed instrument (we would have favored a revision by the crown…)

In terms of materials and execution, this moon plate is totally great – and something in reality new for Rolex, which isn’t so used to uncommon materials and fine craftsmanship. Surely, the blue tone is gotten by a plating cycle (not painted or lacquered), with the stars and new moon in a gilt shading. The moon is made from a shooting star circle, with multiple details. The entire showcase is truly charming and fulfilling regarding quality and tender loving care. This moon is orbited by a twofold gold ring, again adding some profundity to the dial.

As for the dial, the Rolex Cellini Moonphase Ref. 50535 utilizations the simple white lacquered form. While on the time-just form, this white lacquered plate could appear to be very exacting and plain, and different variants with “rayons flammés de la gloire” guilloche pattern really engaging, Rolex made the right decision here to keep it perfect and basic. The applied records and hands coordinate the 18k Everose gold case (the lone alternative accessible for the occasion), with the special case of the blued date hand. The case stays indistinguishable from the past adaptations, with a 39mm, a somewhat “bubble back” style and a finely fluted bezel. It is worn on a earthy colored lash, with interestingly, a collapsing fasten named “Crownclasp“.

Inside we locate the “Superlative Chronometer” type 3195, got from different developments utilized in the Cellini assortment, which means – 2/+2 seconds out of each day exactness, long term guarantee, programmed winding, against attractive Parachrom twisting, 4Hz recurrence and 48 hours of force hold – this development utilizes the type 3130 of the Oyster Perpetual 36 as its base for example, with included complications top. So to say, a workhorse that won’t ever give up.

Overall, with this new Rolex Cellini Moonphase Ref. 50535, we are introduced with an exquisite, exceptionally adjusted and (nothing unexpected) very professional watch. The expansion of a particularly futile yet conventional complication makes the way for some potential developments for the Cellini collection… Who knows, we can dream of a QP or a triple schedule soon. This watch will be accessible in September 2017 and priced at EUR 24,550. .

Technical Specifications – Rolex Cellini Moonphase Ref. 50535

  • Case: 39mm measurement – 18k Everose gold, cleaned, fluted bezel – sapphire precious stone on the dial side, plain caseback – 50m water resistant
  • Movement: Caliber 3195, in-house, Chronometer guaranteed – programmed with interminable rotor – 4Hz recurrence – 48h force save – hours, minutes, seconds, date and age of the moon
  • Strap: earthy colored gator with collapsing clasp
  • Reference: 50535
  • Availability: September 2017
  • Price: EUR 24,550 – USD 26,750 – CHF 25,550