The Seamaster Chronicles – Part 1, The History of the Omega Seamaster

The Seamaster Chronicles – Part 1, The History of the Omega Seamaster

Last year, we presented probably the biggest task ever, the Speedmaster Chronicles . Five recordings with five men, including James Ragan (the one who transformed the Speedmaster into the Moonwatch), Omega’s CEO, a notable salesperson, Mr Speedy Tuesday and an anonymous collector, who all shed their light on perhaps the most famous watches at any point made, the Omega Speedmaster a.k.a. Moonwatch. Today we’re beginning with another enormous video project, specifically “The Seamaster Chronicles” – and you presumably speculated it… we will have an inside and out glance at Omega’s jumping symbol, the Seamaster.

In a progression of three recordings, we will clarify how a watch that grew from the watches that Omega conveyed to the Royal Air Force during WWII, has become a lot more. The absolute first Seamaster was presented by Omega 70 years prior, in 1948. It has developed to become a huge assortment, where you can discover not one notable watch but rather a large group of famous pieces – with exquisite dress watches from the 1960s to enormous and tough professional jump watches from the 1970s and current, dependable and brilliantly made games watches today. This year, in 2018, Omega commends the 70th commemoration of the Seamaster and the 25th commemoration of the Seamaster Diver 300M, a.k.a the James Bond Watch. In this initial segment of the Seamaster Chronicles, MONOCHROME will talk Omega’s International Brand Heritage Manager and Museum Director, Petros Protopapas, about the history of the symbol that is the Omega Seamaster.

To quote Petros, “this is quite a long story“… But what ought to be reminded is that the Omega Seamaster was brought into the world on the aptitude that Omega acquired with watches created and conveyed to the British Ministry of War. The principle necessity with these watches was, other than being precise, that they must be waterproof and amagnetic. This drove Omega to build up a wide range of innovations, which were utilized during wartime. Later this was the information and expertise that the brand utilized for the formation of the Seamaster assortment. It is a result of this incredible experience acquired with the creation of thousands of military watches that Omega could come to the market, just a brief time after the battle, with a particularly accomplished item. The innovation was “war-tested” however commercialized as a “child of peace”.

Unlike present models, the absolute first Seamaster watches were basic, rich looking watches. Powerful without a doubt, including interestingly an elastic gasket, yet at the same time “gentleman-styled” watches. It is simply by 1957, with the presentation of the Seamaster 300 ref. CK2913, that the substance of this model will change until the end of time. At this exact point ever, Omega’s professional watches were born.

On this theme, Petros Protopapas clarifies how very much made and planned that first professional Seamaster ref. CK2913 really was; search for the part about how the gem is gotten, making this one of the principal vacuum-proof watches. What’s more, there’s more, much more! The presentation of the Seamaster De Ville assortment for example and the advancements Omega embraced with Comex, the PloProf project, the creation of helium-proof cases, and something that presumably a couple of think about – the utilization of 904L steel at Omega. Then there’s the comeback of the Seamaster with the Seamaster Diver 300M during the 1990s, the 007 association and the advanced assortments. These subjects are consummately clarified in this first portion of the “The Seamaster Chronicles”, which you can watch in our video at the highest point of this article.

Enjoy and stay tuned for two additional scenes of “The Seamaster Chronicles” in the accompanying weeks!